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Still Hea

June 26th, 2012

Howzit Howzit!

So sorry for all the breaks in between blogs but I've been swamped (wat's new? 🙄 ) especially da past couple of weeks with a lot of crazy stuff happening hea, dea, everywea!

Is dat wat happens wen you makule, get keiki, go work, get side jobs, coach baseball, go to meetings and gotta put up one blog? At least das wat I remembah from just yesterday alone. 😆 😥

But nevah fear, I have a "life-saving" blog up latah tonight so check back then please.... and I swear I working on replies tonight too. 😀

No joke.

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13 Responses to “Still Hea”

  1. Ocean Lover:


    Welcome to "Married with Family" life BL.

  2. M:

    Howzit BL!
    no need to worry, we all busy too.

  3. cojef:

    Gota to feed the keiki and wahine, so busy, busy all da time. No rest for wicked, ole saying, but i no kan si how it applies wen you take care of the ohana. Too bad i no stay up for late edition, makule go to bed early.

  4. snow:

    no worries BL! we don't remember when your last post was anyhow... MLC, remember? 😉

  5. Ynaku:

    Oh Brah I going be SUPAH BUSY After tomorrow. I going be Retarded Retiree 😆 I going still be check in....after my wife leave fo work 😀

  6. Kage:

    I neva know you was not posting... I was supa busy too.
    No worries.

  7. Lowtone123:

    I was talking to my wife da odda day and was remebering da days when I would drop in on her after I was done at work to help her in her class (she is a teacher). Cleaning, repairing broken equiptment, painting and setting up or taking down decorations and posters, organizing and filing paperwork. Stayed weeknights sometimes till 9-10pm and weekends too. I asked her if she could imagine doing that now with 3 kids. Answer was a resounding no. Before kids get all da time in da world. Now wit kids seems like no'mo enuff time to git everyting done. Parents git to be experts in prioritizing. I remember when we used to decorate the classroom at Christmastime (including tree) and many of the other major holidays. Now just got time to get through the work stuff as the requirements of students and teachers have gone up.

  8. NKHEA:

    Yeah yeah.........same old story.......just admit it already you getting old and no can handle 😆 mo betta change da name of the blog to "Betta Late Den Neva" :mrgreen:

  9. Ynaku:

    DUCK NKHEA Hey I like that new name

  10. dihudfan:

    dats life......

  11. Keoni:

    Hey, give BL a break! Every one knows he stay on Hawaiian time!

  12. GA Bows:

    It's called being a parent!

  13. rayboyjr:

    😎 Good Morning Everyone!!! 😎

    ... hey Braddah Lance ... I tink planny of us still hea too ... 'cept dat we no mo time fo post like befo ... so we jus read da stuff like one lurkah again ... damn I fohget how fo rite pidgin already ... my brain stay crampin' ...

    ... anyway ... yeah, where has our time gone??? ... we're all busy busy busy ... but has the quality of our lives gotten better??? ... man, that's debatable ... I always find myself longing for the life the way it was not that long ago ... but I know I'm dreaming ...

    ... Take It Easy Everyone!!! ...

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