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Size Don't Matter

September 20th, 2012

MrK, who has officially become a Kwonic on WWD! 😀 , brought up on a few occasions dat "size" mattahs. For example, in road rage stink eye wat-boddah-you kine moments, if da drivah was on da scrawnier side, you'd be more prone to act out a response rather than say facing a 6'0" 240lb person.

While size certainly mattahs - speaking about confrontations of course 😉 😉 - in my personal experiences, I have to say it's based more on fight or flight mode and your background pertaining to it.

Let me explain.

Growing up in Salt Lake, I've had my share of witnessing fights - and being in them as well - and each time it was a mattah of "survival" and establishing yourself. While most have gone through their lives without having been in a fight, those who have - won and/or lost - have gained an experience(s) dat will forevah be in them. You learn to gauge yourself and your capabilities and wat you're made of.

I've always had a passion for playing football and being 5 foot nothing, 100 and nothing and playing middle linebacker, I've had to prove myself every season from elementary through high school. It was nevah enough being captain every year as opponents who don't know me always sized me up looking for an easy target until I hit 'em up like a mack truck.

So for me, you could say I'm a fighter first and size doens't mattah to me cause I've always been da "smaller" guy but to a certain extent, I'm not going to pick a fight with a 300lb person unnecessarily, I'll still have da mind set to speak my peace should da situation call for it and not be afraid to do it.

He also went on to mention dat if you don't do it all da time, why do it at all?

For me, it's all about da situation. Surah you wanna be "consistent" but like everyone says, you pick and choose your battles. For some, it's more about making it right rather than "letting it go" and your experiences will dictate your actions... or at least your irk-ness about da situation will. But in each unique situation, it'll most definitely depend on your mood. Yeah, your mood.

Sometimes you feel more tantaran (or tarantaran, depending how you learned it) or maybe you're having a crappy day or maybe even a super terrific day, your reaction will be based on dat as well. Naturally, if you're not doing so good, you'll be more prone to say wat's really on your mind but if you're in a cheery mood, da situation will seem very manini and "not worth it".

And with all dat being said, it's basically boils down to if you want to get your okole kicked or if you can kick some okole since any type of confrontation can/will/generally leads to some kine of altercation. And THAT is da reason why I believe some just don't want to make - or point out - a wrong to make it a right.

So it's not just a mattah of being consistent or size for da mattah, but it's a combination of experience, tolerance, present mood and whether you can literally back yourself up. As all da WWD! readers have read, I've had fight and flight moments and I'm speculating it would be different if I grew up in a more affluent neighborhood.... or was at least 6'3".

Wat are your thoughts about "size"?

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13 Responses to “Size Don't Matter”

  1. M:

    Howzit BL!
    I tink size mattahs, are we taking about da same ting? 😆

  2. GA Bows:

    Fo me, it doesn't matter.

    I trained in kempo for about 8yrs and knew how to apply it when it was time to throw down. Got into several fights in high school with much bigger guys and was able to put each one of them down.

    As I got older and became an "adult" it wasn't worth getting into with someone. Even more so now with a wife and little ones.

  3. rayboyjr:

    😎 Good Morning Everyone!!! 😎

    ... hey Braddah Lance ... size shouldn't matter ... because this is not about picking physical fights, right? ... can't we have disagreements and arguments without throwing down??? ... why should physical superiority be the last word in any dispute??? ...

    ... yeah, like Braddah Lance said, it would be crazy for me, with my scrawny 150 lb frame to pick fights with 300-plus goliaths ... but I shouldn't back down just because of that ... and if it escalated to physical confrontation ... of course I'd back down ... cause it's not worth it ... and it's a ridiculous to think that will settle a dispute ... and most of all, I prefer my head in one piece!!! ...

    ... I'm not that stupid ... well, just a little stupid sometimes ...

    ... Have a Good One Everyone!!! ...

