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Two Minute Major Or Minor?

March 3rd, 2012

At almost every sporting event - big or small - there's one thing that kicks off the start, the Star-Spangled Banner. It's the national anthem of the United States and it should mean something.... right?

It pays homage to this great nation that we live in and it's the only thing that everyone from an ordinary Joe to a military service member to a political dignitary can not only take part in but no one individual is greater than another.

It's a sign of respect and reverence that everyone who lives in this nation should ALWAYS show and take part in. It's also one of the most difficult "songs" to sing and those who perform it in public have a duty to do represent and do it tastfully.

There were three teens on February 3rd that kick started the 2012 First Hawaiian Bank High School Canoe Paddling Championships in Hilo that did just that. Star-Advertiser reporter Christie Wilson witnessed a chicken skin moment as Jacob Kaumuali'i Kailiwai-Ching, Hero Wooching and Kameron Kalamaku Freitas sang an awesome acapella harmony rendition that I've never heard before and more than likely won't hear again.

Luckily we got YouTube..........

[youtube iIyDXgtfOds]

Wasn't that awesome?

Although - I dunno about you - but when I hear the national anthem being sung, I stand up a little straighter, my hat or visor is always off and I certainly do not talk to anyone. If I'm not at my seat, I pause where I am and if I'm in a conversation I'll stop cold.

Did you see da braddah just walking through DURING the anthem?

Wassup Wit Dat!

Did you see him right before they started singing? Check out the video again and look between the deck post and you'll see him start to walk, pause, think about it then after some time just decide to walk through carrying his roll of cable. I really cannot fathom something so drastically urgent that he couldn't have waited till the anthem finished.

Is two minutes of his time too precious to spare to give respect to his country? (Yes, the national is usually sung in under two minutes) Was his life on the line? Was there a fire he had to get to?

Some may think it's not a big deal or something to WWD! about but then again, respect may not be high on their list. I guess if he was farther away it wouldn't have "mattered" but judging from the video, he appeared only yards away from the stage. I'm just glad that the trio wasn't facing him as they were singing their hearts out cause if I was, I would have been a little deflated seeing someone carelessly walk through going about their business as if nothing was happening.

How do you feel about the national anthem? Do you hold it in high regards or just another song? Do you sing along?

btw, da trio also sang Hawai'i Pono'i (the full three verses instead of repeating the first one twice) and da lolo was still "working".

Wassup Wit Dat!

13 Responses to “Two Minute Major Or Minor?”

  1. SASSY7:

    WOW!!! BL...great rendition...they did a great job....This is the one song that I have taught my keiki's to remain still on every occasion that it plays...RESPECT!...is the key here...they cannot move...they can sing...and they choose to put their hand on their heart or not...I for one get asked by them...why I dont put my hand on my heart..like we're taught in school....after many years of standing with my hands behind my back during football games (i was a cheerleader) it's still a habit i cannot break...my hands go automatic to the back...
    The anthem is always a reminder of what we stand for as a country...and unites us under that red/white/blue flag...that no matter what...we can unite in protecting it..and our country.
    Here in my neighborhood...the American flag is flown for every Holiday that they can....next time they do...I'll take a picture of it to show you how many flags fly...it's like WOW!!

  2. wafan:

    Dang! Nice job by the guys!!!

    Too many spesho peepo feeling entitled who probably did nothing to have earned the rights they have. I always wonder why so many fail to honor the responsibilities that come with thir rights.

  3. hemajang:

    Saw dat video earlier, forget where, but real good, voices came together...chicken skin. They should perform prior to UH game on TV. Not sure how they get people but sometimes not so good even da pros. Seems like the National Anthem is a very difficult song to sing. I no can sing but will always mouth or sing quietly the Hawaii Pono'i, real nice to hear the audience sing together with pride. After watching many national anthems at UH games you see a lot of people fidgeting or fooling around, disrespectful as you say, I agree.

  4. 808Dad:

    Thanks Lance, that was good. Nice to see some kids taking this so serious.

  5. Makiki:

    WOW! Thanks for sharing - absolutely beautiful. I really angers me when I see people disrespect our national anthem. I agree with hemajang, I would love to see them perform on the field at Aloha Stadium.


  6. dihudfan:

    well stated!!! chicken skin... good to see young talented people showing their talents in this way... thanks for sharing...

  7. MC96816:

    Chicken skin!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    Danny Kaleikini at UH women's basketball game a while back was awesome, too.

  8. M:

    Howzit BL,

    Dat was awesome!
    I always sing along with the national anthem and the Hawaii state anthem too.
    Sometimes I see people still wearing da hat on.
    Dat guy was disrespctful! Dat ainokea attitude again.

  9. anklebiters:

    I just want to hear the National Anthem sung the way it should be sung...no add-ons or roll your own version or omissions...

    This is the best I've heard, by Whitney Houston, during Superbowl XXV


  10. hawaiiobsessed:

    Yes! Awesome!! Thanks for sharing BL! Loved it! Beautiful.
    Agree on the respect thing. So annoying when people aren't respectful of the national anthem.

  11. 9thIslandGirl:

    I always sing,.and I like the anthem sung without too many embellishments. I like to know that it IS the anthem!

  12. 9thIslandGirl:

    Forgot to say that those kids were awesome!

  13. dianna ching:

    kids did a gggood job they do a lot of singing together and all come from the same schooljacob is my grandson the other two are good friends and good kids i really admire all of them for doing a good job hope to see more of young kids thanks.

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