Wassup Wit Dat!

And You Still Do It

October 10th, 2012

On my morning ride to work dis morning, as I was gazing through da vog, on da side of my eye (good thing I get slant eye) I saw a SUV crossing into my lane. It was one of those newer sadly designed blind spot ridden behemoth 4-Runners and it was crossing into my lane.

Crossing, not changing.

Click hea if da map nevah pop up.

If you nevah been in da shoulder lane in morning rush hour traffic, da only way to get on there legally is to enter it via da Zip Lane entrance. Once you pass da Zip Lane entrance, it becomes a dotted solid only allowing to change out of da lane and not into it.

Da 4-Runner was not more than a couple of feet running paralell to me as I was about to be ridden into da wall I gunned my engine for at least a couple of seconds and da wahine was clueless. I saw her look in her rear view then her drivah side mirror and didn't tink twice about it but thank goodness her daughter was paying attention cause she looked straight at me and judging from her expression, excitedly said something to her mom.

I pulled up along side her window and not even a "sorry, I almost killed you" wave. I indicated to her dat she was crossing a solid line for a few seconds as we traveled down da freeway and then I sped up to keep up wit traffic.

Wat does she do aftah I pull up?

You got it, she crosses into da shoulder lane anyways and as she's behind me, not tailgating but at a reasonable distance, I indicate to her that she crossed da solid line again. It's times like dis dat I wish I had a LED sign on my back to 'politely' say wat my charades can't.

As we approach da end of da shoulder lane wea you either go down to Nimitz or stay on to reenter Moanalua freeway, she changes into da lane dat goes back to Moanalua freeway anyways.


At dis point, I'm just a little puzzled as to why it was so critical dat she be in da shoulder lane wen 1) it wasn't going any fastah, 2) obviously it wasn't an emergency and 3) she could have just stayed in da car pool lane which was a direct feed to Moanalua freeway.

Wassup Wit Dat!

While I know get some readers who going say maybe she nevah know, I gotta disagree cause she had keiki - and more than likely a job - which reasonably leads me to believe dat she must have traveled down H1 more than enough times to realize dat da shoulder can only be entered via one entrance and dat da shoulder lane ends.

While I'll nevah understand da actions of why some people do things dat don't make sense, it made me tink about.................

27 Responses to “And You Still Do It”

  1. Uncle Rodney:


  2. Uncle Rodney:

    In dis day an age, gotta drive "defensively" - always anticipating da worse. Especially you motacycle riders - when you not avoiding da potholes.

    Ride safe, Braddah Lance.

  3. Mark:

    Gotta agree wit Uncle Rodney, gotta drive "defensively" these days. I commute from Kunia every morning and I see that happen more than I'd like to. Many times I will see drivers change into that lane and speed down the freeway just to save a few precious seconds while endangering everyone else.

    Sad to say, more and more people seem to just cut into your lane or just change into your lame (many without the use of their blinkers WWD!) We're expected to be able to read their mind and know exactly what they're planning on doing and god forbid you honk your horn or in your case Braddah Lance' inform them of their error... did it once, got the "bird" in return, classy WWD!

  4. B:

    all da peeps nowdays do wat dey like,nuttin mattas. we need da rail...:P

  5. S Mason:

    A_s why you gotta drive one big _ ss truck so no one stay cut you off or change lane without blinkers. WWD

  6. M:

    Be safe out deyah. Lots of lolos on da road dat no can drive or no follow da rules.

  7. snow:

    dang, they even try to run you off the road when you're in a car! i'd sure hate to be on a motorcycle! there are stupid drivers on the road every single day, unfortunately! 🙁

  8. wafan:

    Ohhhhh, the I no have to care attitude.

    Yes, getting to be a problem in Hawai'i. Over here more folks know how to drive on highways. Seems some Hawai'i folks make up the rules for themselves as they go along.


  9. dihudfan:

    to many lolos out there... self centered... no care attitude... hang in dea... stay safe...

