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Can You Handle A Good Deal?

January 17th, 2012

I kinda left Da WWD! Hui hanging many blogs ago wen I posted about a food review showdown on How Do You Grind?.

There were three establishments that Da Wife and I went to wea each had it's positives and negatives. They were (according to da pics on da "How Do You Grind?" blog) Moe's Southwest Grill, The Alley and Daiichi Ramen & Curry. I'll let you guess which came in second but da hands down winnah is.......

Now a word from our sponsors.

Wait..... I no mo' any sponsors and I pay for my own Shakanack reviews. 🙁

Wassup Wit Dat!

And da winnah is...................... Daiichi Ramen & Curry!

Dis was our first time evah at Daiichi. We dined in at da Aiea location and latah found out they had opened a second location in Pearl City (same complex as Starbucks, L&L and Pandas). Not sure if they still are offereing a 10% discount for take-out as a grand opening special but it doesn't hurt to ask. They also normally have coupons in the Val-Pak that comes in da mail.

Believe it or not, dis pic is missing anoddah main dish. I ordered a 2-set combo which came wit a "mini" udon (soba, saimin or udon in choice of broth) and two side dishes. Da Wife ordered a 1-set combo. Her udon couldn't fit in da pic.

Dis was my udon with tantan broth. Da broth is very hearty and "gritty". I cannot say for certain if the noodles are made in house or brought in but they were not over boiled and still "chewy" and solid as it should be.

Hea's a description of da tan tan broth which is cooked for 12 hours. Yup, TWELVE HOURS! 😯

Da Wife had udon as well with shoyu base. Da wooden spoon was a nice touch I thought trying to give it da "ramen feel".

Part 1 of da two set combo I got a "mini" curry with rice. Da curry was tasty but on da watery side as Japanese curry tends to be. I prefer "thick" curry myself but for those who like the texture of curry from The Curry House will like the curry at Daiichi. Imho, I believe both use S&B curry but it is not confirmed nor will I say that it is, it just has similarities.

For part II of da two set combo I got da chicken katsu. Da breading on da chicken was put together nicely. It wasn't heavy or over-coated and you had a nice balance of chicken and breading. I'm not 100% surah if they used Panko but it tasted like it to keep it light. It was a little thin but I think they pounded it to make the chicken softer and it was.

Da Wife choose da 4pc gyoza for her one set combo. Gyoza is gyoza. Da main thing you no burn 'em.

So hea's da breakdown:



Three and a half Shakas and a Chance 'Um

Tables are a little tight (hence da 1/2 shaka deduction) to fit as much customers as can but it's a very casual restaurant, not fine dining. It was a little warm inside but it could have been just da broth... or maybe cause we were right undah da a/c and couldn't feel da breeze.


Four Shakas and an Au'right!

Service was more than satisfactory. The restaurant was packed with people shuttling in and out quickly and the hostess/server made it a point to greet everyone or at least say hi. She even anticipated Da Baby's needs by bringing an empty bowl and extra spoon before we even asked. A nice touch dat I liked was that she thanked everyone before they left with genuine sincerity instead of just "saying it".


Five Shakas and a Howzit!

For all da food we got and feeding 2 1/4 people for only $16 and change ($20 wit tip) I'd say dat would rank right up there as one of da bettah deals in town. I was more than stuffed - and I'm a big eater - so for an average eater, it's garans a take some to work for lunch kinda deal.


Four Shakas and an Au'right!

You want an onolicious, stuff your opu, quick and fairly cheap meal (for wat you're getting) then check out Daiichi Ramen & Curry. They have two locations: one in Aiea right across the Shell station below Aiea Bowl and the second in Pearl City. It really is a family, aftah a game or practice, no like cook at home kinda place.

It definitely isn't a first date..... maybe da third once you're broke from da first two. 😛


January 14th, 2012

It's been a painful decade since we've been in the post season and even Da Wife is steering clear from me for the next few hours.

If you don't bleed red and gold.... you bettah stay clear from me today. 😉

Let's go Niners!!!!!

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January 12th, 2012

Last week I went to visit a friend who had undergone surgery and treatment for thyroid cancer late last year. While he was up and running already, it made me think that "C" is like the Grim Reaper.... da punk jus' lurks around creeping you out nevah knowing if/when it's your time or not.

Other than getting symptoms checked out - the most obvious checking for lumps of ANY KINE - you wouldn't have a clue as to wat's lurking undah your skin.

My friend just had severe jaw pain and went to a few doctors before he was diagnosed. Thank God they caught it early enough to have under gone surgery and treatment and now he's on the six-month checkup schedule for the next five years.

I had asked him if his cigar smoking led to the thyroid cancer and surprisingly, his doctor said no. Like most other "C", it just happens.

Then dat got me thinking alot about our vices. Every single one of us has one. Every single one of us has tried to quit. Every single one of us has tried to cut back or take it easy. But we still do it......

Wassup Wit Dat!

Whether you "only live once", like to ignore warnings or doctors advice, we just can't help ourselves no mattah how hard we try.

My friend loves cigars. I'm sure he's stopped for now but eventually he'll enjoy a stogie like he's done before especially since he was told it didn't lead to his thyroid cancer. I'm surah it didn't help as well but since it wasn't the cause, those with uncontrollable vices breathe a sigh of relief.

Personally I'm not a sugar-junkie and choose to stay away as much as possible from them. It's because of that I tend not to eat so much sugar laden treats. Of course I'll have da occasional cheesecake - or two - but sugar I can do without and base my food/drink choices based on that.

Das why I love beer - no sugar. :mrgreen:

Is it weird to stay away from sugar glazed donuts yet still be able to pound a dozen variety filled Krispy Kremes with a Coke Zero? I drink sugarless (zero calorie) Powerade or Gatorade and yet will tank a few bottles of Yoo-Hoos no problemo.

