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Mahalos KSSK!

March 31st, 2012

Well da trip is almost pau and I just wanted to send out a huge Mahalos to da KSSK ohana for sponsoring da contest!

Pictures and mo'olelo's to follow cause stay all busy li'dat running around....... although wat happens in Vegas.......... stays on Facebook. 😆


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1 In 50,000,000

March 27th, 2012

Everything in life is about statistics or odds.

Things you think about doing, things you're about to do and even things by chance are weighed and measured then decided whether to chance 'em or not.

Da Wife and I were very fortunate in having been able to travel yearly in years past but once I got laid off and then Da Baby arrived, that was a nicety we gave up without hesitation. We love to travel but haven't planned on any kine of travel for at least a few years so what would have been the odds for us to travel this year?

Pretty darn good especially if it's free! In a little over 24 hours I'll be pressing my luck at the infamous statistic and odds capital of the world... Vegas!

I have no idea what the odds are of winning a radio contest offered to the Vegas crazed State of Hawai'i is but to have won it twice in eight years I gotta be pressing my luck right?

Well, I do have to send out a huge Mahalos to Kerri (co-worker back then) who eight years ago gathered the missing info needed and called me the morning of to enter the contest and secure the inaugural win. A few weeks ago she texted me the info I missed in the current promotion along with, "deja-vu?" and the rest is history although she was da one saying,

Wassup Wit Dat!

It actually couldn't have come at a better time because we definitely need a break. Work has been hectic (don't know wat da odds were for getting my time off approved) and even Da Wife really needed a break from her 50+ hour work weeks.

We haven't been to Vegas in nearly two years and we all know Vegas changes overnight so I gotta ask any Vegas-socialite, wat has changed? Wat is it dat you do wen you go there besides gambling of course. Do you try and find new things to do or do the same routine wen you're there?

Da Wife and I naturally hit up all the outlet malls but we also try to drive around and find things to do as well. Da last time we were at Red Rock National Park and even at a couple of Man vs Food eateries as well. We did da Hoover Dam but not haven't seen the new over pass and once my friends and I even went go-kart racing.

Has anybody been to Area 51? White-water rafting? Canyon trails?

There's one thing you can count on that we'll at least try beating the odds is on Megabucks. It's a 1 in 50,000,000 shot that we'll hit 'em.......... and we certainly hope we're that one.

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When Do You Know And Can You Face It?

March 25th, 2012

It's inevitable that all things come to an end.... but when do you actually know?

It happens every year with athletes when we, as fans, know that they have past their prime and they should be retiring but as any one of them will tell you, they still feel like they can (should) play.

When WWD! came to an abrupt end in 2010, it wasn't by my choice and it certainly wasn't time considering we've only been up for a couple of years but nothing could be done.

Every year about this time, for the past 18 years, I've packed up my gloves, cleats and visor and headed down to the baseball diamond. This year is no different marking my 19th year of coaching in P.A.L (Police Activities League) and while it may not be as prestigious as in years when I used to play, it's still an avenue available to get kids active and an option to get out and do something since it's a community based league rather than by selection.

I actually prefer that our league is "low-key" now because in truth - as I tell every parent that has had their son or daughter come through the program - "I don't coach baseball".

Wassup Wit Dat!

Well, considering P.A.L's core philosophies, it's something that I value considerably and take to heart although there are many coaches, parents and even players who think and act otherwise. I've always believed that if you want to be competitive and want to play competitively, there are many many leagues to go out and do so - P.A.L isn't one of them and that's why I enjoy and am proud of being a coach in the P.A.L organization.

I straight up tell the parents my one and only goal for the season is to have the player come out a better person and if s/he comes out a better player then that's a bonus.

As intense of a coach as I am, I've always wondered why my players keep coming back and I can only say that it has to be that I respect them as a person AND a player. It doesn't matter to me if s/he sucks okole or if they can't hit the wide side of a barn from 10 feet away (I have player like that right now), but I can guarantee their attitude will change and in turn their skills will improve should they go through one season with me. My only hope is that they take those changes and carry it through their life instead of just the season.

This years roster consists of literally five players (we need at least 10). Usually, once we start practice we have players trickle in wondering if they can still sign up but this year we've had none and the last few years we have seen our numbers decline. The offering of year round sports is the main culprit meaning that you can play ANY sport at any time of year now instead of only in it's dedicated season.

Honestly, I would have done the same and played football year round had it been offered back in the day so I don't blame that because I would have been doing something that I love. The problem with that though is that you're not exposed to different experiences to grow from and also, you don't let your body heal and recuperate from the repetitive motions of the one sport. You also run the chance of burning out at such a young age.

I've always encouraged my players to go out and do something different once baseball season is pau because you'll be able to learn form different coaches and challenge yourself to different techniques. If you stay with the same coach year after year, you really can only take in so much.

Do you have your son or daughter, niece or nephew involved in year round sports? Do you think year round sports is beneficial? Encouraging? Unhealthy? Would you, at that age, have choosen to remain in a singular sport played throughout the year?

This year I probably will not have an opportunity to carry this on and it's not by my choice. It's a shock to me and it feels like a steel door just just slammed right in front of me. I never envisioned leaving the program under this kind of circumstance and always thought I'd be walking towards the sunset on my own two feet.

Maybe it's time to hang up the glove and "retire" but I'd be amiss if I didn't try to salvage the season for the five that are signed up. I've already spread the word around and tried reaching out but no bites so I'm asking the WWD! Hui if you know of any kids ages 10-12 as of May 1st that might be interested in learning a little about themselves. No experience is necessary and all skill levels are welcome as I've seen all kines come and go through the program. The practices are at Salt Lake District Park (makai - the one with the pool) and more information can given to those who are interested.

