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Pupule Pics

June 30th, 2012

Since there hasn't been a Feel Good Friday blog for choke long time, I thought I'd put together some random pics I collected. It made me tink dat while da mainland peeps get some wacky and funny pics, we get our fair share and hea are some dat I was lucky enough to randomly capture. If you got some - any kine - pics you like share, no shame send 'em to me fo post if you like and of course, da more pupule or WWD! kine, da mo' bettah.


Remembah da once in a lifetime astronomical viewing of Venus crossing da Sun? Hea it is. Ok, so it's not even remotely close but someone at work had a tinted viewer and I only had my phone camera. At least I can say I saw it - and I really did see da pinhole dot on da sun - and it won't happen again till the year 2117.

Why did da chicken cross da road?

Cause da drive-thru was so damn long!

No even ask me wat da heck or why da heck............ but it was cool to look at!

Hea's da parking kahuna of da week!

Really? Floor 6.5? I was cracking up dat there was actually a floor numbah by halves! 😆 I mean really, is a garage dat confusing? There weren't even stalls on da ".5" floors - WWD!

Da Baby gets all shy wen da camera comes out so wen I took dis pic, I was still surprised to catch her wit her Ms.Diva full on pose kine action still going on. Wat a ham! 😆

11 Responses to “Pupule Pics”

  1. GA Bows:

    Nice pics BL, I hope you're enjoying the weekend.

  2. dihudfan:

    good pics... have a good one

  3. sally:

    LIKE! Da Baby get da fashionista stance! You gotta take another pic like this when she's 20, wearing heels.

  4. DIO:

    Ok, I gotta say, WWD! When I think of "Da Baby" I think of an actual baby, you know the kind that's only a few months old. You know the kind, can't walk, can't stand, and certainly can't make all Diva pose (or is that, Tita pose? 😉 I swear, I gotta get back there sometime soon for Triad Party, otherwise the next thing I hear is, "Da Baby going to her Senior Prom tonight."

  5. DIO:

    That parking lot photo reminds me of one of the buildings at HCC. One of the buildings on campus had elevators that stopped on the half floors. If I remember correctly, it went 3 1/2, 5 1/2, 7 1/2. It sounds strange at first, but it was pretty efficient working that way. Instead of taking a longer amount of time going floor by floor, the elevator stopped on the half floors. Then, people got out of the elevator and either walked up a half flight of stairs (to get to the 4th floor), or down a half flight to get to the 3rd floor. For those with mobility issues, they had access to an elevator inside the building, through the library, that stopped on the "full" floors: 1,2,3,4, etc.

  6. wafan:


  7. L10pc:

    Hey BL,
    Was that chicken at the McD's by the T.J.Max's in Pearl City? I remember seeing a chicken sitting on the manhole cover in the middle of all those plants in the drive thru a couple months back. Guess she get one family now too! 🙂

  8. M:

    Guud morning BL!

  9. cojef:

    Cute keiki, Lance, enjoy while you can. After she matures you may not be able, hope not. The pic about the double parked car reminds me of a Porsche doing the same thing in a bank parking lot. A disgruntled guy driving a beat up car after circling the lot about 3 times squeezed next to the Porsche and then proceeded to kick his door against the Porsche. Wow a long gash was seen after the guy pulled out. Several days later was driving in my neighborhood and saw another Porsched parked and don't know if it was the same car, but it had a big gash on the driver side. The 1st incident was on the passenger side. The moral is never use 2 parking slots, there are many hu-hu guys who will dent your car.

  10. M:

    Howzit BL!
    Happy FGT!

  11. 9thIslandGirl:

    I'm worth DIo! The baby doesn't look like a baby anymore! So fast!

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