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Wea Are Da Grindz?

October 29th, 2012

Aftah coming home from a part-time gig, Da Wife was watching Eat St. on da Cooking Channel and I saw something I nevah heard of, Poutine. Actually I tink I did hear of it but nevah knew wat it was cause it sounds fancy expensive. πŸ˜†

Now depends on who you speak to, it's pronounced a few ways but who da heck cares! Da grindz looked ONOLICIOUS! Hea's a little something something from Wikipedia:

Poutine ( /puːˈtiːn/; Quebec French pronunciation : [putΝ‘sΙͺn]) is a Quebec dish, made with french fries, topped with brown gravy and curd cheese. Sometimes additional ingredients are added.

Let me point out da "additional ingredients".

Once you mention french fries and brown gravy in da same sentence, I'm all in but watching Eat St. and dis one truck vendor, Smoke's Poutinerie (http://smokespoutinerie.com), he had au'kines of ingrediments/toppings - aside from da base of freshly made yukon potato fries - and themed ones as well such as Nachos, Bacon (obviously bacon filled), Hogtown, Beef Peppercorn, Philly Cheesesteak and tons of oddah stuff but once you go beyond da "regular" poutine toppings of just gravy and curd cheese, you no longah one side dish and looking for some kanack action.

Now hea's my question......... Wea da heck can I get one of those in da 808???

I always watch these mainland guys wit their supah-onolicious kine grindz (along wit our mainland readers like ManekiNekko who recently rubbed it in mentioning Johnnie's πŸ™ ) and I'm surah we get someone somewea serving up a specialty. I not talking chicken katsu, hamburgah steak or some "gourmet" plate lunch (adding Nalo greens wit a fancy dressing does NOT make it gourmet - Wassup Wit Dat!), but like something like Poutine's wea da cook does one or two things but does it right!

Anybody know of any restaurant, hole-in-da-wall, mom & pop or truck vendor around I can check out for maybe - dare I say it - a Grindz Review? 😯

Or you no like share your secret spot?

But if you no like share da secret location, feel free to drop some off cause I NEVAH turn down onolicious kine grindz. πŸ˜‰ πŸ˜‰

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23 Responses to “Wea Are Da Grindz?”

  1. M:

    Howzit BL!

  2. M:

    I nevah heard of Poutine and I like know whea I can try em too.

  3. PFF:

    BL, brah, we no mo' dat kine food in Kalihi, brah. Only get shoyu. Tanks for edumacating us, though.

  4. SittingInLimbo:

    Ohhhhh french fries and brown gravy and cheese!!!!!!!! that sounds so awesome!!!! Sounds like something I would make at home just because it sounds good in my head and the voices tells me to make it buwhahahahahaha.

  5. CC:

    Real a Gastropub has some mean poutine!! Go try!

  6. Keoni Simpkins:

    Hey BL, as soon as I saw the ingredients french fries and brown gravy, I knew why you posted this! Wanna bet da guy dat wen invented this is one local?! πŸ˜†

  7. snow:

    hey BL! sounds good, but i've never had poutine either!

    check this out:

  8. rayboyjr:

    😎 Good Morning Everyone!!! 😎

    ... hey Braddah Lance ... I grew up eating french fries with gravy!!! ... maybe we had more culture in our cuisine than we knew, huh??? ... ok, maybe not so fancy as the Poutine you talk about ... but it was different ... wasn't on the regular menu, but we just ordered it ...

    ... I also remember eating teriyaki fries from L&L at Puck's alley when I was going to UH ... and more recently eating teriyaki fries at Grace's ...

    ... I guess it's a good idea for stale or soggy fries ... throw something on top and BAM!!! it's good again ...

    ... Have a Good One Everyone!!! ...

  9. mows:

    you like poutine go korean bar.

  10. al:

    REAL at the old Tropics has a good poutine

  11. Cojef:

    While driving through Canada from Detroit to Quebec then south through Maine accounted the so called Poutine( French Fries) often. Was surprised that the fries was served with vinegar, instead the traditional ketchup. Canadians are strange.

  12. wafan:

    Thought you were talking about pua tings at first.

    Fries with vinegar is more English, I think.

  13. wafan:

    Hey, even and bakers dozen!

  14. Coconut Willy:

    @mows, yeah. i had some great poutine ova dea!

  15. sally:

    JP Spaghetti in Wahiawa... by Longs. Ever been there? My friend and I call it "Assagios on a paper plate".

  16. BowlingBuddy:

    Sounds like Zippy's Chili Cheese fries.

  17. M:

    Guud Morning BL!
    I like the animal style fries at In-N-Out.

  18. DF:

    From Canadians, eh.

  19. dev808:

    Poutine is available for dinner at the Whole Ox Deli in Kakaako across Keawe Street from the old CompUSA site--they have a version with foie gras. Someone else mentioned that Real a Gastropub also has poutine. Real's version is less decadent than Ox's. The Edge on Kapiolani behind Jazz Minds sometimes has poutine as a special.

  20. Manoa Mist:

    Dude just get McDonald's fries, buy the brown gravy mix from Foodland, stir 'em in the water then poof gravy, and then add in whatever you like on top. Man I gotta think of everything.

  21. sally:

    If you're ever in the Interstate Bldg, come up to the 7th Floor. Tiffany at Breaktime Snack Shop creates real ono and affordable grindz for bentos. Just ask HondasiBoy... or howevah you spell his tag. Been so long I fo'get.

  22. M:

    Guud Morning BL!
    Happy Halloween!

  23. kamaaina808:

    Hehe... Zippy's Vegetarian chili-cheese fries... 808Poutine! πŸ˜€

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