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Travel Bug

February 16th, 2012

It's been choke long time since Da Wife and I have left da rock and it'll be choke long time before we get a chance to do again. Between Da Baby, trying to squeeze time off and just clearing up debt, any type of traveling has been out of sight, out of mind.

We've been talking about it nonchalantly since we both desparately need a break from work and da biggest thing dat keeps popping up is airfare. Naturally, dat cost rises and falls with da traveling seasons along with gas prices but we have a +1 - well, she's actually a + 1/8 - to deal with.

If we travel before she's 2, she flies free. Once she's 2, she's a full adult fare which I've nevah understood at dat age group when it should be a height/weight thing since they'd be on a parent's lap. I understand dat if you take a seat, then surah, charge da adult fare - since no more keiki fare - but if you no take a seat then why should there be a charge? If they say it's da keiki's weight then charge 'em by da pound if they no take a seat but pay a full adult fare?

Wassup Wit Dat!

I've told Da Wife dat if we decide to travel aftah she turns 2 it's a "waste" cause she not going remembah anything and we paying for "extra" airfare. Now if we traveled before she turns 2 then at least cost wise, we ok. She then asked when should we travel then if we can't make it before Da Baby turns 2 and all I asked back was, "at wat age do you remembah your first trip?"

I told her I remembah 4th grade time wen I was 10 and I spent nearly a summer in Korea staying wit relatives and nothing before dat. There may have been a memory or two but at 10, I remembah things still today. She paused and had to think awhile and finally said she remembahs her first trip at 9.

Then she asked, "so it's either late this year or seven years from now?"


Da Wife and I love to travel during winter time cause it's cold and we both love "wintery" weather but haven't gone farther than Vegas together. We've been to Seattle, Portland, San Francisco, LA and the surrounding areas but no mattah wea we went, da last leg of da trip was ALWAYS Vegas!

Do you remembah your first trip? Wea did you go and how old were you? Wea would you like to go? Wat's your favorite vacation spot? Have you traveled wit keiki and did you bu'lai da 2 year old fare?

Da Wife and I love to travel during winter time cause it's cold and we both love "wintery" weather but haven't gone farther than Vegas together. We've been to Seattle, Portland, San Francisco, LA and the surrounding areas but no mattah wea we went, da last leg of da trip was ALWAYS Vegas!

No mattah if we're able to go latah dis year or seven years from now we're just hoping to be able to go holoholo..... at least to Vegas...... with or without them. 😉 😉

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My Man Is Bettah Than Your Man

February 14th, 2012

Let's face it fellahs, Valentine's is NOT about da ladies, it's about da guys.

It's a gung-ho winnah take all competition to see who's da more thoughtful, sensitive and willing to break da bank on your woman day. It's probably THE most pressuah out day of da year wea you bettah have something prepared and da scarce flowers left at 7-11 may keep you out of da garage but not da dog house.

It's da one day dat we (fellahs) are in competition to not only please our woman - or man if you play for da same team - but in competition against ourselves on a specific day. It's da Super Bowl of Love.

Wassup Wit Dat!

Think about it.

If people know you have a love in your life, it's almost a certainty you'll be asked "what did you do/get for Valentine's?" Watevah you get or do, your significant oddah will share dat with friends, co-workahs and ohana and they in turn will share right back. Whether they downplay it or "brag" all depends on you but in either case, you're being sized up based upon your "Valentine treat(s)".

Da majority will do da flowers thing and even then da "size" of da buggah will have you gasping at times. I've done da simple single rose thing (no, wasn't 7-11 kine) and then hear about da two dozen fancy shmancy bouquet dat was delivered to someone at da office. Or how while da pendant dat someone got was one up'ed by da diamond tennis bracelet or diamond earrings someone else got. Even da "special" dinnah is sized up whether you're at Zippy's or Roy's.

And you'll hear about it from your "love".... garans ballbarans.

YOUR LOVE: "Honey, thank you the sunflower bouquet and making dinner. Do you know what Fate Yanagi got for Valentine's?"
YOU: "Nope."
YOUR LOVE: "She got a dozen roses delivered and they're going to dinner at DK Steakhouse."
YOU: ** (Why she gotta tell me?!? I no kea dat they doing dat. Wat? I nevah get her flowers? Wat? I not cooking dinnah?? Wat? I not doing something special??? We no mo' dat kine moo-lah!) ** "That's nice, I'm surah they'll have a good time."

No can win Braddahs, no can win.

Can you please tell me wat da big deal is about flowers?

They don't last long, you can pick da "wrong" one, they can break da bank aaaaaaaaaand, unless you have 'em delivered to da office "showing off", it'll be sitting at home in a vase doing nada. Nothing against a signifcant oddah wanting flowers but I'd rather give a gift dat lasts longer or do/get something dat s/he wants or will remembah more signifcantly instead.

But I'm a guy and if da woman wants flowers, da woman gets flowers.

Wat are you doing for Valentine's? Typical flowers, dinner and.......? Is it a big day for you women? Is it a big day for you guys? Out of curiosity, how many guys have been da Valentine instead? And of course, do you get sized up?

I know we say we no kea - or appear insensitive - but we fellahs remembah wen we get "compared" to.... especially in da Supah Bowl of Love.