  10. lowtone123:

    Always gotta drive defensively wit all da lolos on da road. Dey eedah no kea or no mo head.

  11. Da808:

    Sometimes us local people we don't know how to drive and follow the rules and use common courrtesy when driving on our streets. On any given day if you traveling toward Hawaii-kai and in the area of Kahala where the freeway ends and you have the merge on the right side of the freeway where the traffic merges? How many people cross that solid line. The county could make millions if they were to tag those idiots.

  12. BowlingBuddy:

    Was she on her cell phone texting? Sounds like it. Better safe than sorry. Where are the cops when you need them!!

  13. PFP:

    BL, time to consida givin up the bike, brah. Da faytahlatee rate too high. You gotta tink about the little one. Odda wise, drive safe, my braddah.

  14. DIO:

    Jus' another example of cereal box drivers, drivers who got their license out of a box of kids cereal.

  15. Dino:

    it's easier to drive on the Los Angeles freeways than HNL's. here there is no rhythm, too slow. in LA, you fly, or get runned over

  16. M:

    Guud morning BL!
    Be safe!

  17. Ynaku:

    Whoa brah 😯

    Yesterday I almost got front ended. Yep you heard right. In Hilo even.

    I was in McD drive thru where they have 2 ordering board. This old lady was supposed to drive forward to the front one. So I patiently waited until she moved forward. But then I see her reverse lights come one and she came back to the first board just barely stopping before hitting my bumper. Her Toyota would has taken a licking cause I was in my truck (stock height) and her whole trunk would cave in. I couldn't backup cause had one old guy behind me in a small truck too. Thankfully she took it out of reverse but apparently she put in in park cause I see the reverse light come on again 8) Good thing she remember to put it in drive.

    Then on the way out I catch up with her again as she try to make a left turn at a busy intersection. This time I stay far back 😆

    Woo da kine traffic we get in Hilo 😀

  18. cojef:

    Braddah Lance, time to git off the bike,too many lolo dribbah. Also keiki need daddy to keep her safe from mashers. No drive in Honolulu, too lolo drivers. Drive in Orange County freeway 75 plus all dah time in car pool lane with wife. Me 87 still drive like 20's kid, use lots of gas, cuz drive fast.

  19. Keoni Simpkins:

    Hey Braddah Lance, mo' bettah yu get humvee or tank to go holoholo, yeah? 😆

  20. M:

    Howzit BL!
    Happy FGF!

  21. sally:

    @Ynaku: It's madness, I tell you... MADNESS!!!
    *sez my inner drama queen*

  22. SittingInLimbo:

    First let me just say i'm glad that you're OK! UGH! those kine of drivers erk the living S**** out of me! especially when there is a baby in the car. Maybe she was on her phone? or maybe putting on her makeup? or maybe she's just one of those who get big car and don't know how to drive it LOL. I tell you it's either people in big car driving like it's a small car or people driving small cars thinking it's big! lol. *roll my eyes*

    Oh funny story.........It was a while back. I had to borrow my friends car one day, so i met her at her job. While waiting for her to come out by her car there was an empty parking space infront of me. So while I was smoking (i know, i know) i see this car going like it was going to reverse into the space. This lady's car was SMALL like toyota cam small. The parking space was big like.....um....costco space big, for the life of her she couldn't reverse into the space she was driving like she was driving a dam rig! I swear what could of take a hot minute took her 20 so I thought i be helpful and direct her buwhahahahahaha FINALLY after what seem like an enternity she parked got out of her car gave me the death stare and trotted off I just stood there shaking my head and cracking up laugh. Till this day I think of that day I still laugh and shake my head buwhahahahah. Just wanted to share.

    Be safe out there 🙂

  23. M:

    Waassuuuuuppppp BL!
    Happy FGF!

  24. M:

    Howzit BL!
    I hope all is well!

  25. M:

    Guud morning BL!

  26. M:

    Happy Wednesday BL!

  27. PFP:

    BL, hope you ok, my braddah. Take care.

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