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Oh No You Didn't!

January 20th, 2012

Is it just me or does it seem like people in "respected" positions just don't appear respected more?

Could it be their looks? Cause I swear some just "look" lolo. Does their position matter? Da higher up you are, da more intellectual you should be - or not. Or could it be just that we have to lower da bar as to what we should "expect" certain people/positions to be?

If you haven't heard by now, da second in command of The United States of America had a major (imho) gaffe a couple nights ago. Now considering he's right behind the most powerful person in da world, it doesn't bode well to be in da national news dinging both reputation and stature of those associated with da Presidency..

But then again when you don't make the top 70 list of the World's Most Powerful People - according to Forbes.com - and even the creator of FaceBook is ninth, I guess there really isn't much to get excited about Vice-President Joe Biden unless we can poke fun at him. Check out these classic moments:

August 2008: He also mixed up Barack Obama’s name at his first campaign rally with the president, introducing him as: 'A man I'm proud to call my friend. A man who will be the next President of the United States — Barack America!'

September 2008: After he was named the vice presidential nominee, he addressed a crowd in Nashua, New Hampshire, questioning how he beat out Hillary Clinton: 'Hillary Clinton is as qualified or more qualified than I am to be vice president of the United States of America,' he said in New Hampshire. 'Quite frankly it might have been a better pick than me.'

September 2008: During a political rally in Missouri, he urged wheelchair-bound state senator Chuck Graham to rise and be recognised, saying: 'Stand up, Chuck, let 'em see ya.' Realizing his mistake, he said: ‘Oh, God love you… what am I talking about?’

October 2008: Speaking in Athens, Ohio about John McCain's economic strategy, he said: 'Look, John's last-minute economic plan does nothing to tackle the number-one job facing the middle class, and it happens to be, as Barack says, a three-letter word: jobs. J-O-B-S, jobs.'

March 2010: Mr Biden said 'God rest her soul' in reference to the mother of Irish Prime Minister Brian Cowen. Mr Cowen's mother is alive; his father had died. Realising his misstep, he corrected with: 'God bless her soul'.

March 2010: He dropped the F-bomb during the signing of the administration’s historic health reforms, apparently unaware that the microphones would catch him out when he whispered into the President’s ear immediately before the announcement, declaring: 'This is a big f****** deal!'

December 2010: During the swearing in of a Republican Senator Mark Kirk in Congress, Biden told the Capitol Hill newcomer to put that hand on the Bible and raise his left. According to the congressional rulebook, it should have been the other way round.

Timeline courtesy of www.dailymail.co.uk

So wat's his latest? In a packed room at a private fundraiser in San Francisco, he predicted the Giant's would go to the Super Bowl.


Uncle, you know wea you stay? You stay in NINER country and if it wasn't for da Secret Service armed and ready, you wouldn't have made it out alive.

But catching his mistake aftah perplexed boos erupted from da crowd, VP Biden recovered by explaining he had confused the New York football Giants for the San Francisco's baseball Giants and promptly predicted a 49er victory.

You can add one more to da gaffe list now.

I guess das why I'm fine with being a blue-collar peon so wen I buss' out da pidgin or say something stupid...... it's "ok". But da smartest thing I can say without any doubt or confusion is,

GO SAN FRANCISCO................... 49ERS! 😛

And no need pay me $10,000 a seat to hear dat - although I wouldn't stop you if you wanted to.

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18 Responses to “Oh No You Didn't!”

  1. hawaiiobsessed:


  2. hawaiiobsessed:

    First! I just don't understand how come he seems to get a pass, as does Obama when they "mis- speak" but others don't. Hmm.

  3. roach:

    Maybe, he's actually a functioning alcoholic. I wouldn't be surprised if he is not on the ticket for Obama's re-election run for President. He will mysteriously have a hidden medical problem.

  4. M:

    Howzit BL!
    Go niners!
    Happy FG Aloha Friday!

  5. carokun:

    Happy Friday! 🙂 Now whenever I see bad parking, I think of you. I read this article today in the Chosun Ilbo - http://english.chosun.com/site/data/html_dir/2012/01/19/2012011900934.html The co-founder of YouTube married a Korean woman. They married and have a son together. They live in San Francisco. She worked at Google Korea and they met in Korea.

  6. Kage:

    Good Morning and Happy FRIDAY.

