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Remember Those Who Sacrificed The Most

May 28th, 2012

Today, let's remember those who aren't able to be here. Today, let's make sure that - at least for one day - we reflect on those who sacrificed the most to allow us to have the most coveted feeling in the universe: freedom.

I'd like to reshare a blog that I wrote a couple years ago. It took an extremely long time to compose as I did not want to disrespect one of the greatest standing treasures in United States history and I hope I did it justice.

It was also an offer by long time Kwonic, NEO, that I should come by and visit - Mahalos for that.


While it may be a "holiday" for most of us, let's not forget that it's a holiday that many have given with the most precious sacrifice of all: life.

As we all enjoy the day off, if you got one, take a moment to reflect on the great armed force members of the United States. It doesn't have to be a full on tribute, but take the time to just embrace the true reason of the day as you carry on with your BBQ, beach outing or ohana time. Give them a nod, hold open a door or just a shaka to show your appreciation.

Mahalo to all those who have served and still serving. There aren't any words or gestures that can ever amount to the thanks we owe to those that have sacrificed with their life but Mahalo is the highest civilian salute we can ever give... besides our shaka.


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8 Responses to “Remember Those Who Sacrificed The Most”

  1. sally:

    I remember this post well. You take really great pics, BL! And yes, the Mighty Mo is a tour well worth taking. I'm jealous you got to have NEO as your guide.

  2. dihudfan:

    well written!! thank you to all that sacrificed for our great nation!!!

  3. wafan:

    For sure cannot forget the sacrifices made on our behalf.

    Well done and thanks, BL!

  4. M:

    Guud morning BL!

  5. B:

    always...always in our thoughts and prayers.

  6. cojef:

    Served 2 hitches in the Army during WWII, myself. My 2nd oldest brother is also a WWII veteran, while my youngest served in the Korean War. Our family has been blessed in that we all survived. Thus my thoughts and heart go out the families who have lost loved one, while in the service of Our Country. God Bless them all.

  7. hemajang:

    Nowadays its difficult to understand why many enlist and risk their lives fighting wars politicians deem necessary to protect our global interests. There was a spike in patriotic enlistment after 911 but think the military not been meeting their quotas lately. Not sure what the incentives are but I’m sure it affords an opportunity for many who are looking for a better job, an education, retirement benefits, stability and excitement. Patriotism is probably secondary. Pop volunteered, along with several thousand niseis after the bombing of Pearl Harbor by Japan. They felt haji and wanted to prove their citizenship and loyalty to the United States. He fought with valor, awarded a Bronze Star and was a POW in Germany. Myself, got drafted, kicking and screaming going in but served in nam, and was a good soldier in a bad situation. Like Iraq, our involvement in Viet Nam is questionable...lives lost and maimed is a heavy price to pay for political decisions based on flawed information. It’s complicated. In any case, soldiers deserve our respect and we should honor the fallen in conflicts and wars.

  8. carokun:

    Thank you to all veterans! 🙂

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