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Pop Pop Pop

December 31st, 2011

For a state dat has banned fireworks..... surah has a lot of illegals and "loud" firecrackahs going off.


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  1. roach:

    Really missed the ability to buy the "novelty" type of fireworks. The fountains, sparklers, paperless firecrackers, etc. were great ways for people to ring in the new year. The people that buy the bombs and aerials will get them no matter what the law says. Happy New Year !

  2. Ocean Lover:

    Happy New Year everyone!

    There's this house about 4 houses up the road......EVERY YEAR they set off rockets and these dang "BOOM!"'s which cause car alarms to trip. Sounds like a friggin war zone.

    Up to this year when that happened pretty much everywhere it didn't bother me yet with last night's "quietness" and only THESE GUYS setting off these BOOMS up till 1 a.m. I was "small kine" annoyed.

    Nuff already you idiots.........

    OL............an old fart

  3. GA Bows:

    It's nice that fireworks is legal in GA. A short run up to TN or NC and you're able to purchase professional grade rockets that lights up the sky.

    It was a good New Year's Eve... if that's any sign for this year, it'll be great!

  4. wafan:

    Happy 2012!

    Hoping for a better year.

  5. Seawalker:

    Really, BL? Ovah on the East side, and sequestered high up in the mountain, the silence was deafening last night. Heard some illegals -- da loud booms, but for the most part, it was way too quiet for a NYE in Hawaii. We grew up with uber noise, which adds to that special something only living in Hawaii has to offer.

    A few years back, when I was driving around midnight on NYE, Palama and Kalihi was choke noisy and smokey. But come to think of it, driving over the H-1, as you're passing over PC and Aiea, it got really smokey and noisy too.

    Brah, you lucky you still young and got your hearing. When you get to Rod's MLC people's age, the hearing goes. So last night, that might have been it. All your senses go South as you become old fut.

    Or it might have been the other half -- keep calling me 'deaf ears' all the time, so her wish might have come true, finally. Not can win. Not like the stereo in the car, eh? Just turn 'em off when you get tried of hearing the same station. LOL

  6. hemajang:

    Fireworks at around midnight woke me up. Looked out the window and could see aerials going off from Makakilo to Aiea. Some loud bombs went off around the neighborhood but generally it was the quietest New Year's eve. Except for small kid time when I was a little pyro, fireworks has been a noise and smoke nuisance, hoping that we have a little rain and wind to dampen the war zone. Anyway, I wished da wife a Happy New Year and went moi moi. Tennis at 7:30am.

  7. sally:

    It was weirdly quiet in Kaimuki. Only an occasional bomb and not even that many. First time we didn't close all the windows and turn on the a/c at my brother's house.
    Also the first time in yearrrrs I didn't go to my usual Palolo Valley NYE party so M would have to report on that.
    I got home just before midnight. Left early so before I couldn't stay awake to drive. Fireworks at my house sounded like Rice Krispies.

  8. M:

    Happy New Year! Palolo Valley had some big bombs and aerials but no where close to other years.

  9. Ynaku:

    Get all kind rockets on da road and yard. I think I heard some hit my roof last night too.

    Had some going off tonight along with gunshots. It's quiet now. Maybe I can go sleep early 🙂

  10. M:

    Howzit BL! Guud morning!

  11. Coconut Willy:

    My son was kinda bummed neva have fireworks to play this year. Ended up in Waikiki to watch the display.

    Maybe going BI next year and visit Ynaku.

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