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Good Vigilantism?

April 10th, 2012

Let's get real for a moment.

We all live in the "real world", have to play by the "real" rules and if it doesn't happen to you, you really don't give a crap.

Ok, you might care but it doesn't really affect you as much as it would if something happened to someone you cared about.

In Hilo recently there was a perv who was using his camera phone attempting to video unsuspecting women using the bathroom. What kine of thrill you can get out of that who knows but this creep did it twice in one day within hours. He barely escaped the first encounter by flat out running away but the second time, not so lucky. I don't have a before picture but hea's da aftah picture:

Photo courtesy The Honolulu Star-Advertiser

Now the person who "detained" him is facing third-degree assault charges.....

Wassup Wit Dat!

Well, he did unleash fury but the perv was attempting to escape once again and could only be restrained physically - and I believe dat too!

I totally understand that it's "wrong" to go vigilante on anyone but when it's someone that's ohana, does that move the bar to more ok? The detainer was the girl's cousin's boyfriend (in Hawai'i, you know das ohana already) and I gotta give him props for stepping up.

Am I saying it's ok? Um, it depends how you look at it. Think about it. I mean reeeeaaaaaally think about it. If it was just anoddah incident, you might be disgusted or upset and let the law handle it but wat if it hits home? Wat if it was your mother, cousin, niece or heaven forbid your daughter?

I can't even say for certain how'd I react if I was just told that someone was trying to see my daughter naked and there he is. I probably turn into Usain Bolt to chase him down then go all BJ Penn up his okole.

But then again, it could have all changed if the person didn't resist being detained.

Now the cousin's boyfriend who braved detaining him (I say braved because you nevah know wat kine of wacko the perv could have been or if he was carrying a weapon) is/will/should be facing an assault charge. While I do not advocate chasing anyone down, the person was pointed out specifically by the 13 year old victim and was later found to have both videos still on his phone according to news reports.

From a nation so bound by laws, how is it that those who don't abide by them can have the most protection? Have the most leniency? We all can say, without certainty, that criminals tend to have the most "freedom". I mean c'mon, how many times can you commit multiple crimes, be convicted of them and still be out roaming free to chastise a next victim?

Sure our prisons are overcrowded but does that mean criminals are given carte blanche because their crime(s) are less severe? They sure know that they can because they keep getting released. I want to know what the magic number is to keep a criminal in prision? Is it 20 convictions? 30? 40? Just look at the criminals causing havoc and the news reports about them and how long their "records" are. Ai-goo. 🙄

I think I want to pitch a reality show to A&E, "Criminal Success - If you can't beat 'em, join 'em!" And judging from da throngs of "reality" shows out there, I know dis one can be my Mega-Millions..... if not, I'll just go on a free-99 five-fingah discount and take my own riches cause I know I won't be going to jail... at least on the first 13 offenses.

It'll be real interesting how these two cases pan out and which one will be getting the more "severe" punishment..... if any.

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21 Responses to “Good Vigilantism?”

  1. 9thIslandGirl:

    First? All I can say is if I caught somebody doing that to my daughter, the rage would not be caged. If my brother was with me, I'd tell him to give the guy what he deserved. I say a punch was warranted..no weapons used.

  2. Ocean Lover:

    "Assault? WHAT ASSAULT? When I held him waiting for the authorities, this guy kept TRIPPING and hitting his head on the ground. I kept TRYING TO HELP HIM but he kept HITTING HIS HEAD ON THE GROUND. I think he has an equilibrium problem or something" - Girl's Cousin's Boyfriend Twice Removed

    "Yeah.....dats what happened! I saw all this go down with my IPAD 5.....the one I lost" - OL

  3. M:

    What Assault? dat guy deserved to be busts up. da laws iz all messed up. they protect da criminals more den da innocent sometimes.

  4. innocent observer:

    we are a nation of laws and vigilantism is not condoned. You cannot commit a crime to stop a crime. however, because this is a very subjective area, it is likely the vigilantes will get off lightly. who said the application of the law is fair?

  5. che:

    You would think this would be a no brainer and yet I have heard of many more absurd cases that go to trial. What happened to common sense. No assault case here.

  6. Braddah Lance:


    And Da Quote of Da Day goes to you........
    A man will fight harder for his interests than for his rights.
    Napoleon Bonaparte

    ...I say a punch was warranted..no weapons used.

    Old school style!

    Ocean Lover:
    "Yeah.....dats what happened! I saw all this go down with my IPAD 5.....the one I lost" - OL


    What Assault? dat guy deserved to be busts up.

    Rogah dat... but more than likely only people who have daughters or directly involved will tink li'dat.

    da laws iz all messed up. they protect da criminals more den da innocent sometimes.

    Sometimes? I tink most of da time.

    innocent observer:

    E Komo Mai to WWD! innocent observer! We're glad you could drop in and share your mana'o! 😀

    we are a nation of laws and vigilantism is not condoned. You cannot commit a crime to stop a crime.

    And yet law enforcement encourages public assistance but not to get involved - how twisted is that? I do agree that vigilantism is/should not be condoned but when the victim hits home... how will one truly act? As far as committing a crime to stop a crime, I was just wondering if that's how the Good Samaritan Law came about. Does Hawaii even have such a law?

    however, because this is a very subjective area, it is likely the vigilantes will get off lightly. who said the application of the law is fair?

    I don't think vigilantes get off lightly. I think their "sentence" is much like criminals who get off "lightly". More probable a few years of probation and record comes clean if the vigilante stops acting on being a vigilante so should another crime happen in front of his eyes and people question why he didn't stop to help, he can answer, "the courts said so".

