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Hoping It Skips A Generation

May 18th, 2012

No mattah wat kine of parent you are, there just some things you hope (wish) would skip a generation.

It's moreso wishful thinking only because da very thing you hope your keiki doesn't inherit - good or bad - is probably wat makes you unique.

For all Da WWD! Hui dat has been along for da ride, they know dat I'm da self proclaimed king of WWD! moments as if I was bait on a hook..... you know eventually going get one bite. I just hope my "luck" doesn't transfer to Da Baby as Da Wife always says to me, "it only happens to you".

At "Eat The Street" last week, as we were waiting for our $10-half-a-musubi, Da Baby was minding her own business grinding away on her Mexican chocolate ice cream wen all of a sudden......... BAM! A Chinee FOB slammed into da back side of our stroller!

Wassup Wit Dat!

I was on da side near da front making surah Da Baby wasn't making too much of a mess wen I felt da jolt and watched Da Baby whiplash. I quickly checked Da Baby out then stood up to see WTF just happened and in a Chinee accent - already walking away pushing a stroller of his own - he says "sorry" without batting an eye or even asking if Da Baby was ok.

The impact was significant enough dat da people who witnessed it had a total blank look on their faces wit their jaws dropped curiously looking to see if I was going to call da braddah out as I must of had da "Korean stink-eye" action going on.

There was so much room around us and everybody waiting for their own $10-half-a-musubi was spaced out so dat people - and strollers - could walk around I couldn't even imagine how, why or wat da braddah was tinking. On top of dat, his stroller was a monstah! It wasn't a jogging stroller but it had hugemongous tires and wider than normal so you would figgah he'd be more aware of his surroundings while driving dat thing.

Before I could really comprehend wat da heck just happened, a couple of girls a few feet away were shaking their heads talking to each oddah and one of them said, "it's just like hitting a parked car".

They saw dat I heard them and we all shared in a good laugh.

Luckily, Da Baby was fine but Da Wife gave me a look and said, "see, it only happens to you and now it's already starting with our daughter. Way to go Dad."

Dat was da good one. Da bad one happened on da way back to da truck. Yeah, da same night.

We had to park a bit aways in the residential area about three big blocks down and as we got near the truck, we began crossing da street in a MARKED crosswalk on da main road by the Kaiser Clinic. Da Wife was walking ahead of us and already on da sidewalk as Da Baby and I just passed da halfway mark wen I noticed a truck not slowing down. I stared it down as I picked up da pace and da fricka still nevah slow down.

I know for a fact he had already seen us because instead of slowing down, he just decided to drive on da wrong side of da road and go around us as I yelled at him to slow down. Well, not in those exact words as dis is a PG-rated blog.

Wassup Wit Dat!!!!

Needless to say, we're au' good but I certainly hope da WWD! moments aren't inheritable..... at least those bad ones.

Have a grrrrrrrreat Feel Good Friday everybodies!

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Leave Your Appetite.... Bring Your Kala

May 15th, 2012

On Saturday for a pre-Mother's Day request, Da Wife wanted to check out "Eat The Street" hosted at the Tony Group Autoplex in Waipio.

If you've nevah heard of "Eat The Street", it's basically a venue showcasing an evah growing - and popular - scene of food trucks that gather in a pre-determined location and setup shop. It's not your ordinary food trucks as well as each truck actually has their own "identity" - and loyal followers - serving up their unique specialties trying to win your opu ovah.

While the whole scene of "Eat The Street" promotes our local food trucks, they certainly don't discriminate if you don't have wheels as there were more than a handful dat "roughed" it out promoting their own grindz undah pop up tents.

Once in awhile "Eat The Street" also promotes "themed" nights as well showcasing things such as bacon, ethnic specific and tomato-fest nights to name a few so it's interesting to see who/wat comes ready to show off their creations. Dis particular night it was just a regulah night with only 30 vendors. Yeah, a regulah night. 😛

Da Wife and I have NEVAH been to "Eat The Street" but we've always wanted to attend. We've heard great things about it and because it really helps our local economy, it's something we both have no reservations about supporting. Also adding to da mix was some awesome local entertainment by Kalaeloa, Nesian Nine and BET and best yet, da whole event was FREE to attend!