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February 11th, 2012

Wat da heck would I be doing up at 5:45am instead of sleeping in on a Saturday morning???

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Field Trip

February 9th, 2012

Da past couple of mornings I noticed CHOKE elementary school kids walking to school.... BEFORE 7am.

Dat means, they walking in da dark (during Winter/Fall time) in da brisk morning air by themselves.

Wassup Wit Dat!

Well, at least da keiki I seen had either siblings or friends which I thought was pretty cool cause it reminded me of field trips back in da day.

I walked to school nearly everyday and remembah those as good ole' times cause I always thought it was an adventure. As a parent, it was just one of those things dat da ohana had to do cause there was no oddah way. In dat respect, keiki grow up fast and learn responsibility pretty quickly. More on dat in anoddah blog.

But then it got me tinking, wat kine field trips did oddah kids go on? Did we all do da same thing? Did one grade level make a difference? I'm a proud public school product and know dat private school has different - dare I say, mo' bettah - opportunities but at da elementary school level, were da field trips da same?

Fo' me, one of da bestest parts of field trips was not being in school. 😀 I loved dat we were out on an "adventure" whether it be for growth or educational - it was just plain good ole' fun to me.

Lunch time seemed like it was da funnest (yeah, yeah - I know dat's not a word). We usually ate at a park and we all checked out wat each oddah brought whether it was PB&J, musubi's, something you picked up in da morning or fancy shmancy homemade bento kine.

btw, we nevah worried dat it sat in da sauna-like bus and made everything soggy and warm.... but our juice was always in da freezer da night before wrapped in foil so we could have a cold slushy drink. 😉

Come to tink of it, cause we nevah da kine "insulated" bags, EVERYTHING dat could be wrapped in foil was yeah?

But dat was da whole genius part of it - at least for us. We were an active bunch and besides playing tag, we loved playing football.

We gathered up everybodies foil, packed a rock or two and wrapped it up hard.

Das right, ghetto football - anywea, anytime and in dis case, anything. Das how we rolled.

Besides lunch time, I'd say one of da biggest anxiety moments an elementary keiki can have was who you was going to sit next to on da bus! It's almost like a social barometer and judging wea you sat said wea you stood on dat barometer.

Most times it was your best friend you sat next to but if you had an odd numbah of friends, somebody was left out and "choosing" who to sit next to was almost political. Da back of da bus was usually wea da bigger groups sat cause da tinking has always been "nobody can see" and you could always tell who was going to become boyfriend/girlfriend on da way back to school. 😉 😉

Da biggest field trips I can remembah was going to Camp Erdman and Polynesian Culture Center cause they were both sleepovers. I don't know if it's passed on subliminally through generations but there was some mischief going on there and I'll just leave it at dat.... since it's subliminal.

Relax, it was clean.

Do you remembah any field trips in elementary? Do da same field trips happen still today? Wat was/is your fondest memory(ies) about it?

I miss field trips.

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Work Weight

February 7th, 2012

Scales suck.

It's probably da one item in your enitre home dat you have THE most truest love/hate relationship with and no mattah how good - or bad - da numbahs show up, you can nevah deny wat it tells (shows) you.

Da Baby wandered into our bathroom looking for Mommy as she was showering and ended up near da scale. I picked her up and plopped her on it curious to see wat she weighed in at.

21 pounds.

Really? I have biceps dat say oddahwise.

Hmmm. I haven't weighed myself in months. Should I or shouldn't I? It can't be dat bad right?

Boy was I wrong.... BIG TIME!

Figuratively and literally.

A shade under an Oompa-loompa buck seventy-five.

WOW! Really? Is da scale broken? Damn you digital scale!

Dat got me tinking and concluding an unscientifically proven theory dat if you work... you'll gain weight. I have nearly 12 years of real life data to prove it.

At my first accounting job, I was a young bud surrounded by an office full of "moms". Naturally, I was fed quite often and always been the "Mikey". You know da tag line, "give it to Mikey, he'll eat anything". I put on a few pounds but thank goodness I had various outlets - and time - to keep it in check. Actually I put on good weight cause I used to lift nearly everyday and I like to think I put on more muscle than fat.

Same went on at my second accounting job but I got to surf nearly everyday and on the days I didn't, I lifted weights. I kept my weight in check - hovering right around an athletic 168 - and was still active outside of work.

Then being unemployed for nearly 15 months my activity level dropped and da weight melted like buttah. I would have thought I'd pack on the pounds since I wasn't doing anything and sleeping more than usual but it was da opposite. I actually was hovering above and below the 160 mark which surprised Da Wife as well.

Now back to work and in only four months, WHOA!, 15 pounds jus' li'dat!

I don't eat more - I actually eat less - and I rarely even hit up the office snack stockpile. I am waaaaay less active but yet I grew like Santa Claus.

Wassup Wit Dat!

Does dat mean I shouldn't be working or does dat mean I need to find a job dat has a gym or beach nearby? Have you noticed any weight gains from work ovah da past yea or months even? If you're office bound, do you think dat actually slows down your metabolism?

I can't explain it oddah than being more makule but my theory has got some merit, doesn't it? Da only difference is dat now I can prove it.... but no ask for proof, it ain't pretty.

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