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October 31st, 2012


I am writing this email only to say that I am alive!

Whomever the driver was exiting your Kukahi St. station at the old Super Ferry pier (Bus# 504, approx. 6:30-6:40am) was not only reckless but unattentive as well. He disregarded a posted stop sign and proceeded onto Nimitz Hwy without even slowing down nor stopping - as required by law - at the intersection of Kukahi and Nimitz Hwy.

I was traveling east bound on Nimitz Hwy on the far right lane riding a motorcycle and by the time I realized it he was directly in front of me. I practically slammed my brakes, swerved across THREE LANES and missed the front driver side bumper by TWO FEET!!!!!! I raced my engine (and it is LOUD) to let him know I was there but he continued anyways. I turned back to signal to him that he needed to stop and watch but he didn't even acknowledge a simple apology and continued on his way.

If I wasn't ahead of the "pack" of cars I certainly would be dead right now.

I cannot believe that a "professional" driver responsible for so many people would be that careless and not only disregard the rules of the road but put lives in danger. I am so frickin' angry, words cannot express my emotions right now as I am still shaking from nearly being permanently taken away from my wife and daughter!!!!!

I would appreciate this being shared all the way to the top and not being swept under the rug as this is an extreme matter.

Lance Kwon


A letter this morning to TP Transportation (huge yellow and green transport bus company) since no one was available to answer the phone (they probably was still closed).

Trust me, I would have liked to use more "choice" words but dat was da best - most civilized - way I could put it considering. I'll post their response if they care to respond.

Anyways, please excuse me as I go back and count how many lives I have left while I clean up my bvd's.

Please be safe dis Halloween if you're out and about and be especially vigilant if you're out on da roads.

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Wea Are Da Grindz?

October 29th, 2012

Aftah coming home from a part-time gig, Da Wife was watching Eat St. on da Cooking Channel and I saw something I nevah heard of, Poutine. Actually I tink I did hear of it but nevah knew wat it was cause it sounds fancy expensive. πŸ˜†

Now depends on who you speak to, it's pronounced a few ways but who da heck cares! Da grindz looked ONOLICIOUS! Hea's a little something something from Wikipedia:

Poutine ( /puːˈtiːn/; Quebec French pronunciation : [putΝ‘sΙͺn]) is a Quebec dish, made with french fries, topped with brown gravy and curd cheese. Sometimes additional ingredients are added.

Let me point out da "additional ingredients".

Once you mention french fries and brown gravy in da same sentence, I'm all in but watching Eat St. and dis one truck vendor, Smoke's Poutinerie (, he had au'kines of ingrediments/toppings - aside from da base of freshly made yukon potato fries - and themed ones as well such as Nachos, Bacon (obviously bacon filled), Hogtown, Beef Peppercorn, Philly Cheesesteak and tons of oddah stuff but once you go beyond da "regular" poutine toppings of just gravy and curd cheese, you no longah one side dish and looking for some kanack action.

Now hea's my question......... Wea da heck can I get one of those in da 808???

I always watch these mainland guys wit their supah-onolicious kine grindz (along wit our mainland readers like ManekiNekko who recently rubbed it in mentioning Johnnie's πŸ™ ) and I'm surah we get someone somewea serving up a specialty. I not talking chicken katsu, hamburgah steak or some "gourmet" plate lunch (adding Nalo greens wit a fancy dressing does NOT make it gourmet - Wassup Wit Dat!), but like something like Poutine's wea da cook does one or two things but does it right!

Anybody know of any restaurant, hole-in-da-wall, mom & pop or truck vendor around I can check out for maybe - dare I say it - a Grindz Review? 😯

Or you no like share your secret spot?

But if you no like share da secret location, feel free to drop some off cause I NEVAH turn down onolicious kine grindz. πŸ˜‰ πŸ˜‰

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Be Akamai!

October 27th, 2012

If you've not already heard, da 808 is under a tsunami warning where it's not a mattah of if, it's wen.

C'mon peeps, if you safe already.... STAY SAFE! There's no reason to jump in your car and head to da gas station to fill up! Tink about it, WEA YOU GOING GO??? (WWD!) We stay on one island so it's not like you can drive away from danger to anoddah state. No sense in clogging up da phone lines cause we all know dat da authorities need it more. Call da people you need to call and then hang up, no need talk story, just get da information you need to get/give and pau.

If you no need go to da market, NO GO! You should at da very least be good for a day or two no? Seriously, you no tink people going help if you need help? You no tink your ohana, friends, neighbors going help? You no tink da authorities going get supplies out if/wen need be?

Let's get real everybodies - unless it's been weeks before you seen help and people start getting into desparation mode, EVERYBODY should be all good.

Please, if you REALLY no need go out, no go.

Let's all be akamai and show aloha wen it comes time.

See you on da sunny side tomorrow and take kea of yourself and each oddah.


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October 26th, 2012

Just so happens dat while looking at old posts waaaay back in da day, I found one so fitting - and eerily similar - to how today is. I mean seriously, wat I blogged about over FOUR YEARS ago sounds exactly wat I would have blogged about for today.

Da "quiz", created by Tracy Nishibun, is one of those things dat I'm proud to promote cause it's a LOCAL quiz. Tracy created dis - and a handful of oddahs - directly relating to da 808 and if it's an 808 thing, you know I going share.