Keep dat in mind...... free to attend.

But most importantly, we live in Hawai'i and da one thing kama'aina peeps - especially me - LOVE is to do is pound some ono-licious grindz!

Check out some of da pics in between da times we were stuffing our face. 😀

From WWD! Food

I was actually really surprised to see how many tables and seats were set up. They even had da standing bar type tables as well which I tink is cool at dis kine event. Granted there was no way in heck dat it would have sat everybody who attened but it was a great touch nonetheless.

From WWD! Food

Once inside, dis is wat it opened up to - food trucks as far as da eye can see. Sorry some of da pics are washed out. Da lolo dat I am didn't bother to check my camera settings but they get bettah, I promise. 🙄

From WWD! Food

It was a perfect day for ice cream! But I resisted for some real grindz first. I love dat da ice cream "truck" was old school.

From WWD! Food

We had to B-line it to a pot pie truck (sorry, didn't get da name) for Da Wife's co-workahs as they swear it's da best and because they sell out quick. Dis truck was next to it and I kinda wish we had tried dis one called "Simply Ono". It was on da pricey side but da food did look ono with pipikaula, spicy tuna and mac and cheese.

From WWD! Food

Aftah picking up da pies, we turned around to an evah growing mob. 😯

From WWD! Food

Da Wife was in da mood for some authentic tacos so she decided on "Xtreme Tacos" by Ignacio.

From WWD! Food

We couldn't decide wat we wanted so we just did wat any hungry person would do.... we ordered da sampler!

From WWD! Food

Dis one is called Falaco which is a Mediterranean style falafel.... don't ask me wat da heck dat means.

From WWD! Food

I tink dis was da smoked chicken taco marinated in a chipotle sauce.

From WWD! Food

Dis was da shrimp ceviche with lime juice and guacamole. If you like a a little bit of bite, then dis taco is da one for you!

From WWD! Food

Da shredded beef taco with onions, garlic and chiles. I can't believe I didn't take da pic of da last taco which was of da bbq pulled pork taco with cilantro coleslaw.

From WWD! Food

Coming into da Autoplex took some time as da line stretched all da way down da on ramp. We went into da oddah entrance down by Goodyear and then behind Costco's loading dock saving us at least 15-20 minutes of waiting. 😀

From WWD! Food

Wat really happens in da truck...... stays in da truck.

From WWD! Food

Still hungry, we were on da prowl and I didn't get a chance to check out dis burgah at "Local Stop" but it definitely sounds like a heart attack waiting to happen and I'm usually always in da mood for a heart attack.

From WWD! Food

"Triple J's" made an lumpia-like creation called goonz which he stuffed with your choice of spicy crab, buffalo dawg, ribeye steak or some bacon thingy but at $3 for ONE, uh, no tanks. He also had cheesesteaks which I thought looked ono but for $12, I expect to barely see da bun. I passed on dat too.

From WWD! Food

We followed our noses - and da crowd - to "Guava Smoked" wea we really couldn't decide wat to get cause any kine of smoked bbq is winnahs.

From WWD! Food

We ended up getting da smoked pork and fried rice. Da pork was pretty ono and it had a sweet and distinct smokey flavah which I liked. It actually tasted like kal-bi because of da sweet/smoke combination but wasn't ovah done. Da fried rice was a little bland and could have used a "sauce" or something but still carried their smoked flavah. You like da rubbah slippah doilies? 😛

From WWD! Food

Da Wife had heard about da "Everything Tastes Better Fried" truck so we made it our last stop of da evening even though da line snaked out like we were waiting to ride Thunder Mountain in Disneyland.

From WWD! Food

Tell me dat doesn't look ono! Da fan favorite was already sold out and it wasn't even dark yet. 😯

From WWD! Food

Da wait was so frickin' long to place an order and then even longah to get it (for a musubi mind you) dat we decided to get some ice cream while they harvested da rice in Japan. 🙄 Like I said, it was a terrific day for ice cream as it wasn't overwhelmingly hot and steady trade winds made it bearable. "OnoPops" showcased some really funky flavahs which caught our eye but we settled on Mexican chocolate so da Da Baby could enjoy some.

