Wassup Wit Dat!


October 26th, 2012

Just so happens dat while looking at old posts waaaay back in da day, I found one so fitting - and eerily similar - to how today is. I mean seriously, wat I blogged about over FOUR YEARS ago sounds exactly wat I would have blogged about for today.

Da "quiz", created by Tracy Nishibun, is one of those things dat I'm proud to promote cause it's a LOCAL quiz. Tracy created dis - and a handful of oddahs - directly relating to da 808 and if it's an 808 thing, you know I going share.

Enjoy da blast from da past..... go check 'em go check 'em go check 'em go!

So Happy Friday all you Lanceformers/Kwonics/Lurkahs!

The weather not so good today - it's been awhile since a Friday began gloomy - but still get chance fo' turn around. It's still a Feel Good Friday so if you not feelin' good yet...suck it up!

After being hounded about fooood reviews/pics (or the lack of focus on the pics) I got something bettah...well maybe. I'm sure some of you have either seen this circulating but 9th Island Girl had sent this "Food Quiz - Local Style (of course)" via email to me braggin' about her score.

Well, she should do well on that quiz cause if she ain't talkin', she eatin'! 😆

Get choke questions - 50 - but you should be able to fly through them no problem...if you know your stuff. If I remember correctly 9th IG got 46 or 47 out of 50. I got 46 but should be 48 cause I know two of them but for some reason I either not spelling correctly...or I'm just wrong. 🙁

Wassup Wit Dat?

The quiz does give intructions and they do allow for different spellings so no go pupule if you type something in and it's wrong - just try change one letter or something li'dat. When you pau, post your score and we'll see who da real foodie is! Plus da pictures stay in focus so nobody bettah complain eh?

We should side bet if any of da Katonks out dea goin' beat any kama'aina's huh? Anybody? Or you goin' be shame and no even post your score?

Oh yeah, I know we all edu-macated but no post da answers in the comments eh, bumbye you gotta buy lunch.

Later tonight I'll try answer da ones that people got stuck da most on.

Click da link below to start! Gan-ba-te Ku-da-sai (Good Luck!)

FYI - it is in Excel so a pop-up window may ask if you want to open it so don't be alarmed.


16 Responses to “Archives”

  1. M:

    Happy FGF BL!
    I wen get 44... 🙁

  2. wafan:

    'k. I not one kotonk (I think that is the correct spelling), wuz born and raised ova dea den wen go ova hea. No call me wun kotonk cuz my cabesa no amty.

    Anywho, I neva looky-see-na-na da tes, yet.

    Gud da kine foa errybody, yeah.

  3. DIO:

    I don't know what's going on, but I can't seem to get this to open. What version of Excel was this saved in?

  4. Keoni Simpkins:

    Hey DIO and all, try Open Office. I had no trouble opening it with that.

  5. Masako:

    100 %!!!!!!!

  6. BowlingBuddy:

    48 out of 50.

  7. GA Bows:

    100% Now I'm hungry for local food!

  8. Makiki:

    Wow! I feel shame, only got 42. We need to have the TASTE version of this.

  9. sally:

    I cannot open 'um either, but I do remember when this was first circulating. One item that sticks out in my remembry was... No tell me 'das not one musubi!

    So... for those of you who could open this... what was the answer for the musubi pickcha?

  10. toekinam808:

    44 out of 50, not too shabby!
    Looks can be decieving! What's the answers for 15 / 16 / 19 /34 /39 and 45?
    Good luck everyone =)

  11. DIO:

    toekinam808: go scroll back up and click on the


    and a new Excel spreadsheet will open with the answers.

  12. Ynaku:

    @sally it is Musubi Maybe da spreadsheet no understand Apple language 😆

  13. Ynaku:

    I wen get 48. Some pics not so good. And then you gotta make sure you give da whole description like pork whatevers or this stuff AND that stuff.

    I remember taking this long time ago so kind remember the ones that stumped me but still yet, I went forget what was. 😀

  14. DIO:

    Ynaku: Yeah, I agree. Some pics really not good. That's what made me confused. If the pics were better and much larger, it would be a lot easier for me to figure out what each was.

  15. 9thIslandGirl:

    What you said? If I not talking, I eating? How you know me so well?! 🙂

  16. toekinam808:

    Thanks DIO!

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