Wassup Wit Dat!


May 31st, 2012

I going say right off da bat dat dis mo'olelo is long but I cut it down as much as I could. ๐Ÿ˜ฏ

Dis past Saturday I went looking for a repair shop to fix my weed wacker.

A little background first. I have a propane fueled 4 stroke weed wacker that has been problematic aftah a year and a half of owning it (second one already) but actually only used half a dozen times. Naturally it breaks down AFTAH da warranty expired but I've been in contact with "customer service" working with them trying to find a solution. Needless to say dat they are clueless for a solution even with all da product reviews complaining about da same problem. I finally decided to try and get it fixed locally.

Da fun is just beginning.

Aftah doing some searching on weed wacker repair shops in my area - and also seeing the shop several times from the road - I decided on stopping by the Small Engine Clinic on Kamehameha Hwy near Best Buy. It's a typical workshop with an open floor layout and a counter in da back. No one was in da shop as I approached da counter and noticed a "boy" sitting at a desk talking on da phone facing da wall. He turned and looked up - we made eye contact - so I knew that he'd come help once he was done.

At least das wat I thought.

Aftah standing for about five minutes burning a hole through his head with my stare, I began to realize dat he wasn't interested in a "customer" at all. His phone call must have been of a personal nature as he started using hand gestures (as if da person he was talking to could see) and was heavily involved in his conversation not minding me at all. Then I noticed no cord and obviously he was on his cell.

Being as patient as I could be, I began to pace to show him that I was still there and walked back and forth trying to see if anyone else was in da shop. A'ole. There was someone upstairs in da office shuffling papers but didn't bother to look down either as another seven or eight minutes passed. I checked back in on da boy and he could care less dat I've been looking for help da past 12 minutes. He looked my way again but still went on continuing on with his "important" call not showing any courtesy to say "I'll be right there" or "please wait".

Aftah a few more minutes, I walked out shaking my head in disbelief.

Wassup Wit Dat!

I'm not surah if anyone else has been to the Small Engine Clinic but I'm definitely not evah going there again.

I decided to check out anoddah place called Aloha Power Equipment right on da corner of Nimitz and Sand Island Access Road since they specialize in yard and small engine equipment. I walk in and wait my turn but then a stock boy comes up from da side and asks if I needed anything.

BL: Just got a question. You guys do repair work on weed wackers right?
Stock Boy: *Nods*
BL: Wat about propane weed wackers?
Stock Boy: Uh...... *walks ovah to da cashier* We fix propane week wackers or wat?
Cashier: No. They make weed wackers that run on propane? I never heard of that.
BL: Yeah, it's an earth friendly concept to help the environment plus you no need deal with da hassle of oil/gas mixture and long term storage.
Cashier: Oh. No, sorry. We only do gas.
BL: Mahalos. Do you know anybody else dat works on weed wackers?
Cashier: No, sorry. *BL starts to walk out* Wait, try Small Engine Clinic in Pearl City.
BL: I just came from there. *BL shares da morning mo'olelo*
Stock Boy & Cashier: *LAUGHS hard!*
Cashier: Yeah, I heard some stuff about them.
BL: Yeah, they suck. I just walked out and showed my "aloha". Mahalos again.
Cashier: Sorry.
BL: No worries. Mahalos.

As I jump in da truck and wait for Da Wife to strap in Da Baby, da Cashier comes out and flags me down. He said he'd check with his mechanic to see wat they could do or if he'd have any suggestions.

I'm in shock.

A few minutes latah da mechanic comes out from his shop about 20 yards away and inspects da weed wacker. It was probably more out of curiosity than anything but he took a once ovah and realized it was pretty much like a gas weed wacker but designed to run on propane. He said he needed his tools so instead of him coming back all dat way, I followed him carrying da weed wacker.

He asked for da symptoms, checked da spark plug and then checked for spark in da weed wacker itself to make surah da bugah was able to run in which it did. He did all he could but concluded dat it was probably da regulator not feeding da carb and because it was a propane component, they weren't able to dig deeper. Da City would fine them $25k if they did. *** Oh frickin' boy do I have a mo'olelo for you about City Government latah!!! ***

Da whole time he was checking things out, we were talking story - along with a second mechanic - and he was genuinely concerned about trying to get the weed wacker to work even though it wasn't an Aloha Power Equipment issue nor equipment sold by them. He then suggested to check out Airgas Gaspro on Dillingham since they specialize in propane and they'd be able to test da regulator.