From WWD! Food

Don't take our word for it if it was ono or not but das da look of kanack attack waiting to happen.

From WWD! Food

Can you tell braddah was going to enjoy his grindz? I didn't even realize till aftah I was looking through da pics at home dat he was eating da fried musubi and it must have been really good cause his two oddah friends had 'em as well.

From WWD! Food

We ended getting da Spicy "Bomb" Musubi (since da spam ran out) which came with three chicken wings as well. Da spicy tuna was pretty ono but they could have put more than a teaspoon considering it was nearly $10 AND they only gave you HALF da musubi! It wasn't even da whole thing.... Wassup Wit Dat!. No way da three chicken wings made up da diffeence but it was pretty tasty as well.

"Eat The Street" is a terrific concept and wat a great avenue to showcase creative food fusion by our own local talent! It's a hoolaulea of grindz but don't expect to get full at any one truck and definitely don't expect your wallet to be on Jenny Craig as it'll be coming out of liposuction in about an hour.

It almost seemed like the vendors were price gouging and I'm not even 1% certain but I don't think they pay rent if they're in a food truck but even if they do, it can't be a damaging amount which makes me a bit confused to the above average menu pricing.

Oddah than not being able to kanack and hoping for da next pay check to come sooner, "Eat The Street" is a wonderful event which I hope will continue for as long as it's able. The food is fresh, interesting and really different. It's an event to be shared with either ohana or friends as its atmosphere promotes an open, relaxing and festive mood.

If there are a couple of suggestions I can make is one, bring a small cooler with water/soda to save - then spend - on da grindz. You can also use it to store leftovahs or take home food. Two, change your mindset to enjoy da multitude of food rather than going to get stuffed and you'll enjoy your time there immensely.

For future "Eat The Street" dates and information, check out as well as for events - especially food - happening in Hawaii.

So hea's da breakdown:


Five Shakas and a Howzit!

Da weather couldn't have been bettah and da vibe was just right for a fun night out. If you enjoy "good" crowds then you won't mind da "Eat The Street" crowd. If you enjoy people watching as well then dis is an EXCELLENT event to attend.


Two Shakas and Go Figgah

Like I mentioned earlier, unless you got a fat wallet, you ain't getting fat for da amount of dough you'd be dropping. You'd have to go to several trucks to get your fill. Da Wife and I dropped close to $50 for da both of us and you saw wat we got: 5 mini tacos, fried rice, some smoked pork, HALF a musubi, three chicken wings and a popsicle.


Four Shakas and an Au'right!

You gotta check out "Eat The Street" at least once before it's too late. Go with a bunch of friends and spend some time talking story and checking things out. Dare each oddah to try something different but most of all, have fun. They say nothing brings people together more than food, then "Eat The Street" has got you covered.

Happy Mother's Day!

May 12th, 2012

Wishing all Da WWD! Hui Mother's a great Mother's Day!

Hope you, yours, your great and great great Mother's have a wonderful day of relaxation and "reward". It truly shouldn't be just a single day that those you gave birth to treat you bettah but at least you'll have a day dat we have to literally kiss okole and finally listen without grumbling! 😛

So wat's your plans today/tonight? Got any Mother's Day traditions you'd like to share? Any out of da ordinary moments?

Happy Mother's Day!

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But You Live In Hawai'i

May 10th, 2012

Da oddah day, some of my co-workers and I were taking a break and talking story about something that lead to breakfast foods, that led to the best breakfast foods, that led to a restaurant, that led to anoddah restaurant, that led to a hotel, that led to more food, that led to ahi, that led to the ocean, that led to ocean activities.

I was sharing my mo'olelo's about surfing and encountering au' kines of sea life from turtles to whales to dolphins. There were sting rays, flying fish and of course, sharks. Many sharks. I've had sharks come as close as ten feet (without me knowing till I saw it 😯 ) and one even in a set I was just about to catch!

