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Creature Of Habit

August 30th, 2012

No mattah how many times I tell myself to try something different, unless I'm traveling, I tend not to. I guess it's cause most times than not every time I do, I either don't enjoy it or am disappointed by it somehow. And then of course it's always compared to da good old' stand-by dat I'd always get anyways.

Last night, Da Wife and I both got home late and was too tired to do any type of cooking and naturally decided to go back out and pick something up.

Da Wife: I don't feel like cooking, can you pick something up?
BL: Surah. Wat you like?
Da Wife: I don't care. What do you want?
BL: Watevahs.
Da Wife: What do you feel like eating?
BL: (same conversation all da time so I changed dis up) You wanna eat Daiichi?
Da Wife: No.
BL: 🙄 (rolling my eyes big time! I thought she said she didn't care??) Ok 'den.... I feel like Subways but I know you no like.... wat about L&L?
Da Wife: Ok. (picking up da phone to call in) What do you want from there?
BL: Same thing.

It's always da same places: L&L, Subways or Daiichi with McDonald's always being a fallback choice. Then there are da times we feel for something just a bit different and will venture to Kapiolani Coffee Shop, Chun Wah Kam or Panda's. Da Wife is one dat no like da kine same thing all da time so she choose something different most times but no mattah wat place we choose, it's always da same for me no mattah wat.

L&L - it's da chicken katsu curry, all brown rice, curry all ovah.
Subways - watevah is da $6 footlong sub of da month on honey oat, all da veggies extra tomatoes, pepperjack cheese, no oil/vinegar, salt and peppah.
Daiichi - combo mini miso udon, curry rice and chicken katsu.
McDonald's - It's a coin flip for either da grilled chicken or da angus deluxe sandwich, no mayo with a diet coke add two lemons.
Kapiolani Coffee Shop - I no get nothing cause they charge too much and give too little but I only order da chop steak and I really dunno why cause da meat is tough and fo' some reason I always get da chopped fat instead of meat. (Wassup Wit Dat!)
Chun Wah Kam - hea's da only place I may try something different but it's only cause they run out of stuff but da first choice is always half chow fun/half chow mein, garlic chicken and spicy eggplant.
Panda's - almost da same thing half chow fun/half chow mein, orange chicken and spicy eggplant.

No mattah wat da place and no mattah how many times I've tried different things, I always end back to da same thing. Da funniest WWD! moment is wen you'd stand in front of da menu staring and reading at all da choices, contemplating wat you like or wat you like try different, get to da cashier still glaring at da menu, stuttering "uh, uh" and then ordering wat you always order anyways.

Wassup Wit Dat! 😆

Wat's your regulah fall back place for grind when you no like cook? Do you always get da same thing? Does your conversation with whomevah is picking up da grindz da same - "Yeah, just get me da same thing" or "You know wat I always get." Have you tried to order something different or is it too much of a shock? If you evah ventured out of your comfort zone, have you been disappointed or have you been converted to a "new" choice?

And no, lie. You one of those dat mutter to yourself standing behind those "uh, uh" people, "just order already!" yeah? 😛

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Traffic Control

August 28th, 2012

Evah since school started, da presence of solo bike officers are more visible than evah which is why they've been created. From the Honolulu Police Department website:

The Traffic Division is responsible for three major functions:
•traffic control and enforcement

The Solo Motorcycle Detail that is tasked with facilitating normal traffic flow, especially during peak morning and afternoon hours.

I've noticed in particular, could be da time of day I leave/come home from work, dat they've been tagging for speeding and parking in "unfamiliar" spots. C'mon, we all "know" more or less wea they "hide" and yet people still zoom by until it's too late but now they've been changing it up.

But wat is speeding?

Wen I leave for work, people average about 65+ mph and actually faster wen it's pau hana until they hit da normal slow down areas. For me personally, I don't have a problem with "speeding" per se but I have a problem wit those who tink they in da Indy 500 or if they're running out of time playing Frogger.

Realistically, unless you driving an aging Datsun, da vehicles on da road today have more than enough capability to handle "freeway" speeds which I've come to observe is really between 60-70mph.

So wen does one get tagged for speeding? Going 5mph ovah? 10? 20?

I nevah speed unnecessarily (fo' realz, even on da bike), I don't weave through traffic and I certainly don't race. Dis morning, I would say dat I was going about 62mph with vehicles going a little faster than me but none of us was "tagged".

Were we not speeding (going ovah da 55mph speed limit)? Was it ok dat it wasn't too fast or was it dat da flow of traffic was even? But yet I hear through da grapevine dat some get pulled ovah for going barely 5mph ovah and going wit da "flow of traffic" is not an excusable excuse.