All I ask is that they want to be out there and have a good attitude.... but if they don't have the right attitude, no worries, I'll change that in a hurry. 😉


March 22nd, 2012

Every once in awhile WWD! runs into a few posters who decide to hate instead of appreciate. Or at da very least respect wat something is all about.

Last week, a poster basically called me "fake" on the "It Sucks...." blog:

March 9th, 2012 at 10:12 am edit
Enough already with the phony pidgin. You make yourself look really silly. If can, can. if no can, no can.

Guess wat Brah? CAN! Oh wait, did I use your Pidgin correctly?

Isn't it funny how sometimes even people who are "local" can hate on oddah locals without knowing 'em not even one bit. At least I would tink dis person is local cause wit a tag name like Eradication I would have to tink s/he wants fake Pidgin speaking people out of Hawai'i.

Without even having read - I'm just assuming - WWD! for any amount of time, you can conclude from a single blog dat I'm fake? It takes a minimum of three blogs to figgah out dat I stay lolo. 😆

Contrary to anyone's belief - current or long time reader - my native tongue is actually Pidgin. I grew up speaking it because English "rules" are frickin' complex, I sucked at vocabulary, my neighborhood was Pidgin prone and between trying to communicate with my parents in Korean, Pidgin came da most natural to me.

And contrary to any locals belief, Pidgin is not Hawaiian. It's a mixture of Hawaiian, Portuguese, Chinese, Japanese, Filipino and Korean which was jammed together in order for da plantation workahs to communicate with da haoles which were usually their bosses. It's a language for da "people" of Hawai'i and should I dare say, da language of da working class.

Maybe das why I'm so comfortable with it.

Just ask anyone who's a faithful Kwonic dat's met me in real life, I'm surah they'll attest to dat. I even throw some Pidgin in work emails but nevah to "bosses", only da peons like me. Or bettah yet, ask Da Wife.... although sometimes even she doesn't understand me.

While I may not be full on moke action, I'm a conversational Pidgin speaking person first who can turn it on or off should da situation call for it but it's usually on and gets worse (so Da Wife says) once I've partaken in some refreshing beverages. :mrgreen:

As far as da blog goes, yes, it may be kinda weird dat you "see" Pidgin because I don't believe it's so much a written language but a conversational one at dat. Das why there are different ways to spell commonly used words like Wassup / Wassap or Wat / Wot or even Braddah / Bruddah.

I do try to limit da written Pidgin language so da malahini or "fakers" can follow da blog. And yes, I do agree sometimes da posters themselves go all out and it can get confusing or make themselves look "silly", but das how Pidgin is communicated. It's da love of our language dat makes dis blog special. It's da love of da language dat makes Hawai'i unique and fun. If it's so difficult to read or understand, then you must not enjoy it or not open to oddah people speaking it if it's not coming out of your own mouth but in any case, there's no reason to hate anyone trying to share it.

In truth, I too laugh, mock, tease those who don't have a natural tongue (those who know Pidgin know wat I mean) wen they try but I nevah evah tell them no try or no speak Pidgin as they themselves are only assimilating unless they are ridiculing to which if they do, I take offense very personally because I am passionate about da 808.

So in turn, I appreciate Eradication's hate on everyone that's been trying to perpetuate Hawai'i's adopted language attempt and will from this day forth discontinue Pidgin from being spoken on Wassup Wit Dat! since it's so silly and fake......

Wop Yo' Jaw!

Go find anoddah blog to hate on my braddah or sistah.


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Peons Gotta Help Yourself

March 21st, 2012

Howzit Howzit WWD! Kwonics, Lanceformers and Lurkahs!

I hope you're still out there and I apologize - but not - for da hiatus.

About a week and a half ago I was prepping for a weekend post and put it on hold while I ran some errands. When I came back and booted up my computer I was unable to log on to The Star-Advertiser server.

I thought I had punched in the wrong password and then tried again. Nada. I tried all of my passwords and then even reset my password. A'ole.

Wassup Wit Dat!

Was I banned from the blogs? Was I kicked out? Did I do something that I wasn't supposed to?

I emailed the Online Director - which I've known since The Advertiser days - and asked wassup wit da lock out? Was my IP banned for some reason? Was there an issue with the server? Our blog software? I've emailed him many times before - and even during WWD! rebirth - with no response so my expectations of hearing a reply wasn't high even though I thought we was cool back in The Advertiser days.

I waited a few days then emailed my "blog boss" at The Star-Advertiser. She said she'd take a look and let me know. She's good about responding but not so good on the follow ups cause she's unreal busy being an editor.

In both cases - even when I was at The Advertiser - I knew my role as a "blogger" was extremely manini. I already came to terms and began the blog knowing I was a peon and there's nothing wrong with it - at least for me.

Even in interviews I explain I'm a blue-collar worker and I don't mind getting my hands dirty by getting all up in it and working hard. I enjoy being a "grunt".

As far as computers and software goes, I learn by trial and error. I'm not afraid to tinker and find things out instead of waiting so das wat I did. I Googled my problem and did exactly what people with the same situation have done.


Ugh. Maybe dis was da end of WWD!......... NOT!

All da long time readers probably have realized dat I'm a stubborn, wise-okole, nevah say die kind of guy so dis "little" problem wasn't going to stop me.

Finally aftah about three days of constant digging, I was able to figgah out dat it was my secondary anti-virus program dat for some reason reset many features to high alert and I had to explore through several screens before I could find out wat da heck was preventing me from logging on.

Long story short, all pau. I'm back online....... whether das good or not who knows but all I know is dat if you can't help yourself, you probably not a peon.

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