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Be Akamai!

October 27th, 2012

If you've not already heard, da 808 is under a tsunami warning where it's not a mattah of if, it's wen.

C'mon peeps, if you safe already.... STAY SAFE! There's no reason to jump in your car and head to da gas station to fill up! Tink about it, WEA YOU GOING GO??? (WWD!) We stay on one island so it's not like you can drive away from danger to anoddah state. No sense in clogging up da phone lines cause we all know dat da authorities need it more. Call da people you need to call and then hang up, no need talk story, just get da information you need to get/give and pau.

If you no need go to da market, NO GO! You should at da very least be good for a day or two no? Seriously, you no tink people going help if you need help? You no tink your ohana, friends, neighbors going help? You no tink da authorities going get supplies out if/wen need be?

Let's get real everybodies - unless it's been weeks before you seen help and people start getting into desparation mode, EVERYBODY should be all good.

Please, if you REALLY no need go out, no go.

Let's all be akamai and show aloha wen it comes time.

See you on da sunny side tomorrow and take kea of yourself and each oddah.


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12 Responses to “Be Akamai!”

  1. wafan:

    Bravo! The sound of reason and common sense.

  2. wafan:

    Hey, 1st and 2nd, too!

  3. 9thIslandGirl:


  4. roach:


    Did you see the lolos at the Waikiki beach at the intersection of Kalakaua & Kapahulu on TV @ 10:30 last night? Sometimes I wish that something would happen to wipe those dummies off the face of the earth. Don't they realize that rescue/law enforcement personnel have enough to do without lolos wanting to get a up close look at any waves. I'm also sure that the families of the lolos would sue the State if something happened because it didn't adequately protect their "babies".

  5. GA Bows:

    Glad nothing came out of it.

  6. kamaaina808:

    @roach: Can't fix stupid, eh.

    My neighbor packed the car & headed for high(er) ground. Seriously. Don't ask me why... but I think that recent videos of humongous tsunami destruction have permanently scarred peoples' psyche. They don't listen to 'reason' because of fear. We were safe here, but they left anyhow. 😐

    What bugged the he|| outta me was the Mayor & Gov not letting Honolulu County out of the warning when it was clearly only the Big Island & to an extent -Maui, that had continued wave action - mostly due to sloshing around the harbors. In the end, it became political rather than practical. 🙄

  7. Keoni Simpkins:

    Eh kamaaina808, da mayor gotta do something to justify his miserable political life, yeah? 🙄

  8. Cojef:

    Braddah Lance, there was a lolo riding a bike at 10:20PM at the Hilton Lagoon last nite. Saw with my own eye from room 1412 at the Ilikai. We were told to move to above the 4th floor, lucky we were higher. Also there were many cars parked near the jetty at the marina.

  9. M:

    I was home and I just stayed home. My boss texted me and told me to standby so I was hoping everything was going to be alright so I won't have to go in to work.

  10. BowlingBuddy:

    We were at dinner when the siren sounded at the Waipio Gentry shopping center. After dinner we went to Foodland to by fruits and veggies for Sunday nite dinner. People were buying bottle water by the wagon loads. There were calls by cashiers to bring more water from the back. We just bought our fruits and veggies along with some candy.

  11. SittingInLimbo:

    I was at Aloha Towers that night for a fundraiser. Let me tell you it was crazy trying to get out of there all i wanted to do was just get my kids go home and sleep hahahahaha. I on the other hand had to put gas that night because I was running on fumes. I'm surprised that my car made it to the gas station, the gas station wasn't packed, but yes I really don't understand why people packed the dam stations like really! where are you going half of the island will be under water so your car will sit lol. I'm glad everyone is safe and sound tho and it didn't end up being a real. I guess better safe then a sorry @$$. lol.

  12. Joshua Kerrigan:

    This is a great post, I think you should turn it into a 2 or 3 part series.

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