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730 Days And Counting

September 14th, 2012

730 days ago, Da Wife and I were blessed by a ray of sunshine.

Well, it was actually a totally unexpected surprise because Da Baby decided to enter our lives a month early and being our first - and only so far - it's been exciting to say da least. She's been naughty and nice but there's just something about her dat always puts a smile on our face no mattah wat kine of mischief she's up to.

While every parent is biased towards their own keiki and theirs is da bestest, da cutest and/or da smartest - Wassup Wit Dat! - there's one thing dat I can unequivocally say Da Baby has to do and dat is to laugh like someone just told her da funniest joke in da world.

While she's such a joy in our lives, we're hoping dat she'll be able to share dat same joy upon oddahs who may need a smile on their face one day...... maybe dat day will be today. 😀

Hea's some of my favorite pics dat always puts a smile on my face although I am biased. 😛

Happy Feel Good Friday everybodies and Hau'oli La Hanau to Da Baby!

And my absolute favorite..................

Nobody Drives Da High Road

September 12th, 2012

A couple blogs ago on No Talk Stink If You No Mo' Facts there were a few readers dat suggested I take da "high road" not needing to justify myself to an - imho - ignorant comment.

But why should I or anyone else for da mattah?

If someone speaks ill of you, would you seriously stand idly by? Would you allow your name and character to be dragged through da mud? Wen someone talks stink about you, you can either eat $h!t or clean yourself up.... I like to be clean.

It's not about lowering one self to the level of the idiot, it's about educating them.

Why would you allow a person who belittles you to feel like they got da upper hand on you? If aftah speaking your peace, dat person wants to ignore da "oddah side", then so be it but until then, how would dat person know if s/he doesn't have some/all of da facts? Surah there are some really uneducated, ignorant and biased people out there and das why they have to at least be presented with - obviously da information dat they don't know - and then let them decide whether they feel their comment(s) holds true or not.

I understand about people backing people up but dat only works ideally in certain situations such as a small group or face to face. Wen it happens in cyberspace wea who knows how many people read, those readers can read it and then leave wit their own impressions not evah knowing/hearing da oddah side. All they hear is da crap and if you hear enough crap without using toilet paper, you're okole still carries da stench which is still smellable from da road below.

How do you tink elections are won? (Wassup Wit Dat!)

While people close will always try to set da record straight, if it doesn't come out of your mouth eventually, it doesn't have da same effect. So wen someone decides to spew crap all ovah me, you bettah believe I going defend myself. Call me old school but I still firmly believe dat one's name and character is stronger than oak.

By responding, how do I give credibility to da nay sayer and lessen mine? If anything, I believe I strengthen it as those who don't know me, get to know a little more about me and those who do know me, are reaffirmed dat I'm da same person. Now if aftah speaking your peace, dat person still wants to continue biasly, then das his/her perrogative but without at least putting da oddah side of da mo'olelo out there, da high road is a very lonely road.

Really, wat would you do?

Or you no like use toilet paper?

Let's Just Call It A Monday

September 10th, 2012

It's been a crazy weekend getting things ready for Da Baby's second birthday coming dis weekend and I've been doing some real heavy manual labor (which I really do enjoy) around da house (installing gutters and leveling a 20x17 area - both which are still not pau yet). And I got a couple of WWD! moments to share latah.

But it's a Monday and I can't stop thinking about all da work dat I still gotta get done in five days so my mind isn't all there right now.

Can we just chalk today's blog up to being a Monday and we got nothing to say or do but to show up to work and wishing we didn't have to work but know dat we gotta work?

All those in favor? Say "Monday Sucks".

Well, unless you're having a fabulous Monday yourself..... then you suck! 😆

Jus' kidding. 😛
Spock you guys latah!

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No Talk Stink If You No Mo' Facts

September 5th, 2012

Last week I was given a heads up from a Kwonic who's also an avid reader of Uncle Rodney's Midlife Crisis blog. In one of Uncle's post last week - besides talking about old people stuff 😛 - he brought up an issue we've blogged about on many occasions: changes in keiki today. Hea's an excerpt of wat he wrote:

I know that Bruddah Lance is very old-school when he coaches. He teaches respect! His players always answer with “Yes, sir” or “No, sir”. And they wouldn’t dare answer back to Bruddah Lance – not even under their breath – unless they enjoy running laps.

Then a past Kwonic had posted dis response:

@ct @mark – Went to school with coach (B)rian Yoshii. Back in 2010, Hawaii was doing good in the Little League in Williamsport and almost took the whole enchalada. His method? Whenever he instructs the kids, it’s always in this sequence. Praise first, tell the kid what he’s doing wrong, and then praise the kid again. Braddah Lance’s way is sort of outdated and should be modified with Coach Yoshii’s way.

BL: How’s the arm holding up?
Pitcher: Still got some juice left.
BL: You know after each fastball you throw for a strike? You cannot pick your nose and put the booger on your uniform thinking how it intimidates the batters.
Pitcher: Uh, okay.
BL: You can do it, and don’t put any snot on the ball.
Pitcher: Okay, coach.

And hea's my response:

Uncle Rod – I going apologize ahead of time for hijacking your post by responding but when someone questions someone elses character and suggest they change without justification behind their back, I definitely going respond.

@ Seawalker – “Braddah Lance’s way is sort of outdated and should be modified with Coach Yoshii’s way.”

Before you go on criticizing or even generalizing about someone’s coaching, go find about it first before you slam that person with your suggestion to “modify”.

