Wassup Wit Dat!


April 13th, 2012

Wat a difference half a day makes yeah?

I hope you've woken up to dis B-E-A-utiful morning today! Just riding into work today, it was one of those morning's you say to yourself, "Lucky we live Hawai'i".

Traffic was most excellent (no accidents that I know/heard of), da air was slightly crisp, da sun was blazing in all it's glory and da sky was beaming a magnificent blue.

Sorry but it's been a real hectic week getting all my tax stuff ready. Yeah, I'm one of those who tinks get plenty time but wondering why da heck it takes like a gazillion days just to get about two dozens pieces of papers ready. 🙄

I hope your tax season is rolling without a hitch and for those who stay on "Hawaiian time", we actually have two extra days since taxes are due on the 17th.... which only means we have two extra days to put things off. 😛

Have a grrrrrrrrrrreat Feel Good Friday everybodies and stay tuned for some overdue posts with some pictures that you might have nevah seen before.

Ok, they just regulah pictures but I gotta make you come back no?


11 Responses to “Whoa....”

  1. Ocean Lover:

    FIRST!!!!!!! ......not like BL who's close to LAST with filing his taxes 😉

  2. Keoni:

    Second, but not last! 😆

  3. Kage:

    Happy Friday Everyone!

  4. Lowtone123:


  5. Ynaku:

    Fiveth And a happy Feel Guud Friday to you

  6. B:


    happy fgf everybodies!

  7. NKHEA:

    7th den

    Ynaku; DUCK

  8. cojef:

    CAn't make it this May to Waikiki, cuz cannot get oceanfront condo at the Ikikai. wahine sick since november last. We stay usually a month so this makes it hard. some mauka side avaiable but no like. was born across the road from sea about 300 yards maybe in Kapaa, K. miss the pounding surf noise. no can sleep without sound of sea. Lucky your paradise under foot.

  9. hemajang:

    Stay home today to finish up my taxes and work on parent's taxes. Almost pau and ready fo go. Going efile federal and mail in state, getting some refund, small kine. Major pain to get motivated as why take so long fo do. I'm all for flat tax if going make it simple and easy and fair for rich and poor. Not so bad now but befo also had to do kid's fafsa (free application for federal student aid) which forces to do your taxes early. One of my kid's now one accountant but audit kine so no help to me tax time.

    And after pau w/taxes gotta work on my mom's vet benefit DIC (Dependency and Indemnity Compensation) form, about 9 pages worth. Form similar to fafsa...major headache. Next week I can take it to the Tripler Vet Benefit office and hopefully don't have to wait 2 hours like the last time. I ready fo take a real vacation not vacation to work on taxes and federal forms...wwd!

  10. carokun:

    have a good weekend erry body! btw, today is the 2nd friday the 13th of the year. one more in july. 🙂

  11. WahiniJag:

    Omg bradda you discribe da weather soooooooooo good I can picture in my head,thanks so much,Missing my Home and Island Aloooooooooooo ha!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

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