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Pop Pop Pop

December 31st, 2011

For a state dat has banned fireworks..... surah has a lot of illegals and "loud" firecrackahs going off.


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Da End Is Near

December 30th, 2011

Da end of da year is nearly hea
As we count our blessings and go buy beea
Be grateful for da yea dat has come and gone
We get fo' start all ovah yet keep truckin' on

Excitement fills da air as da day tick tocks
Some off early, some gotta watch da clock
Take it easy and just chillax
Cause once pau hana you have to build your mana

Its a long weekend so no be a fool
No mo' firecrackahs.... boo hoo hoo
It still going be nuts, a lot less smoke
At least save money yet we're still broke

Get your $100 sashimi, get your kadomatsu
Everybodies, just do wat you do
Bring in da New Year with your own flare and style
We all get different kine traditions on dis isle

So long as you pah-tay hard and pah-tay safe
Alcoholics, no tempt fate
Drink we must, drive no need
Hand ovah da keys and just concede

As we all watch and countdown together
Hugs and kisses no mattah da weather
Once it strikes zero we say Hau'oli Makahiki Hou
Hopefully da best one is with your beau 😉

From Braddah Lance, Da Wife and Da Baby to Da WWD! Hui
Have a great New Year.... hopefully no stay chop suey.

All Pau

December 27th, 2011

Did Santa bring you what you wanted or were you a bad little boy or girl?

I'm tinking da latter eh? 😛

Isn't it weird how just one day later and all da weight on your shoulders has been lifted and it's immediately a different feeling? Ok, maybe all dat weight went to your opu and now it really is a different feeling but Christmas is officially pau.

At least all da mad rush for a product is pau and no mo' peppah spray, trampling ovah people or line cutting.

Wat oddah maddness have you heard about? Witnessed? Part of?

Has your office snack pool spontaneously grown today? I've noticed a ton of cookies and "second-hand goodies" since no one wants to keep more than they can handle at home.

And how's dat holiday traffic? Shhhweeeet yeah?

As we gear down and catch our breath, it only revs back up at da end of da week with New Years just around da corner so we're not out of da woods just yet. But with Christmas pau, it really is a sigh of relief.

Now all we have to worry about da credit card bill. 😯

And a word of advice fellahs. Wen you stay shopping wit your wife, girlfriend, significant oddah, life partner, watevahs during da holiday season.... watch wat you say if you're a hard person to shop for. I just said "oh, das pretty cool" and actually got it even though it was jus' da "cool factor" and not something dat was on da wish list.

Wassup Wit Dat!

It really is cool and even though I'm 20 (plus tax), Da Wife knows I love cool and neat-o toys. After giving it a whirl tonight, it was fun but was a little hard to control since it's not a "high-end" RC. I guess I bettah watch wat I say next time huh?

Babe, in case you're reading dis, a new Tacoma or Tundra is WAAAAY COOOOL!

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Mele Kalikimaka!

December 24th, 2011

From Da Wife, Da Baby and me -


I hope your Christmas will be filled with joy, laughter and terrible gifts to exchange back at the stores.

Mahalo for always being a part of Da WWD! Hui - without you, WWD! would not be and that's a gift that gives back more than a holiday season.
May you and your ohana have a blessed day! Enjoy da moments.

Braddah Lance

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Can You Feel It?

December 23rd, 2011

With Christmas just a couple days away... can you feel it?

For me it's been (is) such a whirlwind at work that I barely even have time to breathe and besides seeing the Christmas tree in the living room, I wouldn't even have an inkling that it's Christmas. Besides the traffic near the malls and major stores, everything seems to be "normal" although I do enjoy the lighter than usual traffic.

How has it been for you? Has it been an enjoyable holiday season so far? Are you done with your Christmas shopping? Have you snagged some good deals?

I apologize for not being "active" on WWD! but I'm barely catching my breath every which way. From the last blog, I have M and hemajang reserving a batch of kim chee? There were a few others but it was kinda vague if you wanted or not.

And I have not forgotten the two other Kwonics that I still owe t-shirts to.

Hea's a few pics sent in by a long-time mainland Kwonic which are some pretty cool trees....... and how come only da WWD! Hui from da mainland stay share....

Wassup Wit Dat!

Have a grrrrrreat Feel Good Friday and if I don't hear from ya pah-tay hard and be safe. Have a supah terrific very Merry Christmas and if I don't hear from you till aftah da new year have an awesome fireworkless New Years! 😉

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