Wassup Wit Dat!

Warning... But Nothing More

November 30th, 2012

Last week at our weekly visit to Sam's Club, I was about to pull into a stall but noticed dis.......

Wassup Wit Dat!

Seriously, FOUR, yup, count 'em... one, two, tree, four stalls! Your ego seriously has to be huge to even tink about pulling dis kine of stunt. It's not right in any means but IF you going try dat, there are some basic courtesies dat you should consider in your inconsiderate coconut shell.

First, go do 'um in da far side of da parking lot wea nobody wants to park anyways - not in a prime time area wea everyone wants to park. Second, your vehicle gotta be worth - at minimum - $75k and gotta be a model wea we cannot pronounce da name so we tink it's fancy shmancy. Also, if you get any kine stock rims, das one automatic FAIL! Third, try take up only TWO stalls unless you drive one semi-truck, there's no reason to save your life dat you should take up FOUR stalls. And last, if you going take four stalls...... use up ALL FOUR STALLS! Why would you even park part on one side and da majority on da oddah side. You already one prick fo' doing it, you might as well park "even".

As I walked by tinking about leaving a "love note", I noticed dat someone already did..........

Dat was so shweeeeet! Too bad it don't really mean anything but I liked da "Other Message" left on da stickah although I would have thrown in some adjectives myself. It really would have been da bestest if there was a boot clamped on though but I guess Security felt da Holiday Spirit.

Happy Feel Good Friday everybodies!

SHOUT OUT: Hau'oli La Hanau to Da Wife! 😉

16 Responses to “Warning... But Nothing More”

  1. M:

    Howzit BL!
    Boot da truck! den tow dat truck!
    Happy FGF!

  2. SittingInLimbo:

    buwhahahahahahahahaha. I'm telling you this state would make choke money if we took notes from the mainland and start booting people's cars. This ERKS me to the fullest when cars/trucks park like this. At times when there are cars/trucks park like this and there's space on the other side I park next to them, make sure my driver side is close to the other cars driver side, so idiot learn he's lesson, I then take pictures with my phone of the other vehicle from how the parked, and I take pics of my car. Just incase these F*****s try anything I get the info :D, didn't need to use my evidence yet. But yes so inconsiderate. Have a great weekend!

  3. BowlingBuddy:

    Unfortunately we have these kind of people in the world. Without them, it would be boring. Maybe the person only has a learner's permit and don't know how to park. Could be in the next lesson!! Have a great day.

  4. kamaaina808:

    First I wanna say, "Hau'oli La Hanau" to BL's Wife!

    Second, Howzit, BL!

    Third - dat is some crazy shtuff. So inconsiderate!

    Thing is, if you saw them doing it... would you even 'go there' and say something, or would you do the safe thing & call security? I think I'd probably 'go there' and use my truck an' my big mouth to make them at least move to 2 of them. Just call me crazy.... 😯

  5. sally:

    Hau'oli La Hanau to Da Wife! Knowing you, BL, you got something special planned.

    Okay... B.O.T.
    1) Why buy a huge truck if you have no means of parking it legitly?
    2) Maybe 'das one work truck.
    3) Lic Plate says prob not.
    4) Totally agree that this Behemoth of a Truck (learned that from you, BL!) should be parked on da other side of da lot in da corner. Even if busy, at least it shows you tried to have some sense of consideration.
    5) Ho, Make A eh?! You're car (complete w/ lic plate) is out there for all to enjoy!
    6) In da spirit of da season... Merry Christmas!

  6. anklebiters:

    Hey BL !! Nice to see you again last week at Ryan's.

    ...driver had to shi shi...

    My pet peeve when I visit the 808 land is all of the backing up into a parking stall gyrations that drivers do - and this is the only place on the planet that I've observed this... 😆 I can understand that it's a lot easier to just pull out front first but....I was at the Ward Center parking garage the other night and for a good 5 minutes I was stuck on the 2nd level because a line of cars in front of me were backing up into their stall. Just mayBEE, they're not so great at backing out of a stall as they are backing into one...... 😉

  7. sally:

    @ankles: you were in FRONT of me so I know it wasn't me! LOL

    For some reason, for me, it's way easier to back INto a stall than OUT of a stall. The only place you never back into is at Costco.

    Altho', backing INto a stall there is far, far better than taking up FOUR STALLS!!!

    Howz dat for staying on topic?

  8. lowtone123:

    Aloha Friday BL, I don't get why people choose to drive humongous trucks and SUV's when dey no can drive um or park um. My rule is get one smallah car, SUV or truck if...
    1. You cannot drive without weaving into the other driving lanes.
    2. You cannot or will not park in your chosen marked parking space for fear of somebody
    denting your door.
    3. Your under the impression that because your vehicle is bigger than everyone else's on the
    road that the other car's have to yield to you when you decide you want to change
    lanes without looking first to see if is clear.
    4. You park in two (or in your case BL, four stalls) and are under the impression that it is
    okay to do so.
    5. This also applies to smaller trucks and SUV's that are fitted with suspensions so high you
    need a pilot's license to operate and tires so big they can substitute as emergency
    floatation devices.

  9. DIO:

    I wonder....is there some law preventing Sam's Club / the property owner from simply towing the violating vehicle instead of simply putting this kind of worthless sticker on it? I would love to see vehicles like this get towed. After (and only after) the vehicle is towed, then the store should make an announcement for all to hear, "If you own a black Ford pickup, license #RWP 607, you'll find it at the tow yard. It'll cost you $$$ to get back. Let this be a lesson to all shoppers in this store, you could be next if you don't park your vehicle properly! " 😈

  10. wafan:

    Geez. Fool. Looks like it was a warning. Hopefully next time it will be towed. Hopefully you will be there to take photos of it being towed while the owner is in shock and others are smiling.

    Happy birthday to the much better looking half!

  11. Ynaku:

    THEY USED SUPA GLUE ON DA STICKAH. Shoulda put 4 three more, 1 for each stall infraction (beeg word yeah?) And geev em da boot.

    My truck little bit shorter than that BUT I fit in one stall 😀

  12. anklebiters:

    Slant the parking stalls....

  13. M:

    Guud morning BL!
    What happen this weekend? 😆

  14. PFP:

    Agree with you BL. If it's a domestic truck, all stock, brah, forget it! Only exception is maybe a semi or a Lamborghini, or something like a Lambo.

    Oddawise, brah, park em outside the strukcha, in the gravel lot, far away, across the street.

    Enjoy your pictures of these cuckoo heads. Thanks for sharing.

  15. Kage:

    wow. shame. das my truck...nah.

    Hahahaaha. Dis driver get their picture posted on the internet. Should start a blog on bad parking. I bet get one out there already. 🙂

  16. M:

    Guud morning BL!

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