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Finish Dis......

September 27th, 2012

If only I.......................

Christmas in July

September 25th, 2012

Well it ain't July and it certainly isn't Christmas but as da elevator doors opened going up to da 3rd floor of Pearl Ridge Macy's I instinctively exclaimed,

"Oh hellllll no - Wassup Wit Dat!"

Da Wife just rolled her eyes at me and told me to keep moving as she knows all to well my boycotting policy of any/all stores dat has Christmas decorations or items out well before Thanksgiving. I forgot where I seen a full blown Christmas display last month - obviously it wasn't a store I go to often - but I didn't have any cameras at da time so I wasn't able to take a pic of dat.

Macy's is notorious for getting their Christmas stuff up hellah early and I know it's all about generating sales but seriously? Christmas in August and September? All together now...........

Wassup Wit Dat!

I actually have loosen my "code" on boycotting da last couple of years as it was really becoming a losing effort but if any store is going to put up Christmas stuff dis early, at da very least, put up da seasonal themes of da current ones as well.

For instance, da Target in Salt Lake has a small section for Christmas stuff against da wall stuffed in a corner - not in da main aisles - which I thought was pretty cool especially cause they had a WHOLE section dedicated to Halloween stuff! They had props, costumes, candy of course and just everything Halloween smack dab in da main aisle and then some.

Sorry, totally forgot to take a pic of their display (will do next time though) cause I was in shock from da Christmas stuff again. 🙄

I know some no care about stores doing "Christmas" early but let me ask you dis, do you go up to people in the month of June - or any oddah month besides December - saying, "where's your Christmas spirit?"

Just food for thought.

Anyways, in dis day and age of technology and every phone having a camera on it - if you no more, wassamattah you? - send me your pics of "Christmas" stores to boycott but even bettah yet, if you see a store dat has da "current" seasonal stuff happening, send me those to post!

Yeah, now you got homework. 😆

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September 22nd, 2012

It was a difficult game to watch tonight and I'm surah playing in it wasn't fun either. We had our chances but it almost seemed like Hawai'i players had their feet in quick sand and hands covered in oil. We weren't able to keep up wit Nevada's speed personnel, we couldn't catch da ball even wit two hands touching it and we certainly couldn't make fundamental tackles.

Wassup Wit Dat!

It was our first home conference game and it was painful to watch for da most part and while it's a "rebuilding" year, I didn't expect us to get pounded li'dat in da second half. Let da Monday quarterbacking begin.

But for now, I going grab a beer and sleep dis one off.

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Size Don't Matter

September 20th, 2012

MrK, who has officially become a Kwonic on WWD! 😀 , brought up on a few occasions dat "size" mattahs. For example, in road rage stink eye wat-boddah-you kine moments, if da drivah was on da scrawnier side, you'd be more prone to act out a response rather than say facing a 6'0" 240lb person.

While size certainly mattahs - speaking about confrontations of course 😉 😉 - in my personal experiences, I have to say it's based more on fight or flight mode and your background pertaining to it.

Let me explain.

Growing up in Salt Lake, I've had my share of witnessing fights - and being in them as well - and each time it was a mattah of "survival" and establishing yourself. While most have gone through their lives without having been in a fight, those who have - won and/or lost - have gained an experience(s) dat will forevah be in them. You learn to gauge yourself and your capabilities and wat you're made of.

I've always had a passion for playing football and being 5 foot nothing, 100 and nothing and playing middle linebacker, I've had to prove myself every season from elementary through high school. It was nevah enough being captain every year as opponents who don't know me always sized me up looking for an easy target until I hit 'em up like a mack truck.

So for me, you could say I'm a fighter first and size doens't mattah to me cause I've always been da "smaller" guy but to a certain extent, I'm not going to pick a fight with a 300lb person unnecessarily, I'll still have da mind set to speak my peace should da situation call for it and not be afraid to do it.

He also went on to mention dat if you don't do it all da time, why do it at all?

For me, it's all about da situation. Surah you wanna be "consistent" but like everyone says, you pick and choose your battles. For some, it's more about making it right rather than "letting it go" and your experiences will dictate your actions... or at least your irk-ness about da situation will. But in each unique situation, it'll most definitely depend on your mood. Yeah, your mood.

Sometimes you feel more tantaran (or tarantaran, depending how you learned it) or maybe you're having a crappy day or maybe even a super terrific day, your reaction will be based on dat as well. Naturally, if you're not doing so good, you'll be more prone to say wat's really on your mind but if you're in a cheery mood, da situation will seem very manini and "not worth it".

And with all dat being said, it's basically boils down to if you want to get your okole kicked or if you can kick some okole since any type of confrontation can/will/generally leads to some kine of altercation. And THAT is da reason why I believe some just don't want to make - or point out - a wrong to make it a right.

So it's not just a mattah of being consistent or size for da mattah, but it's a combination of experience, tolerance, present mood and whether you can literally back yourself up. As all da WWD! readers have read, I've had fight and flight moments and I'm speculating it would be different if I grew up in a more affluent neighborhood.... or was at least 6'3".

Wat are your thoughts about "size"?

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Don't Ask, Don't Tell

September 18th, 2012

Well, I'm asking - just some curiousity questions really.

Wen Da Wife and I were looking to buy a home years ago, we looked all ovah and considered a few things: price, work commute, community and ohana.

Town - and da surrounding areas - would have great considering da work commute would have been hands down a breeze but we nevah like condos or apartments. I wanted da Salt Lake/Moanalua area cause I wanted our future keiki (nevah have wen we was looking for a home) to go to Salt Lake Elementary (to build some "character") and then to Moanalua High (da bestest public private school). Ok, so I'm a little biased there. 😛

I know, I know.... Wassup Wit Dat!

But considering da prices at dat time, it was outrageous to plunk down $500k+ for an itty bitty condo/apartment plus monthly maintenance fees and then with a baseline of $750k+ in da Salt Lake/Moanalua area we really couldn't afford anything in both locations.

We looked in Pearl City but da homes for sale at da time were a bit run down and we both agreed Ewa and Mililani was suicide cause of da bottle necks during rush hour although da homes were newer and more affordable. We weighed sanity ovah wasting hours everyday in traffic.... we chose to be sane.

While we considered affordable living by staying in da truck (just joking but not), luckily, Da Wife's family lot was eventually offered to us in Pearl City so we ended up buying it. It's a very convenient location close to grocery shopping and da malls also. It's close enough to both our friends and ohana which was a plus and I guess Pearl City High isn't so bad. 🙄 😆

So I gotta ask, whether you rent or own, how did you come about your living location? Was it mainly da price? Did you sacrifice anything to live there like friends, commuting time or convenience? How long is your commute to work? If you were able to move right now, wea would you go?

Especially now wit da interest rates at all time lows, maybe moving isn't so bad..... or at least renovating to build a real man-cave sounds extremely awesome right now. 😛

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