One of my co-workers then said, "that's why I don't like the water".

Huh? Really? But we live in Hawai'i. ❓

I'm always amazed by how many people live in Hawai'i - an island surrounded by ocean - that don't know how to swim.

Wassup Wit Dat!

Seriously, unless you live in Makua Cave or up da Koolau's, you have to had at da very least been to da beach for a luau or get together of sorts.... right? If you haven't, nothing against you, but are you an albino?

Not knowing how to swim in this state is shmall kine shame - imho - because.... we're SURROUNDED BY WATAH!

Das jus' like ordering a loco moco wit no gravy (wassamattah you!) or deep frying a Grade A ahi (you on crack or wat?) or *gulp* wearing slippahs in da hale (oh heeelllllz no!).

Some things in Hawai'i we gotta "know" how to do and I truly believe swimming should be one of 'em. Now you don't have to know how to do a freestyle or backstroke but you should at da bare minimum know how to tread watah.

Then it got me thinking a bit more about being a keiki. *Sorry Uncle Rod, going MLC action ovah hea*

Besides playing sports and activities, wat kine else did we have to know or learn growing up dat we "all" should have? Naturally, we all grew up with different cultures and in different communities and I'm curious to see wat you "had" to learn.

We all say da same thing at one time or anoddah about something you learned dat you tink "everybody" would know, "Wat? How come you don't know? Fo' realz? EVERYBODY I know knows how."

Off da top of my head I had to learn to swim (I love da watah since I could remembah), ride bicycle (had to get from hea to dea), skateboard (wen had flat tire had to get from hea to dea), rollerblades (wen had flat tire and skateboard broke to get from hea to dea), catch da Bus (wen everything broke and I had to go some place far), sew a button (cause my mommy said so) and make peanut buttah/jelly sandwich (cause my tummy said so). There's a ton of oddah stuff but I no can tink right now.

Maybe there's something you know dat I don't. 😉

*** Fo' realz, I'll get to replying back to da past few blogs and I got a few "reviews" lined up as well. ***

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Who's Out There...... Lurking

May 8th, 2012

Every once in awhile, I gotta ask...... Who da heck is out there?

Granted I've been more than a little behind in posting and responding but WWD! v2.0 has been interesting to say da least because of the sporadic reprise.

I truly have no idea who reads dis dribble.

Back in da day, I used to be able to run upstairs and someone from the Newsroom would drop some stats on me regarding the number hits WWD! has gotten. Da sad part is (for me 😥 ), from da literally tens of THOUSANDS of hits WWD! garners monthly, only a handful brave da internet bravado and share their mana'o.

WWD! v2.0 is not as big as it once was but at one point wen WWD! began, comments left averaged up to 50+ (we've even hit 100+ on many occasions) with a majority of it coming from unique posters which I though was SUPAH cool. It was great for everyone, not just myself, to interact and share as dat is wat WWD! is all about.

I do have da faithful daily readers who post responses frequently who we call da "Kwonics" (it's a play on words with my last name to da word Chronic which a WWD! reader had coined for us) since they need their daily fix of WWD!.

Then we got da "Lanceformers" who have come out of hiding and post once in a great while reading frequently who pick and choose when to drop in.

And of course, wat would WWD! be without da infamous "Lurkahs". These are da part of da WWD! Hui dat only lurk behind their computahs and no like share.

Wassup Wit Dat!

Nah, they au'ight. They usually too scared to post cause da internet get plenny wacko's and they don't know if they going piss someone off but chillax peoples, if you've read WWD! for awhile, you know dat it's au' good hea. We keep it respectful and civil - most times - and da WWD! Hui is no ka oi in that regards.

Surah, most people read wen they at work and no have "time" to post which is au'ight with me but if you can, we'd love to know dat there are actual living breathing people out there instead of those computah hackers trying to spread spam.

Drop in and say 'Wassup' or say watevah you like but let us know you out there.

Or should da real question be, who no scared post? 😯

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