Wassup Wit Dat!

You Still Got A Brick?

May 24th, 2012

In dis day and age, if you don't have a cell phone by now......

Wassup Wit Dat!

I vaguely remembah da stages of "personal" electronics and help me out if I missed something:

Brick phone
Alpha-numeric pager
Electronic Personal Organizer (was it called PDA or something li'dat?)
Flip Phone (no pun intended to da PI's out there)
Camera Phone
Who Can Make Da Smallest Phone
Who Can Make Da Slimmest Phone
Phones Dat Slide Out and get keyboard
Phones Dat Can Send Text
Phones Dat Can Go On Da Internet
"Smart Phones" which really combined everything above
Android Phones
Phones Dat Will Help You Pee

Ok, so no more any phone dat'll help you pee but was just checking to see if you was reading or not...... but I'll bet there'll be an app for dat soon enough. 😛

I'm guilty for owning most of da things up there. I remembah having a pager in high school although it nevah make sense cause you still had to find a pay phone to make da call but then we got smart and made up codes to avoid da anxiety of finding a phone.

You leave your phone numbah (yeah, we acutally memorized peoples phone numbahs back then) + "911" and you knew to call right away. Or maybe if you had asked a question like if your friend was going or not, leave your numbah + "1" for yes or "2" for no and stuff li'dat and then it got interesting wen you wen fo'get if it was 1 for yes or 1 for no. 😳

And then came da boom of cell phones wea before only had da bricks but now dat you had one pager, gotta add one phone to da arsenal but because there wasn't such a thing as unlimited minutes, you either gotta talk fast or be selective about wat numbah you going call back from da pager to da phone.

I nevah had one organizer but now dat I tink about it, I surah had CHOKE phones. I had da kine minature brick, then as it gradually got down in size I had to "upgrade" and then I remembah having da "newest" toy on da block wit one CAMERA on da flip phone! It was such da craze to be able to take a pic wit your phone.

And now I'm guilty of having one "smartphone" although da buggah not too smart if I gotta tell 'em wat fo' do yeah? And you evah wen notice dat as da phones got "smarter".... people got dumber? 😆

How many phones have you gone through? I swear I must of gone through about two dozen phones already. 😯 Are you guilty of going along with da times of portable personal technology? Did you have something your ohana or friends nevah have at da time? Wat you tink is coming out next?

In all honesty, I'm waiting for da hybrid of da tablet/phone to come to fruition. There are actually a few of them out right now with biggah screens than da current smartphones but still not a full blown tablet size which combines more of a computah aspect than a phone.

Funny yeah? Da "Brick" has come full circle. 😆

19 Responses to “You Still Got A Brick?”

  1. Ynaku:


  2. Ynaku:

    Yeah I just made a brick 😆 I mean I had all of the above except for da pee one. Um try wait....what's the topic again?

  3. Ynaku:

    That pager thing kinda crazy cause, you don't know who calling until we finally got the alpha numeric ones. Yep high tech at the time

  4. dihudfan:

    me too... had most of them... does dropping your cel in the toilet, count as a phone that makes you pee??? and da buggah still wen work after drying out...

  5. Lowtone123:

    How 'bout an app to go git you wan beer (a real beer, not an ibeer)?

  6. TChahng:

    Didn't have all those but had to buy a new one each time I moved. I moved to Seoul, bought two to keep up with the technology, and I wen learn to text in Hangeul! Den wen move to Okinawa, had to buy a new one with a mobettah camera, neva learned to text in Japanese, but took nice kine pictures. Den wen move back home and bought a DroidX. Time fo upgrade arreddeh. 😛

  7. M:

    Howzit BL,
    I just got one smart phone not long ago, i had dat flip phone foe evah. Just wanted a phone to make and recieve calls but now get one smart phone i stay texting and going on line la dat.

  8. kamaaina808:

    I have a brick. o.O

  9. cojef:

    2 stubborn n 2 cheap to by cell phone until maybe 5 years ago. bought the cheepest with minimum time. only need fo in case auto mishap and call wife wen in costco and separated or in MACY'S, she ladies and me in man's dept. Now have only prepaid cell phone no smart phone. Yes have I-Pad2, but not able to use with SA so use laptop. wanna trade I-pad for newer buggah. disply mo shiny dan wat I got. maybe get mo memori to 32G, only 18 now. use I-Pad with free apps only, public library e-reader books, pandora fre music, and you-tube music free.

  10. B:

    yep. had most of those too. get smart phone now but da problem is i not to smart. jam up.

  11. snow:

    never had a pager and never had a brick. i didn't drive so i didn't really see the need for a brick... heck, is that supposed to fit in my purse? yagottabekiddingme! 🙄

    i just got a iphone for mother's day... yay! so far, i love it! well, it helps that my former not-so-smart phone had problems answering calls! so, my standards are kind of low! lol. i think this is maybe my 10th phone? i dunno. i get attached and like to keep them until they die. 😉

  12. wafan:

    3rd phone but the first one to make me feel mo lolo.

  13. 9thIslandGirl:

    For the longest time I had only the motorola flip phone that could only make calls. I could text if I did the abc thing. Finally my good friend told me, ”GET A NEW PHONE!” So I got an android and I love it!

  14. Coconut Willy:

    Wish I kept my brick. (For nostalgia sake)

  15. hemajang:

    get one samsung galaxy s II, good smat phone but battery life junk. Like the big screen but kinda awkward holding. The samsung s III coming soon and suppose to the ferrari of android phones but will probably wait until those dreaded 2 year contract is over before considering the latest and greatest. Smat phones are great...get camera, gps, da web, apps and games to waste your time away.

  16. Kage:

    I have an android for about 9 months now. Love it. I held out as long as I could for the right phone. then they do away with the unlimited plans...bah.

    Think this is my 4th or 5th phone.
    I went through 3 pagers before giving up that mode of communications.

  17. DIO:

    BL: You mixed up "Electronic Personal Organizer" and PDA. PDA was the term that applied to things like the Palm Pilot and others. Electronic Personal Organizers were the things that were the generation before the Palm Pilot and others. I still have a Palm OS device (not working), and 2 electronic organizers (both Sharp brand) that need batteries. Thankfully, the batteries are easy to find (either AA or AAA size). Hilariously, one of the organizers has a fax/modem attachment. Hook that baby up and look out!! I think it runs at a blazingly fast 9600 baud. 😆

    You also missed beepers. Remember them? They didn't do anything but beep. No text message to display, no phone number displayed, just beep.

  18. DIO:

    Oh, I forgot to answer the question. I think I'm on my 3rd phone now. Had to buy the 2nd phone to replace the first one, since the volume on the first one wasn't working right. People used to think that I NKHEA 'cause I would always ask them to repeat themselves over and over again 😆

    I stopped being able to use the 2nd phone when I switch cell phone companies. So, overall, it's been 3 phones in 13-14 years. Not bad eh?

  19. kamaaina808:

    i forgot to answer the questions, too!

    Started with a pager, probably have had only 5 different models of phones. Stuck w/Nextel until this day - hence, I still have a brick. 😛 It looks like Sprint is going to boot us Nextel users off the networks next year, so i'll be looking for another company to make rich. 😐

    I would like to see a blue-tooth compatible phone/ipod watch. Yep.

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