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When It Gets Real

April 30th, 2012

It's amazing to see how much experiences one's life can, well, experience.

In my short lifetime, I can say I've experienced more than my fair share of both good and bad and even talking with Da Wife sometimes she's even kinda like, "Huh? Really?" or "Not!". All I can say is that I've seen - and been in - so much stuff that while I'm glad I've gone through it, at the same time I've always wondered why.

While I shared so many mo'olelo's with da WWD! Hui - believe me, it's da selected "PG-13" only version hea - I probably could fill up an entire Harry Potter series with Twilight thrown in just for kicks and that would be just pre-college experiences at that too.

But last week was yet anoddah chapter dat I shook my head at wondering why did I have to "know". I got a text late at night that a distant friend I knew had passed.

He was going through some very rough times and without sharing the details what happened to him leading to his passing, it was something that I would have gone full on pupule ovah as well. The guys I know that worked with him were trying their best to keep a close eye on him and things appeared to be improving. The most ironic part of it all was his profession dealt with recognizing issues and helping others through a wide range of things from emotional to financial but this one hit home hard.

I tried all last week to come up with something to blog about but my mind just blanked out and thought of him. I just couldn't muster up any energy to post a single thing. It's one of those things that while you're perfectly fine and can go on with your day but on those instances when you have short silences and your thoughts roam free, I just keep thinking of what he was possibly going through.

While I didn't know him very well, I always saw him either smiling or having a hearty booming laugh. He's one of those guys that smiled so much, he had those smiley wrinkly lines on his face.

It's just anoddah experience that I have to add to my nevah ending novel and without sharing any more details, it's something I hope no one else will evah go through.

The only thing that I can take away from it is that if you have a friend or family member that's going through a pretty serious life experience, even though it's one of those things that we all say "takes time to heal", be an a$$ and make sure that s/he is/will be ok. While your friend might brush you off or even be pissed, at the very least, they'll know that you care and sometimes that's all that's needed to win the fight. Keep reinforcing to da ones you care about dat no mattah wat, they can count on you just to be there but more importantly reach out when you have a feeling something isn't right.

While I may not know who's behind da computah reading WWD!, if there's evah someone you need to talk to or vent to - obviously anonymously - I know da WWD! Hui is always welcoming for dat...... at da very least, you know I am.

Rest in peace my friend.

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Serving And Protecting With Aloha

April 18th, 2012

It kinda sounds like something you'd hear at a Hilo Hattie store but believe it or not, that's the motto of our Honolulu Police Department.

Some of them should actually read - or at the very least know it - since it's a backbone of a practicing agency.

A couple days ago Da Wife was involved in her first minor fender bender on the H-1. If you were driving west-bound late in the afternoon in slowing traffic near Farrington High School, yup, that was her. Sorry for the delay in getting home. 🙁

But on a happier note, it wasn't her fault.
On a sad note, it was my truck.
But on a happier note, she wasn't hurt.
On a sad note it was my truck.

I just about got to the field after talking with a parent and wanted to text Da Wife to go on Moanalua Hwy since it was unusually supah clear and I noticed two missed phone calls from Da Wife. One missed call I know it wasn't important but two? Must be something more serious cause she knows I normally don't have my phone with me during practice. I call her back and she says she got into an accident.

We all fear those words on a phone call especially aftah you seen TWO missed calls and of course the very first words out of my mouth - besides Wassup Wit Dat! - is asking if she was ok.

Da Wife handles practically everything well - did I mention dat she held it together at our wedding and I was da one dat was bawlin' 😥 - but I noticed a little tension in her voice. She laid down da 411 and then I told her to call 911.

Basically, at a standstill on da freeway, da braddah was looking down as if either checking out his phone or watching da B-52's (cockaroaches) crawling on his gearshift but he ended up rolling backwards. Da Wife assumed it was a standard vehicle - since they were on an incline - and about to go forward but it kept rolling backwards. She honked da horn and da braddah looked up but didn't realize HE was da one she was honking at. By da time he did........ BAM!

Needless to say, they got out of their vehicles to inspect da damage and das wen I got da call(s). It was a local braddah in a spray painted camo colored truck with - of course - NO INSURANCE! I told her to call da police.

Das wen da "fun" began.

Two solo bikes arrived and one of them immediately began to cop an attitude - ALL FRICKIN' PUN INTENDED - and started to LECTURE Da Wife.

Wassup Wit Dat!

He basically was scolding her for staying on da freeway and causing MORE traffic. Then they held up traffic so they could move on da side. Once on da shoulder, Da Wife got da impression he didn't want to do any "paperwork" but she asked to do a report since dat's one of da FIRST questions insurance companies ask. As he was getting more information,

COP: "Wat's your address?"
Da Wife: "Did you want my mailing address or home address."
COP: (real frickin' punkishly said) "If I wanted your mailing address, I would have written it down." (pointing at her license)

Ho, Da Wife was damn frickin' pissed but as she was relaying da information, he made her yell the information as if he couldn't hear her.

Wassup Wit Dat! (She was thinking more than dat)

Since wen did getting into an accident - which wasn't your fault - constitute an assault of attitude? How da heck was dat "serving" ANY Aloha or treating a citizen with "integrity, respect and fairness" (which is STAMPED on HPD vehicles). Seriously, while a HPD officer may come across accidents daily and literally thousands of times in his/her career, how many times does a normal driver get into one? And the people in the accident are normally flustered, embarassed and/or nervous so why da heck come with a verbal beat down especially coming from a position that's supposed to help and protect?

Not everyone is/should be "experienced" in accidents and most times it's always hindsight that something should have been done. For example I asked Da Wife if she took any pictures of da guy and his truck and with a small kine puzzled look she basically asked, how? She didn't have da camera with her. I said, your phone has a camera. Oh yeah, duh.

