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Keeping Count

June 14th, 2012

Last night Da Wife and I went to meet a new addition to da world and as we were talking story, I looked around and there were three married couples with one keiki each. One just born, one three months and ours which is 21 months old today.

Then they all looked at both Da Wife and I then asked, "when's the next one?"

Wassup Wit Dat!

Well, I guess that's the fact of life right? Have one, get anoddah. For Da Wife and I, we do want anoddah but it's tough with just one right now. One couple in da room is split wea one wants but da oddah doesn' and da one who just gave birth doesn't even want to think about it right now.

Then it got me thinking.... how many keiki is da "norm"? I always thought it was two - or more - and growing up it was li'dat as well as I knew many siblings of friends.

But nowadays da trend has been to downsize in people but upsize in material things, I guess.

Hea's some random facts from da world wide web. Now I didn't want to get full on technical so before anyone gets all hu-hu, da "numbahs" below could/may be recent or years ago and I just pulled random stuff from a quick search on Google not citing any one site in particular except da Census Bureau. 😀

* A shock to me. According to da 2010 Census Bureau, da average child per household is 1. Well, .94 to be exact.

* Half the homes in the US own 3 or more tvs.

* Most homes have 2 bathrooms

* They say an average two person household owns 2 cars and 3 if you have children.

* There are an average of 2 computers per home.

* Average number of shoes for men is 10 or less. 😯

* Average number of shoes for "mature" working women is 25-40. 😯 😯

Ok, there was no shock really in da last one. 😛

So wat say you? Are you "average"? Wat else is an "average" numbah?

Simple Today

June 12th, 2012

It's been an extremely long week for me and I'm still decompressing. No, not detoxing.

There was a ton of stuff that just came up and it was one of those weeks wea one thing just piled on top of anoddah thing and then wat was Red Hill turned into da Koolau's.

Wassup Wit Dat!

We've all been there and done dat and there's only so much dat can happen (do) in a 24 hour period..... for a whole week. 😯 And I still gotta get back to replying. 🙄

But a simple blog today to keep things easy. Answer, no answer, watevahs. Best yet, add your own and let's keep it going! 😀 Hea we go........

Chicken katsu or Mochiko chicken?
Gravy all? (Including da mac salad)
Diamond Head or Koko Head?
Kickball or Dodgeball?
Sand or Grass? (no, not dat kine grass)?
Fingah foods or Fingah lickin' foods?
Slurpee or Icee?
Green salad or Mac Salad?

Wat else you got?

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