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November 21st, 2012

In case you haven't heard by now, the lives of four people - and countless others indirectly - have been dramatically changed forever.

In Ewa yesterday afternoon, as reported by Star-Advertiser reporter Gordon Y.K. Pang, "Police and witnesses said a GMC Envoy was speeding eastbound on Kaimalie Street toward Fort Weaver Road when it crossed the double solid centerline and struck a Porsche Cayenne traveling westbound. The Envoy continued, striking an unoccupied minivan parked on the street in the westbound direction before slamming into a utility pole.

Police said they believe speed and alcohol were contributing factors in the crash that happened at about 1:30 p.m. on Kaimalie Street near the Ewa Pointe Marketplace."

Just looking at that image makes me cringe and there are actually more disturbing photos (click here for video from HNN) reported by other media as one is dead, one in critical condition and two others in serious condition. It's times like these I wish there was a way to see what was going in the vehicle moments before as there will always be more questions than answers.

Were his friends telling him to slow down? Were they fooling around? Were they texting? Were they late? Why were they (any or all of them) drinking? Did anybody say this was a bad idea? How did they get the alcohol? Did he have a license or a permit? Why da heck weren't they in school?

Wassup Wit Dat!

In reality, it's actually no one's business other than the people involved but like always, everyone gotta be niele and throw in their five cents. "It's their parents fault", "It's their upbringing", "HPD should have been there" - yada, yada, yada. When are people going to realize that people - youth are no different - are going to do what they want to do no mattah wat da upbringing?

It's called life. It's the choices we make in this life that will have an impact directly or indirectly and whether we choose to learn by them, live by them or ignore them. Most choices we make don't tend to take lives but when it does, God be with them as if they live through it, I can't even begin to imagine the torment that will ensue.

A lot of people will forget this tragedy in a matter of weeks but the people who know those involved, I hope they will press on, share and stress the message to make better choices and not the same ole' same ole of don't drink and drive or don't speed. When you think about it, all of that falls into the premise of a singular action - choice.

So as you all enter into Thanksgiving - and the holidays - please choose to not speed even though you late, choose to hand your keys over if you had too much to drink, choose to TAKE the keys away from someone that has too much to drink, choose to not answer your phone while driving........ it's your choice.

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13 Responses to “Senseless”

  1. SittingInLimbo:

    My heart hurts! my prayers to all family's of the victims.

  2. M:

    Guud morning BL,
    People always tink not going happen to me, they need to tink before they get behind da wheel and da passengers need to tink too before dey go in da car.
    My prayers go out the da families and friends.

  3. king katonk:

    What a senseless tragedy, especially during this holiday season. Our prayers go out to all the victims. I agree BL, no matter how many warnings stare us in the face, it’s all about the choice to heed them or ignore them.

    In the end, it’s all about personal responsibility.

    Be safe and have a wonderful Thanksgiving with your family.

  4. lowtone123:

    BL, times like this I think back to when I was young and the choices I made. I know I've made more than a few bad choices back then and although I am fortunate that no one got hurt or killed in an instance it might have turned out quite different. It's not only about how your choices affect you but how they also affect others. That a wrong choice can have life altering affects on many.

  5. roach:


    Once he gets out of the hospital, I hope he is thrown in prison for the rest of his life where someone will be happy to make him his girlfriend.

  6. BowlingBuddy:

    I feel for the innocent victims in the accident. I guess its faith. When your time comes, it comes. Condolence to the family that have lost their loved ones and good healing for the survivors.

  7. B:

    prayers to all the families and loved ones involved. thanksgiving will be a day of reflection and giving thanks for all of us who are able to continue through this journey of life.

  8. Palolo Lolo:


    You are correct that teens will do what they want regardless of their upbringing. However, it is the responsibility of parents to ensure we do everthing possible to instill a good foundation and values that will stack the cards in favor of allowing our children to be responsible citizens. Not to say that teens will not make mistakes because god knows I made many of my own. But the recklessness and selfishness exhibited by the teen driver goes way beyond your normal teenage transgressions. May or may not be relevant to this story but parents need be parents first and friends second. Pure speculation but I would bet the teenage driver was not your typical choir boy. Also call me crazy but I also suspect that he didn't purchase that vehicle on his own. So I ask his parents, did your son demonstrate to you the type of character and responsiblity that comes with having the priveledge to drive? Sorry for the rant but it really saddens and frustrates me how many lives are lost to ignorant teens behind the wheel. My heart goes out the girl and her family.

  9. dihudfan:

    sad... sad... making the wrong choices... only hope other kids will take a good look at what happened and make bettah choices... hud to have a nice Thanksgiving day this way... my prayers are with the parents and friends of the kids involved.

  10. sally:

    Absolutely heartbreaking news. Pray for hearts of loved ones to heal. Pray for the survivors.

  11. M:

    Howzit BL! Happy Thanksgiving!

  12. Cojef:

    Feel for the parents of this tragic accident. They did everything they were capable of doing to bring them to this age. They are not responsible for the tragedy. The choices made by the victims of the accident are their own and they have suffered the consequences. Behaviors are an individual thing. We all take chances and risk, the difference is that are they sensible or irrational. Unfortunately, it was the wrong choices.

  13. wafan:

    Being thankful we are all here still alive and kicking.

    Sending prayers and positive thoughts to those who have been affected by the choices of others.

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