I can control my sugar intake but I can't seem to control da vice-grip on diet drinks though. I "have to have" a cup or two of diet soda in da evening and soda isn't cheap. I only buy it on sale and since my "habit" gets costly, I only buy the 2-liter bottles and only wen they are on sale for $1 each.

*hint hint* A 2-liter is very close to a six-pack in volume but yet a six-pack cost more than three times as much so if you're a junkie like me, you can save a lot of kala.... or buy three times more soda. 😛

There has been times wea I've gone through withdrawls since nobody like put 'em on sale and even wit da warning of "causing 'C' in laboratory animals", I'll still drink 'em.

Cause I not one laboratory animal.

So wat's your vice? Wat's got a grip on you dat you have to have EVERYDAY? Or no mattah how content you are wit watevah, if placed in front of you, you'll have an extremely hard time saying no? I'm not talking about your favorite things dat you do often or once in awhile but there's gotta be something dat you "need" everyday.

And no, doo-doo, shi-shi and sex do not count.

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You Ding-Dong

January 9th, 2012

Aftah taking a dump run last week, Da Wife and I decided to head out and cruise town with Da Baby.

Inspiration was having a floor clearance sale so we wanted to check out a couple of things that caught our eye in the Sunday paper. Personally, I think their prices are waaay overinflated but their floor clearance sale brought them back down to Earth and was worth checking out.

While we walked around and window shopped, Da Wife gave da "ok" at an entertainment center I was spocking out but I digressed and offered the dresser and nightstands we desparately needed. We both looked at what we wanted and while the drawers on the dresser and nightstands were too shallow and a no go, da entertainment center began to loom larger.... but sadly I passed. We still have some debt we're clearing up and even aftah Da Wife's second "ok" (I know, I know - wen will I EVAH see dat again) I told her it can wait.

As we head back to da truck, dis is wat we see.......

Now it doesn't look dat bad but seriously, it's da camera angle. Da white line he's (I dunno if it was a male or female drivah but I'm just defaulting to "he") clearly ovah, he's way ovah in da front as well.

Just take a look at da door Da Wife had to carry Da Baby through. It's barely open a quarter of da way and if you've evah ridden a four-door Tacoma, da rear door needs to be opened all da way - or close to it - to get in comfortably. Let me just say dat I'm not a very big guy but wen I gotta go in da back seat, I need da door FULLY opened. Compare da opening wit Da Wife's foot hanging out - da heel not too far da door yeah? If da foot barely fit, imagine her carrying a 20 pound baby through dat manini opening all the while being considerate to da jerk's car by not dinging it!

I was so frickin' pissed dat dis guy not only parked hellah crooked but he nevah even like try correct. There was no way in heck dat he nevah know he was crooked cause there are more than enough visual cues to show dat he was. Besides da two pillars on his side, da two hugemongously thick bright white lines on each side of his car and my truck already there straight as an arrow, da buggah must have had either 4-D glasses or an eye patch on.

Wassup Wit Dat!

Usually you see dat kine wea da car is there already and then you no like park next to da idiot but we was there already and even moreso, I made sure to park a little more on da passenger side cause both Da Wife and I get in and out from da same side. Das why I said da pic no really paint da real picture. And then da Hawaiian salt on da wound was dat I had to do an Austin Powers cause da driveway is one way and I "couldn't" hit da lolo's car. Ok, it wasn't dat bad as Austin Powers but if I have to put my gear shift in reverse twice in a manuver, words cannot express the shock - at least nevah have cars waiting.

But if you remembah many blogs ago titled "Business Cards or Post-Its" there were many great ideas but having nearly fully transformed to da mad Korean stage, I couldn't think of anything clever. All I could come up wit was dis.....

At da very least he spent 10 minutes looking for any like da lolo dat he is.

Starting Da New Year.....

January 6th, 2012

With a head cold. 🙁

Sorry, dis blog is/will be short.

I've been battling dis since I went into work on Tuesday and still haven't gotten ovah it. Thank God no coughing but a stuffy then runny nose is irritating and da worst part is my sinuses are killing me with enormous pressure buuuut.... gotta suck it up and go into work.

Wassup Wit Dat! you ask?

Cause das how I am. If I can walk, talk and tink without any issues, I can work. Unless I've been sent home or feel like I'm contagious, I'll show up.

I know some tinking I crazy or even dat I risk oddahs getting sick as well but it's like a double-edged sword no? If I no go in, oddahs gotta pick up da slack or even if dat, I still going get a backlog of work. If I go in, they glad their workload is "normal" but yet worry about getting sick themselves and if your co-workahs like you, they'll be worried about you as well. Plus, while you hear your co-workahs say it's ok to stay home, I feel they shouldn't have to do more than they should especially since most places run pretty lean while the stress level intensifies with one less staff.

Do you come in wen you hanging? Wat do you tink about da working sick? How's about those who come in looking "contagious"?

I certainly am grateful that I work at a health care institution and da pharmacy is literally one minute away. I've already visited them twice in two days for menthal drops and sinus relief medication. It's also extremely convenient that we have an office bathroom about 15 feet away from my desk which makes it supah easy to wash my hands everytime I sneeze or touch my face (honestly, I have NEVER washed my hands as many times in a day as I do now that it's so "easy") and I can blow my nose without disturbing anyone or making them feel uneasy everytime they hear a "honk".

To each their own, cause some just won't come in if they only got da sniffles while oddahs come in hacking up a storm.

And no, I would not dare come in should I be coughing up a lung but painful cheeks and a nasally voice garners no love in my book....... even from Da Wife. 😆

Oh yeah, Have a grrrreat Feel Good Friday all 17 of you out there! 😛

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