How do you know my methods are outdated? Have you been to any of my practices in 19 years? Yes, 19 straight. Do you even have a clue what goes on in my practices? Do you know that I volunteer my time (Feb-Jun six days a week), equipment (I had to get a shed for it all) AND money (I stopped keeping track after $7k) to kids I have zero relation to? And no, I have NEVER had any sons, daughters, nephews, nieces or cousins on the team.

Have you even the slightest clue as to the population area that I coach in?

They are either latch-key kids with divorced parents, single parents, (several) boyfriend/ (several) girlfriend or just left alone while their parents work and I’ve seen kids as young as six or seven cruising the park. Only this past year have I seen more than half the team with steady married parents. Most just drop off their kids for “free baby-sitting” and “exercise”.

Majority are destitute and are considered “park-rats” (same as gym-rats but at the park) since they are at the park from after school till the evening just hanging out.

The kids lack basic discipline and any type of motivation to do anything. Now while that is not the case for all kids, it is the theme that goes around this neighborhood. And that is just the bare layout of the situation.

As far as coaching goes, as Uncle Rodney mentioned, I am old-school. I’ll make ‘em sweat, cry, tear them down and yet have them coming back for more because they’ve never been pushed like that before. And yes, I ALWAYS use POSITIVE REINFORCEMENTS! And I don’t tell the player what s/he’s doing wrong…. I SHOW THEM!

I’m a firm believer that if I can’t do it, why should they? I run laps with them, I do drills with them and believe it or not, I make it fun for them at the same time because why would anyone do anything that isn’t fun?

Furthermore, the reason why I coach is – and I’ll bet my house, bike and truck on it – is far apart from about 95% of all youth coaches out there. All the coaches I’ve seen have a son or daughter on the team and move with them. I don’t. My goal, as I tell every parent in the MANDATORY team meeting, is to build a better person – not a better PLAYER. Baseball is just the tool to do it.

Every coach I’ve come across only wants to WIN WIN WIN. I don’t even tell our players the score and if they ask, they’ll run during the game.

Coach Yoshii is a stand up guy (from what I read about him) but it’s like comparing a Mercedes to a Pinto. Keep in mind that the players he – and the like get – are experienced players for the most part and have been around the sport for years. I get players don’t even know that 3 strikes and you’re out. And btw, he has a staff of coaches…. I’ve had only one other main coach but he’s since retired 7 years ago and I’ve been doing it alone ever since.

And I always spin some back to people who say that I only coach this way cause I can’t win with players that I got…….. tell that to the last 7 of 12 regular season championships and 6 of 12 playoff championships we’ve taken. On a side note about that though, the biggest joy the players get out of the championship game?

The grinds aftah, not the trophy.

That’s just scratching the surface and sorry, this is not the time nor the venue for it. Sorry again Uncle Rodney.

Next time you try and drop my name insinuating my coaching methods are obsolete, put on my cleats and step up. Until then, shut da heck up King’s Okole [he called himself that in an earlier response]. If that’s the type of respect you teach your keiki, I certainly hope they sign up next season for a rude awakening.

btw, hannah-battah on da ball is illegal.

Braddah Lance

I also wanted to add that I try to instill character, morals and values into every single player that comes through my program and as "old school" as it may seem, it works. I have players that come back the very next year after leaving the program wishing they could play one more year. I have players that come back YEARS later - even aftah graduation - to da field to talk story and let me know wea they're at. Can oddah youth coaches say da same?

Oh yeah, do oddah youth coaches do grade checks without it having to be required by da league? Do they also assign regular essays and offer tutoring before or aftah practice? Do they stay, at times, till 8pm+ at da field with da player(s) waiting for their parent(s) to pick him/her up?

I also actually "talk" to my players as well. We talk about da fights they witness, da girls they are texting and things they may or may not share with their parents. I stress to them that it's ok to stand up for what's right no mattah how hard it may be and that it definitely is the world's toughest thing to do to stand in front of a friend and say it's wrong.

I am not paid nor am I rewarded by any means. In fact, HPD (Honolulu Police Department) has not even once thanked or acknowledged my efforts and contributions to PAL (Police Activities League). Wait, I did get a koa bowl from Officer Frank who was the ONLY PAL baseball director (I've had about seven or eight different ones) who cared about the program but that was once in 19 years. But I don't do it for the thanks and I certainly don't do it for the recognition - it's just something that I truly feel I have an opportunity to give back and help keiki grow. As cliche as it may sound, my biggest reward is just being able to contribute and help ease the tough job parents have already.

It's really sad to see someone "suggest" that one's methods should be changed without even having an iota of wat the methods are. It's just like someone telling Sam Choy, Roy Yamaguchi or DK Kodama that their signature recipes should be changed up. Would you tell someone how to do something without even having done it yourself?

Wassup Wit Dat!

Anyways, sorry for da long winded mo'olelo but it's kinda hard to condense 19 years into a single blog. Oh yeah, if you got any 10-12 (depending, but 13 year olds too) dat you want to send to an old school boot camp next year.... send 'em my way and like I tell parents, I can't guarantee they'll become a better ball player but I can guarantee they'll come out a bettah person. 😉

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September 3rd, 2012

No, Da Wife is not hapai.

Just wanted to wish everyone who's off today a great Labor Day to enjoy.

If you're working today..... sorry, too bad so sad.

Jus' kidding. At the least I hope you're getting double pay.

And if you're sitting at home checking in on WWD! today.... wassamattahyou? Go out and spend time doing something you normally wouldn't be doing.


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