WOW! Wat an awesome guy yeah? And how's da staff at Aloha Power Equipment on da corner of Nimitz and Sand Island Access Road? Yeah, das an unsolicited plug for them. ๐Ÿ˜€

A HUGE MAHALOS to mechanic AL cause wat's been taking da manufacturer (Lehr) literally years to figgah out, mechanic AL did in 15 minutes. (WWD!) Mahalos to da Cashier as well for stepping up and helping out even though da problem wasn't his. Both of them showed da extra mile and ALOHA dat we so much lack in dis world.

CHOTTO-MATTE-KUDASAI! (Try wait... in Japanese)

Now da real "fun" begins.

Once I get to Gaspro, there's a good handful of people in there and I stand in line which is moving like H1 at rush hour. Da Wife takes Da Baby to walk in da store since she's been strapped in da truck for a couple of hours and not more than 10 minutes latah we both hear da truck alarm go off.

She comes ovah, hands me da keys and takes my place in line. I notice noboby/nothing around da truck as I exit Gaspro but wen I get to da lot I see a faded maroonish Explorer with stickahs all ovah da tailgate and a towing ball hitch blocking da license plate leaving turning onto Dillingham. I walk around da truck closely inspecting it cause da alarm would only go off on impact and dis is wat I saw:

From WWD!

Take a closer look? See da vertical black scratch by da edge of da tail light and da area I smudged to feel da oddah scratches? Yeah, it may appear to be minor scratches but it dug deep through to da primer.

I know it was dat frickin' faded maroon Explorer! Wat you going do wen da buggah dig out li'dat eh?

Wassap Wit Dat!

Well da Airgas Gaspro guy was nice but he couldn't help out with da weed wacker cause they don't have da equipment to test out da small fittings but he too agreed dat if it wasn't working, it was probably da regulator. Too bad they don't carry it nor have any parts for it so I had to go back to da manufacturer. Ai-goo. ๐Ÿ™„ Das how they get 'cha! ๐Ÿ˜ก

Anyways, aftah getting home latah in da evening, I took a closer look at da damage.

From WWD!

Notice anything? I did! My tail lamp casing is cracked! Try look at da bottom part of da clear lens. It's cracked straight through right to left. AAAAARRRRGGGHH!

Then dis..............

From WWD!

My lower rear fender is crumpled!


I mean seriously! Who da heck would back up into anoddah vehicle and just dig out? I know da kine guys without insurance or maybe DUI kine but wouldn't da guilt get you? But c'mon, you can't tell me you didn't feel a "bump" and didn't hear an alarm blaring immediately aftah?!? Aren't there people who care any more or take responsibility or *gulp* admit fault? Are there any people left with morals and ethics? Geez!

Surah I could have called da cops but wat for? They no can catch 'em and if they did, da low-life's can deny evah being at Gaspro. Dat would have wasted HPD's time cause I cannot say for certain it was da faded Maroon Explorer even though I know it was. Surah I can go through insurance but I still responsible for da deductible which would probably break even in cost but only make my insurance go up.

In any case, it sucks not having anything to do with anything but yet end up da one paying for it. I not only got a broken weed wacker but now a broken truck.

Classic............ WWD!........ how you going ack?

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22 Responses to “Unfrickinreal”

  1. carokun:

    oh boy - get this one, my friend was VOLUNTEERING at Kuakiki and someone hit his car and took off, no note, nothing! ๐Ÿ™ WWD!

  2. snow:

    first, small engine clinic. my husband took something there to be repaired and, after hearing nothing from them after a week and a half, he called to followup. they said they couldn't repair it... uh, duh... after you've had it a week and a half, you don't even call back and let him know? so, he went to pick it up... and he has to remind them to give him back his deposit! my husband said the same... "never again!"

    second, WWD!?! those people who hit your car... the nerve of them! some people just have no class. ๐Ÿ™„

  3. zzzzzz:

    I think there's a lawnmower repair shop on Lehua Av, across from Lehua Elementary, and another one in town by the Humane Society. But I don't know if they fix propane stuff.

    I bought an electric weed whacker about 15 years ago and it still works (but I probably only use it a couple times a year). I think they cost about $40.

  4. hawaiiobsessed:

    that sucks. Except for the guys at Aloha power equipment! ๐Ÿ™‚ How do the other shops stay in business?!

    Hopefully karma will get the truck smasher. Really sucks for you tho. Sorry!

  5. Lowtone123:

    No worry braddah Lance, its gonna come around fo dem. Wit dis blog and wit social media outlets like yelp dey losin business as we speak. I used to work in the area in da late 80's and dey used to be very busy. Git one reason why wen you went dea was empty, right?

