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Free Shirt.... But You Gotta Earn It

July 23rd, 2012

Howzit Howzit!

Just wanted to share how you can score a free t-shirt!

But you gotta earn it.

And gotta register by da end of today cause I stay rolling on Hawaiian time and nevah commit till just now. 😳

Register for the American Heart Association Heart Walk (click da link) and show up for da walk on Aug.11th which starts at 7:30am and pick up your shirt at the registration booth which opens at 6:30am.

You can choose to do either a 1-mile loop of Kapiolani Park or run a 4.5-mile circuit of Diamond Head and strollers are allowed so you know we'll be there! 😀

Click hea American Heart Association Heart Walk to register and did I mention dat it's free? Both da t-shirt (if you register and attend da walk) and da walk itself are free! Now wea da heck you going get free stuff and help your body at da same time?

Just a heads up though dat wen you register for da walk (look for da "JOIN OUR TEAM" button on da right), da form kinda looks like you gotta donate but you don't have to - any donation is a SEPARATE link/page from da walk itself so no panic out like you have to. It's a plain and simple registration and yes, I do have my "own" page to help gather donations but more on dat latah.... like latah tonight so check back eh?

If you no can score da free t-shirt or attend da walk, check out tonight's blog on how you can help out da Wassup Wit Dat! Hui fundraising effort!

So no fo'get, register for da walk and/or check out tonight's blog on how you can be part of da WWD! team...... and score more "free stuff".

No joke..... F-R-E-E!

4 Responses to “Free Shirt.... But You Gotta Earn It”

  1. M:

    Howzit BL!


  2. duffer:

    Eh BL, what about us Maui guys?

  3. kamaaina808:

    Ah, shoots. I signed up with Rehab Hospital of the Pacific already - hope you folks have a good time! 🙂

  4. cojef:

    Oops, live on the mainland and no can kokua. Sorry about that, further with sciatica problems, use cane and gave up golf almost 3 years ago. Like the community spirit though. Mahalo

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