Boy I wish I was there cause he would have gotten an earful back... but then again instead of just da traffic report, I would have been in da back of squad car for giving da officer attitude.

Disclaimer: Dis mo'olelo is not indicitive of ALL HPD officers - just dis one experience. While there are many HPD officers with attitude and a chip on their shoulder (as many have personally experienced), there are many more who do respect their job and duties of being a proud Honolulu Police Department officer - I personally know of quite a few. It's just a shame that we normally don't get to encounter da "good ones" wen we really need to.

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Doo-Doo, Ka-ka, Cha-Ching

April 16th, 2012

In this day and age of ever changing technology and advanced games, it's amazing to see someone invent a game/toy so simple and silly that you either crack up laughing or shake your head in disgust.

Naturally I cracked up laughing while shaking my head in disgust.

I couldn't believe someone invented a "game" like this and is making bank off of it.

[youtube PTzpQ6yHLH4]

Wassup Wit Dat!

Really, wat da heck is da point of da toy? All you "doo" is feed da dog and force da crap out of it, literally. It wasn't so much dat da toy squirted out da doo-doo - which I thought was frickin' hilarious - but da fact dat they used keiki and they acted like it was da newest ride at Disneyland. The game goes that the person who collects da most crap is da winnah - so is dat message of da future? He who takes da most crap is something to be?

Well, it is just a toy and I'm hoping there's an age minimum but I am really curious to know how the board meeting went when whoever came up with the idea had to pitch it:

"Anybody got any ideas for the next big thing?"
"Let's try and sell crap."
"You mean we aren't already?"
"Well, instead of creating something and hoping it's not crap, let's just straight up sell crap."

Have you seen any wacky toys out there? Have you bought one? Do you think it's an "age-appropriate" toy as shown by da keiki in da commercial?

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April 13th, 2012

Wat a difference half a day makes yeah?

I hope you've woken up to dis B-E-A-utiful morning today! Just riding into work today, it was one of those morning's you say to yourself, "Lucky we live Hawai'i".

Traffic was most excellent (no accidents that I know/heard of), da air was slightly crisp, da sun was blazing in all it's glory and da sky was beaming a magnificent blue.

Sorry but it's been a real hectic week getting all my tax stuff ready. Yeah, I'm one of those who tinks get plenty time but wondering why da heck it takes like a gazillion days just to get about two dozens pieces of papers ready. 🙄

I hope your tax season is rolling without a hitch and for those who stay on "Hawaiian time", we actually have two extra days since taxes are due on the 17th.... which only means we have two extra days to put things off. 😛

Have a grrrrrrrrrrreat Feel Good Friday everybodies and stay tuned for some overdue posts with some pictures that you might have nevah seen before.

Ok, they just regulah pictures but I gotta make you come back no?


Good Vigilantism?

April 10th, 2012

Let's get real for a moment.

We all live in the "real world", have to play by the "real" rules and if it doesn't happen to you, you really don't give a crap.

Ok, you might care but it doesn't really affect you as much as it would if something happened to someone you cared about.

In Hilo recently there was a perv who was using his camera phone attempting to video unsuspecting women using the bathroom. What kine of thrill you can get out of that who knows but this creep did it twice in one day within hours. He barely escaped the first encounter by flat out running away but the second time, not so lucky. I don't have a before picture but hea's da aftah picture:

Photo courtesy The Honolulu Star-Advertiser

Now the person who "detained" him is facing third-degree assault charges.....

Wassup Wit Dat!

Well, he did unleash fury but the perv was attempting to escape once again and could only be restrained physically - and I believe dat too!

I totally understand that it's "wrong" to go vigilante on anyone but when it's someone that's ohana, does that move the bar to more ok? The detainer was the girl's cousin's boyfriend (in Hawai'i, you know das ohana already) and I gotta give him props for stepping up.

Am I saying it's ok? Um, it depends how you look at it. Think about it. I mean reeeeaaaaaally think about it. If it was just anoddah incident, you might be disgusted or upset and let the law handle it but wat if it hits home? Wat if it was your mother, cousin, niece or heaven forbid your daughter?

I can't even say for certain how'd I react if I was just told that someone was trying to see my daughter naked and there he is. I probably turn into Usain Bolt to chase him down then go all BJ Penn up his okole.

But then again, it could have all changed if the person didn't resist being detained.

Now the cousin's boyfriend who braved detaining him (I say braved because you nevah know wat kine of wacko the perv could have been or if he was carrying a weapon) is/will/should be facing an assault charge. While I do not advocate chasing anyone down, the person was pointed out specifically by the 13 year old victim and was later found to have both videos still on his phone according to news reports.

From a nation so bound by laws, how is it that those who don't abide by them can have the most protection? Have the most leniency? We all can say, without certainty, that criminals tend to have the most "freedom". I mean c'mon, how many times can you commit multiple crimes, be convicted of them and still be out roaming free to chastise a next victim?

Sure our prisons are overcrowded but does that mean criminals are given carte blanche because their crime(s) are less severe? They sure know that they can because they keep getting released. I want to know what the magic number is to keep a criminal in prision? Is it 20 convictions? 30? 40? Just look at the criminals causing havoc and the news reports about them and how long their "records" are. Ai-goo. 🙄

I think I want to pitch a reality show to A&E, "Criminal Success - If you can't beat 'em, join 'em!" And judging from da throngs of "reality" shows out there, I know dis one can be my Mega-Millions..... if not, I'll just go on a free-99 five-fingah discount and take my own riches cause I know I won't be going to jail... at least on the first 13 offenses.

It'll be real interesting how these two cases pan out and which one will be getting the more "severe" punishment..... if any.

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