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October 31st, 2012


I am writing this email only to say that I am alive!

Whomever the driver was exiting your Kukahi St. station at the old Super Ferry pier (Bus# 504, approx. 6:30-6:40am) was not only reckless but unattentive as well. He disregarded a posted stop sign and proceeded onto Nimitz Hwy without even slowing down nor stopping - as required by law - at the intersection of Kukahi and Nimitz Hwy.

I was traveling east bound on Nimitz Hwy on the far right lane riding a motorcycle and by the time I realized it he was directly in front of me. I practically slammed my brakes, swerved across THREE LANES and missed the front driver side bumper by TWO FEET!!!!!! I raced my engine (and it is LOUD) to let him know I was there but he continued anyways. I turned back to signal to him that he needed to stop and watch but he didn't even acknowledge a simple apology and continued on his way.

If I wasn't ahead of the "pack" of cars I certainly would be dead right now.

I cannot believe that a "professional" driver responsible for so many people would be that careless and not only disregard the rules of the road but put lives in danger. I am so frickin' angry, words cannot express my emotions right now as I am still shaking from nearly being permanently taken away from my wife and daughter!!!!!

I would appreciate this being shared all the way to the top and not being swept under the rug as this is an extreme matter.

Lance Kwon


A letter this morning to TP Transportation (huge yellow and green transport bus company) since no one was available to answer the phone (they probably was still closed).

Trust me, I would have liked to use more "choice" words but dat was da best - most civilized - way I could put it considering. I'll post their response if they care to respond.

Anyways, please excuse me as I go back and count how many lives I have left while I clean up my bvd's.

Please be safe dis Halloween if you're out and about and be especially vigilant if you're out on da roads.

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17 Responses to “OMFG!!!!”

  1. BowlingBuddy:

    Unfortunately there are idiots on our roads. Being the defensive driver save your life, the most precious gift we have. The guy will get his due someday but I hope no one else will be involved.

  2. SittingInLImbo:

    YIKES!!!!!!!! what a way to start off the day huh? I'm very glad you're ok. I still don't understand people who drive bigger vehicles then us drive so reckless! especially when they're responsible for other lives too. *smh* god bless braddah lance.

  3. rayboyjr:

    😎 Be Safe Everyone!!! 😎

    ... hey Braddah Lance ... happy to hear you are safe ... and were able to avoid a major accident ...

    ... I can't count how many idiotic drivers I encounter on the roads nowadays ... they're everywhere and you can't avoid them ... so I put my trust in the only motorist I have contol over ... ME!!!!! ...

    ... and didn't we just pass the full moon phase ... lots of crazies on the roadway ...

    ... Have a Happy & Safe Halloween Everyone!!! ...

  4. wafan:

    That is the new rule of the road. The larger vehicle has the right of way.


    No matter what.

    And, the driver does not even have to have much of an IQ above that of "fool".

  5. wafan:

    Glad you are okay.

    Remember to give extra hugs your family and friends every day!

  6. B:

    yeah glad you're ok. drivers are being very negligent nowadays. taking the mentality that anything goes so being very cautious... even take longer routes and avoid accident prone areas. I even get grandma and granpas overtaking me in residential type areas where the speed limit is 25mph...and dey overtaking me at 40mph... and wen we all get to da traffic light...guess wat...i stay right behind dem.

  7. M:

    Howzit BL,
    Happy that you are safe!

  8. sally:

    I'm shaking as I'm reading this! So grateful you were spared the worst case scenario. Please let us know how this turns out, as far as how TP Transportation handled it.

  9. wafan:

    Well, if they do not respond satisfactorily I guess we will know the "junk" driver works for the right company . . . TP.

  10. hemajang:

    Glad you made it. Give up da bike BL, we care about you.

    And yesterday, what a mess. Don't know what made the garbage truck driver smash into the H1 median strip but it created a major inconvenience for many.

  11. jaydee:

    Eh, stay safe Braddah Lance. You get too many "close call" stories. Your wife and daughter need you more than you need 'da bike. Just sayin...

  12. M:

    Guud Morning BL!

    Stay safe!

  13. Ocean Lover:

    How many times we told you "You get one family now.............get rid of da motorcycle"?

    But on another note............was you or what dat won da Vegas trip? Gotta be as I don't tink get anoddah guy with the same name.


  14. Ocean Lover:

    We just finished discussing that truck driver who crashed through the median yesterday and agree its the RAIL SUPPORTERS purposely doing this so everyone gets MORE FED UP WITH TRAFFIC and will support rail. Never mind if we can't afford it.

    Sorry for bringing politics in hea...............

  15. B:

    Braddah Lance,

    wuz dat u on da radio?....u wen win trip to LV? congrats!

  16. M:

    Hello BL!
    Happy Happy FGF!

  17. lowtone123:

    Best advise I can give is always be on the defensive when driving. You neva know wea da idiots are on the road and wen dey goin strike. I tink it saved your life, BL.

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