Enjoy da blast from da past..... go check 'em go check 'em go check 'em go!

So Happy Friday all you Lanceformers/Kwonics/Lurkahs!

The weather not so good today - it's been awhile since a Friday began gloomy - but still get chance fo' turn around. It's still a Feel Good Friday so if you not feelin' good yet...suck it up!

After being hounded about fooood reviews/pics (or the lack of focus on the pics) I got something bettah...well maybe. I'm sure some of you have either seen this circulating but 9th Island Girl had sent this "Food Quiz - Local Style (of course)" via email to me braggin' about her score.

Well, she should do well on that quiz cause if she ain't talkin', she eatin'! πŸ˜†

Get choke questions - 50 - but you should be able to fly through them no problem...if you know your stuff. If I remember correctly 9th IG got 46 or 47 out of 50. I got 46 but should be 48 cause I know two of them but for some reason I either not spelling correctly...or I'm just wrong. πŸ™

Wassup Wit Dat?

The quiz does give intructions and they do allow for different spellings so no go pupule if you type something in and it's wrong - just try change one letter or something li'dat. When you pau, post your score and we'll see who da real foodie is! Plus da pictures stay in focus so nobody bettah complain eh?

We should side bet if any of da Katonks out dea goin' beat any kama'aina's huh? Anybody? Or you goin' be shame and no even post your score?

Oh yeah, I know we all edu-macated but no post da answers in the comments eh, bumbye you gotta buy lunch.

Later tonight I'll try answer da ones that people got stuck da most on.

Click da link below to start! Gan-ba-te Ku-da-sai (Good Luck!)

FYI - it is in Excel so a pop-up window may ask if you want to open it so don't be alarmed.


For Security Purposes

October 24th, 2012

In todays ever growing world of identity theft, we've been told, suggested to, encouraged and down right scolded to protect yourself from giving out too much personal information in fear of someone "becoming" you, stealing your identity and basically maxing out, then ruining your credit before you even realize it.

You not only have to be vigilant, you have to be smart and cautious at the same time all the while trusting your spidey-sense as to what you could/should believe to prevent anyone phishing information from/about you.

Not only do you have to remembah uku-billion passwords at home AND at work, you have to give out personal information such as mother's maiden name, pet name, high school attended and da like wit nearly every single "account" you have from cellular service to an electric bill to even taking off your pants.

Ok, da last no need security. πŸ˜›

I'm not against - in fact I'm all for it - any kine of financial institution or any kine of account asking/requiring we have these questions "on file" so dat they may "access our account" but I am against having to repeat account information wit every transferred call! Don't you hate wen dat happens? You pass all da security questions only to have to repeat it to anoddah department which in turn grills you like you were a terrorist wen all you wanted to find out is wat's wrong wit a product or service. πŸ™„

Wassup Wit Dat!

I recently got a call and it went something like dis:

BL: Hello?
CALLER: May I speak to *murdered my first name* Kwon?
BL: Speaking.
CALLER: My name is blah calling from blah, for security purposes, may I have the last four of your social?
BL: No. Wat is dis about?
CALLER: If I can get the last four of your social, I can tell you what I'm calling about.
BL: Look, you're calling me. I didn't call you so why would I give out that information? If you can't tell me what it's about, I'm not going to give up my personal information freely.
CALLER: Without you verifying the account, I cannot tell you what it's about. If you don't feel comfortable, please call ***-****.
BL: Wait, you called me wanting information to access MY account and now you want me to call a number YOU'RE providing to access my account? Does dat make any sense? If you say who you are, I'll find da numbah and call da numbah we have.
CALLER: *short silence as I'm tinking he's nevah heard dat answer before*
BL: Look, I know wat you're calling about (already deduced dat from da company name) and we already took care of it last week.
CALLER: Is there anything else I can help you with?
BL: *Really???* No, thank you.


Security questions suck.... but wat you gonna do eh?

HINT HINT: I read once - and have been doing it evah since - dat wen creating answers to "security questions", you are not required to give an answer to da direct question. For instance, one of da most popular question dat you fill out wen asked is "wat is your mother's maiden name?". Granted that in itself is a question most people wouldn't know but it is a question asked most frequently hence becoming an answer USED most frequently resulting in it being "out there".

How do you avoid it?

By using watevah answer you like!

Next time you gotta fill out any kine of confidential papers and need to fill out a security question, answer 'em wit an answer nobody would even tink of but da catch? You bettah remembah it.

For instance, mother's maiden name. "None of your business". Pet name? "Okole". Where did you go to high school? "Point Panic".

How can you do dat? Tink about it..... ONLY YOU FILL OUT DA ANSWERS! They don't ask if das your mom's real name. They not going tell you call out your pet's name and check to see if s/he comes and they definitely not going look for a yearbook wit you inside of it.

Da questions are based on answers YOU'D recall da bestest so why not create answers no one would tink of or could easily look up via da internet but something you find amusing and can remembah more easily all da while having a bit of fun wit it?

Trust me, saying "None of your business" wen they ask you security questions feel kinda good and garantee fo' make you smile.

Go try 'em go try 'em go try 'em go but no blame me if you no can remembah your "new" password eh? πŸ˜†

My name's Braddah Lance......... and I approved dis message. πŸ˜€

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