  4. Parent:

    BL, I grew up in Kalihi at a time when size didn't matter too much in the equation, all tings being equal, la dat. Size, training, conditioning, skill, had more to do with it. If you knew a guy was golden gloves champ, and he was about your size, and you had no training in the art of pugilism, even if you were an athlete, den you avoid that fight if at all possible. It depended on the facts. If a clown tried to punk you though, on the other hand, even a golden gloves champ, then nothing mattered, because you either stood your ground then and there or you would be punked by that person for the rest of the year. Dat's how it was in Kalihi.

    Having lived on the continent during my formative years, I call tell you size doesn't matter at all. The 5 foot guys I encountered, being small, were usually the cockiest buggahs, and they were cocky because they were usually strapped with a gat or a blade and had no reservations about using it on you. Since NWA, things have changed. The days of fist fights are long gone. Now, every body reaches for the gat. Bang, bang, bang: end of story.

    For this reason, I encourage you and your readers to leave the confrontation business to others. It could save your lives. Now that you have a little one depending on you, you should take it easy on the confrontation front.

  5. sally:

    I'm a girl. I run. Away.
    HOWEVERRRRR... lol in the sanctuary of my car behind sunglasses and "lips that don't move" I am Godzilla!

    LOL such a scaredy tita.

  6. king katonk:

    I agree with you BL but I also agree with Parent (#4). When I was younger I had my share of fights. I too was on the small side but I always felt the need to stand up for myself or for someone who was being victimized. That being said I never threw the first punch. But these mano a mano encounters was all apart of growing up. In fact, some of the fights I had with the neighborhood bullies eventually turned into friendships. And as we grew older we would laugh about ever hurting each other.

    But nowadays the rules of engagement have changed dramatically. When kids today lose a fight they no longer "suck it up" but rather use the coward's way of retaliation. That's when guns and knives appear.

    I tell my kids that it's okay to use the "style of chicken." It's better to run and stay alive than get harmed by an idiot.

  7. dihudfan:

    me... I'm from Kalihi too... like Parent said size nevah mattah... but knowing about the oddah guy kinda made your decision... I wuz skinny and tall and most of my friends were shorter but athletic and pretty tuff... we got into a lots of beefs with oddah neighborhood kids... but became good friends aftah... don't do that way any mo... try to avoid fights as much as possible... little bit smarter now a days... but don't get me wrong... if no can avoid... no can...

    heard the girls at work mention about some short guy with a chip on his shoulder... SMS... short man syndrone... had to laugh...

    No need prove anything if you right... just walk away... if can not... can not... but be prepared to face the consequences...

  8. lowtone123:

    When small kid time you could get into a fight and know it's going to be fisticuffs and you win some and you lose some but when it is over it was usually over. I had my share of fights and usually it was because I was bullied and I had to stand up for myself instead of taking it. I won some, lost some but I gained respect because they knew I wasn't going to be a pushover. Nowadays I teach my kids to walk away or talk to either my wife or I when trouble comes. Kids today use retaliation tatics from weapons to social media.

  9. PFP:

    BL, I goin go by the name PFP instead of parent of former playa cause that name too long, ok? Tanks, ah! Kay den! Shootz!!

  10. cojef:

    Got the s--t knocked out of me, but my fault for being drunk, and for what, cuz was making an ass of myself with the girls. My own buddies did it to me, while in the service, during the occupation in Japan, yes WWII. I deserved it. Nevah get drunk, you can't fight worth a damn, cuz you timing and balance went somewhere, and you can't see $h!t. Since then, just walk away from any confrontation, you live longer nowadays.

  11. ynaku:

    @sally BOO

  12. jaydee:

    I got in one fight and that was when I was in 5th grade. This guy Alex Garcia was laughing at me because we lost to their team in kickball. I hit him hard and he went down hard. After that I felt so bad I never got in a fight again. Sorry Alex..

  13. M:

    Guud morning BL!
    Happy FGF!

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