And you know wat? There was a car pool violator right behind me but was he pulled ovah? A'ole.

Wassup Wit Dat!

Call me a prick but I really don't like da fact dat these numbnuts always violate da car pool lane restrictions and get away with it more times than not. And I certainly don't like da fact dat da zip lane has opened up for only two occupants instead of da three minimum. Evah since they did dat, I've nevah gone back to da zip lane and I actually get to work a few minutes fastah cause people no realize dat you only got one lane and are dependent on how well da person ahead of you drives cause you no can change lanes. Plus wen da zip lane is now "ovah" capacity, it's worse than driving in da regulah lanes. 😆

And seriously, I guess people figgah, "eh, I drive by myself in da car pool lane so now I can drive by myself in da zip lane!" And yeah, I've been seeing more people do dat... I guess they still don't know how to count no mattah wat lane they stay in!

I'd like to suggest to da powers dat be to install cameras or allow people to photograph these violators since on da car pool sign it says "citation by mail" - but who has evah received a citation by mail except wen da Van Cams were around?

HPD's main cop out (pun intended)? It'll slow down traffic at a time dat requires traffic to be smooth as possible.

But wat a bettah time to punish these jerks? Surah da rest of da law abiding world will have to suffer in slowing traffic but wat a bettah punishment than to have a thousand eyes rubbah necking to see who da f@#% is holding up traffic? And then da Hawaiian salt on da wound, a hefty fine to boot as well!

Wat is it dat we always say? You learn by your mistakes but you'll only remembah it should da consequence be memerable.... except for da habitual criminal or someone oblivious to society.

Tink about it. I would say about 80% of people on da road during rush hour are "respectable" people so if you get busted for speeding, you tink you going speed again? Well, probably but at least not for a long while.

I say pull people ovah and make everybody all pissed off cause guess wat? Da more people are pissed off - and if there are a million of 'em - da less likely there would be of these punks breaking da rules of da road since everyone would be making noise for da City Officials to hear. But da law makers, da police all say da same thing - how are they to enforce it? By just doing your damn job especially wen it's da constant blatant offenses!

Surah no can catch everybody or catch everything but if da means of enforcement is there, why not use it? At da very least for da car pool violators since da citiation can be sent by mail.

If we, da people, gotta suffer while you do your job, then wouldn't you tink dat da more we suffer, da more vigilant we would be? Or if even they no like pull 'em ovah, equip HPD vehicles/bikes with cameras to take stills so wen they pass by, they'd have pics of da occupants and their license plate. They not going hold up traffic, they just gotta ride behind da vehicle then on da side and viola! Money for da City! Garans ball-barens can definitely fund da program in a mattah of weeks.

I guess until then, everybody no chance 'em speeding!

But get chance in da car pool lane.

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Supposed To Be Safe

August 24th, 2012

Wouldn't you think that riding a school bus is one of the safest modes of transportation?

Well not from the three bus drivers I witnessed in two days.

On Tuesday, a school bus operated by Ground Transportation thought he was too good for traffic - or one of da keiki riding da bus had to go bathroom - cause instead of crawling in pau hana traffic like the rest of the population, he decided to take the Pali Hwy cut off heading Ewa bound and make an illegal left turn.

Click hea fo' see da location if you're unfamiliar

Now imagine that the left lane is bumper to bumper from vehicles coming from Punchbowl Street - if you haven't taken the Pali Hwy cut off before, it's a "free-flowing" lane - ...... until a huge a$$ bus decides to plop itself stopped at the very last foot of road, trying to force its way in making an illegal left turn. The cars behind stop suddenly as they have no other option but to wait while the Punchbowl vehicles are screaming to themselves, "no let 'em in!"

Wassup Wit Dat!

Well, I'm pretty sure it wasn't as G-rated as that.

Then yesterday, heading Ewa bound from the Vineyard on ramp
(Click hea to see da location), a Kamehameha School Bus does the same with the exception that it isn't an illegal turn but it's one of those situations that you're not supposed to "cut in line". She bulls her way in anyways as her other counterparts have done the same a few moments ago and then does so again at a - imho - a very dangerous part of the freeway.

Click hea to see where

She not only made the traffic behind her slow down, she actually crossed the solid line to change lanes cause she nevah like wait a few more car lengths! What gets me is that she literally had way more than enough time and space to have changed lanes safely prior to that and everyone that has driven that stretch of H1 knows that!

