Wassup Wit Dat!


September 22nd, 2012

It was a difficult game to watch tonight and I'm surah playing in it wasn't fun either. We had our chances but it almost seemed like Hawai'i players had their feet in quick sand and hands covered in oil. We weren't able to keep up wit Nevada's speed personnel, we couldn't catch da ball even wit two hands touching it and we certainly couldn't make fundamental tackles.

Wassup Wit Dat!

It was our first home conference game and it was painful to watch for da most part and while it's a "rebuilding" year, I didn't expect us to get pounded li'dat in da second half. Let da Monday quarterbacking begin.

But for now, I going grab a beer and sleep dis one off.

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14 Responses to “Disappointing”

  1. Makiki:

    Our guys looked really slow and there appeared to be a lot of mismatches. There were plenty of missed opportunities but even if we connected on all of those the outcome would have been the same. On the plus side I do like the running game and the team actually seems like it is being coached. Maybe they need to add some Kim Chee to their post game KFC.

    Unfortunately I had to watch on TV (from the mainland) and it looked like there was hardly anyone in the stadium. I know the coach sent a letter to the student body and asked everyone to come and support the team in it's MW debut. Sad response yeah?

    BTW - I still have season tickets (pretty good seats mid-field) and if you and Da Wife would like to go to a game let me know. It looks like I will miss quite a few games due to work.


  2. Makiki:


  3. wafan:

    Folks still sleeping this one off?

  4. wafan:

    Gonna have a bunch of grumpies at work places this week. As upset as they feel what makes them think the team does not feel worse? Personal pride and sweat equity are involved for the Warriors.

    Time to get over it and show your support of the team . . . that is, if you are a fan.

    Trolls need not apply.

  5. GA Warrior:

    What an embrassment...69 points, outcoached and outplayed, Chow's play calling the 2nd half was mindlblogging, down 24 and we throw 3 hitch/screen passes in a row. Nevada defensive coaches made adjustments and he didn't. Felt like I was watching the Von Appen offense. Sorry folks can't see the reason for the upgrade(coaching change) so far, rather have Rolo calling plays and the last time I checked McMackin's D never let up 69 points.

  6. hossana:

    A win at BYU would compensate for this nightmare, RIGHT!!! I'll take the win any which way!!!!

  7. M:

    Howzit BL!
    The game was hard to watch but we still need to support the team.

  8. cojef:

    Too makule, so nowadays, no care for the sports, only like to look at good looking wahines and drool. Whoops, hope the wife didn't see this post.

  9. dihudfan:

    they lost but nevah quit... looks like team has potential... geev them some time to get it together...

    Makiki... they need da kimchee before the game... they can blast the oddah team....

  10. Makiki:

    Warriors Kimchee line!

  11. Dino:

    to me a successful season will be 6-6 reg sesason, going to the hawai'i bowl and winning it.

  12. Bulla:

    Dino, at 6-6 they don't get invited, they need 7 wins. but if they go 8-5, that would be stellar, but 6-6 will be more likely

  13. snow:

    i was there! too many pukas that nevada's run took advantage of... amongst other things. but, i'll still support the team... and i won't leave early when they are losing... or winning! i don't know what it takes for hawaii fans to stay the length of a game... all they care about is beating the traffic! and, they are so quiet in the stands that the players on the field have to encourage the crowd to make noise! WWD?!?!?! i don't know if hawaii fans understand how they are part of the "homefield advantage." i always know how it's going to be but it disappoints me every time... 🙁

  14. wafan:

    Bulla, they have a 12 game season. So 6 and 6 will qualify them for the the home bowl.

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