    You would think this would be a no brainer and yet I have heard of many more absurd cases that go to trial.

    I'm a Law & Order faithful and have seen the show exploit this gray area of law showing both sides and in every case, it's a head shaker.

    What happened to common sense. No assault case here.

    I hope it's not just a straight up beat down but a case where he was just trying to detain him and it got physical but we'll see what da "story" is. Although I'm sure for da victim, it was some sense of retribution.

  7. Lowtone123:

    If dat was my daughter and I caught da guy I would go off on him too. I think you cannot just put a lid on it and hold da guy till da cops come. Obviously if he died or ended up in a coma or someting das different but cannot rip da guy for being emotionally charged.

  8. Lowtone123:

    Hey sometimes you gotta hand down justice when the judicial system can't or won't.

  9. SASSY7:

    where I lived had a similar incident..BL...the keiki's went missing...the neighbors had them..and then when the poly family told the cuzzins...they when buss up the neighbors..needless to say..the men folks involved....(poly) all got jail time for bussing up the neighbors who said they were just taking care of the keiki's while the parents was too drunk to tend to them....the neighbors won the case after a civil suit....it really came down to white verses dark skin...it was bad all the way around...mind you in that neighborhood..the polys dont have a good repuation.....I know I would go crazy on the guy...but...in today's society...even if we want to...we need to let the law handle him...then tell all your braddas in the pen to hook the bradda up...you know what I mean!! lol...sorry...serious tho....let the law handle him...after restrainging the perp...not you...going be worst for your keiki if you in jail too!!!

  10. roach:


    I think da bugga just tripped and fell while being pursued by the alert citizen. The 3rd degree assault are bogus and should be dropped immediately.

  11. LRob69:

    If that was my child, I would go buck-wild on that perv.

    Would it be worth the assault charge? HELL YEAH!

  12. B:

    self defense all da way!!

  13. Ocean Lover:

    What about the "temporary insanity" defense for the (ahem) "restrainer"?

    "I don't know what happened your honor. I'm the peace loving type who does not condone violence of any sort or manner. When I saw this guy and what he did to my child I just BLACKED OUT and when I came to I found myself holding him for the authorities......I dunno how the guy's face got all rearranged."

  14. cojef:

    Braddah Lance really stirred a honest's nest on this one. Most of the responders seem to want ignore what happened to the creep. Emotionally charged rhetoric and fistcuffs are understandable, especially if your kin was the victim of the "perp". Agree with "innocent observer" that vigilantism in this day and age is not condoned. The belief of "an eye for an eye" is passe in a civil society. Beating a perp does not teach him a lesson and on that premise we are inhumane to beat crap out the perp. The law protects the innocent as well as the guilty in modern society. Have we as humans evolved for the better or are we still stagnating with the "hunter/gatherer mentality? I for one think not.

  15. hemajang:

    Look like he got a good work out. Not sure if the news clip I saw was the guy who "detained" him but reporter said he was a former martial arts/body builder. Man, the guy looked like he could take on BJ Penn. Anyway, in the interview he said something like "da guy needed a lesson." I understand there are assault charges against him but hopefully the judge and prosecutor will consider the circumstances and not be harsh.

    Maybe not the same but judge and prosecutors did not charge the Kahuku farmer who killed a thief on his property. Farmer said the thief was threatening him and shot in self defense. One knows very little detail from what you read in the news so it is hard to pass judgement on why some get jail time or nothing. Many times what you read or see in the news is only from limited perspective so difficult to say what exactly went on. Similarly the Traylon/Zimmerman story can be looked at from different angles and will be interesting to see how everything plays out.

    Yeah, I think beating the cr*p out of that perv is what most would do but at the expense of being charged for assault, I dunno. Definitely detain, if resist then I guess you gotta find stronger ways to subdue em until police arrive.

  16. sally:

    When the story first was told on the news, they showed this pic and said he was "roughed up" before the police came. I had to laugh in reaction, cuz you just know they really wanted to say "He got the cr@p beat outta him"!

  17. Scott:

    I agree with hemajang. If the man was strong enough to beat the guy this severly, then I can assume he would have the physical ability to detain him without beating him so badly. I know it was a sickening crime this perv committed, but it's not a green light for someone to commit this severe of an assault.

  18. Ocean Lover:

    Very interesting comments and I can understand both sides. When I first heard this story and saw the picture of the perv my immediate thought was "Wow.....dis guy got all bus up....I wonder if he can sue the guy dat busted him up?"

    All I knows is dat THERE IS A CONSEQUENCE FOR EVERY ACTION and we can debate till the moon freezes over on which is "right" or "wrong".

    Common sense shoulda told the guy "What if I get CAUGHT and what might happen?" But obviously dis perv doesn't have common sense.

  19. rayboyjr:

    ... hey Braddah Lance ... don't blame the laws ... blame the lawyers ...

    ... as hard as it is to believe sometimes ... the laws are there to protect the innocent ... it's the lawyers who find every loophole ... twist the intent of the laws ... reinterpret it's application ... to benefit even the perceived guilty people ...

    ... and let's face it ... many laws never have to be applied to the innocent ... because they don't break the laws ...

    ... too often ... it's the guilty who seek refuge and protection in the law ...

  20. Coconut Willy:

    Street Justice!...Hilo Style

  21. hawaiiobsessed:

    Has someone set up a defense fund for the "vigilante"? I'd be happy to contribute. If someone is caught doing something to kids, they should be "removed" from society immediately and without remorse.

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