In the same ride home, I get on the viaduct and traveling sixty-something mph while I noticed a short school bus way ahead. Now I'm traveling a good clip - going along with the flow of traffic - but the funny thing is that I wasn't catching up to the school bus. Logic just tells me that the school bus was going 70+! When I finally catch up to the Tomasa School Bus, I couldn't tell if it was handicapped keiki or not.

Now I dunno about you, but when I witness the very drivers that we entrust our keiki's lives to travel with showing such recklessness, I can't help but wondah, WTF?!

Seriously, was there going to be a bonus at the drop off if they got there at a certain time? Was there someone in an emergency situation? Did they have carte blanche about not following the laws of the road or safety for others?

And you wonder why these habits get passed on and get worse by generation. You got a bus full of keiki witnessing - and being part of - first hand, probably every single day, the very essence of rule breaking without consequence. And totally shame on you bus drivers for constantly perpetuating that! I witnessed three separate bus company driver's putting keiki at risk so it's not like it's just one company. How would you feel if you saw your son/daughter/niece/nephew riding in a vehicle like that? What if that turn you decided to take so late cause you nevah like wait in traffic caught a vehicle behind off guard? A lot of people could/would have been injured.

I'm disgusted that adults who should definitely know better - while having tremendous responsibility to drive safe - would commit such dangerous acts. I still can't believe it's a school bus full of keiki that are being put into these situations and while I have not witnessed or heard of any tragic accidents, at this rate, there's bound to be one. Granted there are many many other drivers who take more pride and responsibility about their driving skills, but considering it's school time and these buses are more visible than ever, they should be way more diligent.

Instead of shopping for a new Tacoma, I should invest in a school bus....... cause no one going stop me and I definitely no like wait in line during traffic.

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Wat Do You Prefer?

August 23rd, 2012

Just curious.... no situational kine, just wat do like mo' bettah or would be your first choice? And not fo' be sexually discrimantory, da wahine options stay in parentheses but no buss' my olo's cause I dunno wat da heck wahine get choices in cause all us guys are trained just to say "yes, Babe" right? 😉 😆

Shorts (skirt) or pants (dress)?
Slippahs (sandals) or shoes (heels)?
T-shirt or Aloha/Polo (blouse)?
Plate lunch or sandwich?
Mac salad or Green salad?
Ahi or Aku?
Kalua or Char siu?
Baked or steamed manapua?
Coffee or tea?
Sun or shade?
Hike or surf?
Text or call?
Email or text?
Loud fut or silent fut?

And da bonus winnah winnah chicken katsu dinnah question is...........

Rail or SupahFerry?

You know how we roll. Answer one, some, all or none but it's always interesting to see wat people come up with. And no shame add your own as I'll make surah to chime in if you do. 😀


Duh... If I Knew That

August 21st, 2012

Last night I was on my way out to meet someone when I couldn't find da truck keys. I looked for about ten minutes tossing and turning things over but couldn't find it.

And da classic conversation ensues:

BL: BABE! You seen da truck keys?
Da Wife: The what?
Da Wife: Where'd you last put it?
BL: 🙄

Wassup Wit Dat!

How come it's always li'dat yeah? Someone always gotta ask, "wea you wen put 'em last?" Really, if we knew wea we wen leave 'em last, would we be in dis predicament?

Naturally I try to retrace my steps:

Come home, move da truck, move da bike, let Da Dog out, check da mail, pick up Da Dog's doo-doo, wipe down Da Dog, walk through da garage, look for stuff on da dining table, send a quick email, exercise, start making kim chee.

So I ended up taking da bike to meet dis guy but he nevah recognize at first cause I told him I was coming in da truck. Ai-goo.

I come home and go back and forth through my steps but nada. I tear threw da garage like a hurricane, I rip threw da dining table like one tornado then I start to go shmall kine nuts like da SupahFerry. I check inside da truck, on da bike, around Da Baby's toys - a'ole.

Wea da buggah stay?!?

I go back to making kim chee still trying to trace my steps since I already tossed and turned practically everything in da house. So I figgah I get da spare keys for Da Wife to use da next day.......

Geez, now wea da spare keys stay?? Dis really sucks okole!

Finally aftah midnight it hits me..... walk outside to da rock wall and there it is. Sitting pretty on top of da mail dat I put down so I could pick up da doo-doo.

Damn dog!

Don't you hate wen dat happens? Wen it's so easy yet so stupid. 😳

Have you evah gone pupule looking for something? Have you evah been sooooo sure dat it was in one area only latah to find out you was totally off? Isn't dat "conversation" so funny dat it makes you mad?

Now wea did I leave dat key clapper?

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