  6. cojef:

    Braddah Lance, sometime it's not worth get up in the morning. The situation was like when it rains, it pours, no kan stop. wun troble afta anadah. go pupule maybe. but wait the bad guy will get his akua dey.

  7. melolo:

    Harold's Lawn Mower Repair
    2717 Waialae Avenue, Honolulu, HI 96826
    (808) 946-3777 โ€Ž

    Call and ask him. They been in business forever. Across the Human Society. I think you can park by the bakery just before the shop. No can miss, they get all the lawnmowers lined up outside. I believe they do the repairs for Ace Hardware on Waialae. Anyway, nice guy who knows his stuff.

  8. hemajang:

    Propane weed whacker...wea you get dat? I can imagine getting service would be a problem. Same thing with hybrid and electric cars, you basically forced to go to the dealer for service and pay the bucks. Never went to Small Engine Clinic but Aloha Power Equipment is a good place to buy and for service. I bought a Echo line trimmer there, good friendly service, guy even gave me a discount after talking story awhile about our common interests.

  9. B:

    WWD! wats up wit all da drivers nowadays anyways? no can understand.

    get one guy doing small engine repairs at the self storage in mapunapuna. i go try get the name and numba.

  10. Coconut Willy:

    Try Waipahu Lawn Equipment. I know the owner Terrance. He's a real good guy.

    I've been the victim of hit and bag a few times before. Very frustrating and maddening.

  11. sally:

    Small Engine Clinic: BL, you should post a story on FB and let us all "share" it. How you think everybody knows about my "Lehua in Customer Service at Safeway Kapahulu" story? And yes, I told Safeway Corporate in my email that my story went on FB AND all the blogs I participate in. They can take that to mean any darn (hahaha "darn") way they want!

  12. 2B:

    Brah.....I hope mines one won't have the same problem as yours one get.

  13. sally:

    Likewise, shoot out a Chee Huuu for Aloha Power Equipment same way.

    As for hit 'n run... I donno what fo' say, I still have no response from HPD on mine since November. And remember... they have the license plate and witness! WWD to da max!

  14. wafan:

    Yup. Customer service. Getting harder to find any sort of decent customer service. I have a three week curriculum for that. Maybe that can be my new career once I leave the classroom! Work as a customer service consultant! From what I see there will be lots of work available.

    A few years back I was shopping at the local Korean store. As I walked out to put the goodies in my car the guy on the opposite side of the lot backed up and put his towing hitch into my front grill and radiator. I was looking right at the driver and I know he saw me. Anyhow, coolant and broken parts all over the place. The guy stops looks in his mirror and takes off. I did manage to write the license number and truck description.

    The lady in the store offered me the use of the store phone but refused to act as a witness to the hit and run. I think she knew the clown. In the end, the police did find him and ticketed him for hit-and-run. Best part was my insurance company went after his company so I ended up not paying a single cent for all the repairs, towing, and rental car.

    Karma is a female dog!

    That lolo that nailed your 1st baby (your current 3rd love?) will have to answer, eventually, to a higher power. No worry! Sucks to be him in the final interview.

  15. M:

    Howzit BL,

    I feel your pain. Your day wen start bad at Small engine Clinic and just wen go get worser.

    Someone hit my daughters car while parked too and wiped out the right rear quarter panel and drove off.

  16. dihudfan:

    one of those days, again... some people no mo class, they goin get theirs eventually, too bad they cause problems fo you... same thing happened to me, but nevah see the car that side swiped my car... I wuz playin' softball... bachi to them!! main thing you and your family nevah get hurt!! good luck to you!

  17. 9thIslandGirl:

    Aw...that sucks. Nice that you had an example of excellent customer service right after the example ofโ€ how to lose all your customers and p*** them off at the same time.โ€

    I agree that those kine people going get theirs.

  18. bigislandkurt:

    May that maroon explorer blow a head gasket sometime soon. Nothing pleases the karma gods more than water in the oil.

  19. M:

    Guud morning BL!

  20. M:

    Howzit BL!

  21. Toekinam:

    Dangnavit! What a horrible day that was, so sorry you had to go thru that. Nonetheless, it is what it is, Sometimes the people out there really are inconsiderate and there's nothing anyone can do to change that. Next time, park far away from vehicles, screw the weed wacker and do it by hand! There will be better days for you, take the fam bam to the beach and relax =)

  22. king katonk:

    Hey BL,
    Sorry to hear about your truck. BTW - I just sent an email to your gmail account. Check your junk mail for an aol message. Let me know if you received it. Also, do you have Uncle Rodney's email?

    Hope you'll have a good week.


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