    Where I work it is obvious to us in the lower ranks that the upper administrators are clueless to the day to day operations. They try to give us directions and when we ask for clarification they get all flustered and accuse us of trying to undermine them and questioning their authority. 😯

  7. Kage:

    The last place I worked the boss would tell us to do something. When we questioned him because we notice inconsistencies with established policy or procedure, he would get all upset and tell to just do it like he tells us to do it.
    Then things fail like we expected and he blames us that we must have misunderstood his directions. go figgah.

  8. Kage:

    kay, nuff ranting for a Friday.

    Have a good weekend everyone!

  9. jaydee:

    Biden scares me, and he's second in command? Ai-ya!

    I take the 49er's to win it all this year! Singletary must be so pi$$ed off. This used to be his team but he just couldn't take 'em to the promised land.

  10. M:

    I was always told to respect the position even if that person in that position doesn't deserve it.

  11. Toekinam:

    Here we go NINERS, here we go....clap clap =)
    *Happy Aloha Friday World*

  12. rayboyjr:

    😎 Happy Feel Good Friday Everyone!!! 😎

    ... hey Braddah Lance ... aren't the VP's just sidekicks anyway??? ... I don't think they select the "brightest bulbs" ... that's why Barack Obama chose Joe Biden instead of Hillary Clinton ... Hillary was the smarter one, haha ...

    ... excited for the football playoffs, though ... wouldn't mind either a 49ers or Giants Super Bowl Championship ... even though I'm a Rams fans ... it's great to see the 49ers having this success ... and I like the Mannings, Eli or Peyton ...

    @M: ... they still have to earn the respect in my book ... there have been too many immoral, unethical, corrupt crooks who have been in powerful positions ...

    ... Have A Good One Everyone!!! ...

  13. B:

    Joe Biden should come to hawaii and work for our local gov't. he would fit right in. maybe we should nominate Dan I. for vice pres.

    Niners and pats to the supabowl.

    happy fgf everybodies!

  14. Seawalker:

    There is mention of replacing Biden with Hillary as VP for Obama's re-election campaign. Personally, that would make more sense and be a stronger ticket. But, realistically or historically or politically, that would never happen. Joe Biden is as witty as they come. Obviously a smart man, sometimes the words come out wrong because the brain is going 100 mph. It's the same when Seawalker is writing sometimes (honk, honk). LOL

    BL, think the Niners will make it to the Super Bowl too. But come on, the Ravens or the Patriots will give 'em dirty lickings. But will root for the 49ers since Tebow and Company are not in it.

  15. King Katonk:

    Just like former VP Dan Quayle and the potato I incident; these guys aren't the sharpest tools in the shed. Talk about the perfect I insurance policy. It prevents any negative actions towards the president knowing that the backup is lolo.

    I'm hoping the 3-headed Smith monster (Alex, Justin and Aldon) will do their damage to the "other" Giants.

    The ball is bouncing the Niners way. I think this is their year.

    Go Ninahs

    I'll be listening for you BL on the mainland. Eh, try not to wake the baby.

  16. sally:

    Poor Mr. Prez, he's had a lot of "head in his hands" moments.

  17. sally:

    Being a typical girl, making typical girl decisions, (k, k, k, I not real proud of it) I make typical girlie choices on my sports teams... cuz I'm not the football fan I used to be in the 70's.

    I choose 49ers (lucky thing here) cuz my friend, the late Wally Yonamine was a 49er back in the way back days. So, in memory of him, GO 49ers!

    And you gotta love their uniform.

    okay, 'nuff, BL has his head in his hands with this one LOL.

  18. hemajang:

    hey, foot in da mouth happens, especially careless mile-a-minute politicians. I wouldn't judge their misspokenness too harshly, judge em by their actions. But then again we have guys like Tom Berg who does both very badly. For entertainment, I used to watch the Ewa Beach Neighborhood Board meetings on Olelo. The cast of characters loved to bicker and insult fellow members, it was comedy reality tv pretending to be a civil neighborhood board.

    I watch and follow NFL fairly closely throughout the years but don't have a favorite team, mostly track our local players and hope they do well. If had to choose favorite, probably SF49'ers and LARams where teams that I followed the most. I guess they closest to Hawaii and had some local ties back in da day. How come LA no can get one NFL team? Would be a natural rival for the niners.

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