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It's That Time Of Year

November 19th, 2012

Well it's dat time of year wea "readership" goes down cause of all da holiday action going on, people on vacation (cause we all know a majority of da WWD! Hui are bored at work and need something fo' do) and just da hustle and bustle all ovah.

Craft fairs have started, Christmas trees are up and Christmas is everywea.

Wait, Thanksgiving nevah even pau yet.....

Wassup Wit Dat!

Nah, I not going all Scrooge li'dat but da week of Thanksgiving to "prepare" for Christmas is ok I guess since it really should be called Thanks-tmas. 😆

How do you prepare for Thanksgiving? Is your hale always da host of da Thanksgiving meal? Do you cook, fry, buy a turkey? Is there a potluck list dat nevah changes? Do you have to do "multiple" Thanksgivings? Do you get ready for Black Friday? Have you noticed a bunch more of those "ready-to-go-Thanksgiving-meals"?

Da Wife and I always go to her relatives hale and ALWAYS get onolicious kine grindz and we NEVAH leave hungry... for days. 😆 Da past few years Da Wife was "asked" to do her ham but dis year we've been "asked" to do da turkey...... ho da pressure!

So if you still out there....... Howzit Howzit! If not, wassamattah you? WWD! is full-time brah! 😛

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Off The Market

November 15th, 2012

As we progress through life, if we are lucky enough, we find a soul mate to finish the journey with.

It ain't perfect and it definitely ain't easy but for those who are able find each other in a world that's much larger than we can imagine, it's something to pursue, grab a hold on to and fight for.

One of my best friends - for about 25 years since shmall kid time - is finally getting hitched.

After seeing him go through a few heavy relationships, it's finally a breath of fresh air that he's found, "Da One". She's a lively person and down to earth which is a perfect match for him and they compliment each other very well. It's almost surreal that it could be that way but if I didn't see it, I wouldn't have believed it.

They must have been intoxicated................... with each oddah's love.

All together now...... aaaawwwwwwwww. 😛

Wassup Wit Dat!

Ok enough of da mushy stuff. They'll be offically off da market come Saturday, November 17th at around 10:15am so for all those dat used to date these two or checked these two out at one time or anoddah - too bad, so sad, bumbye nevah now.

Let's all wish them luck, happiness and all dat oddah good shtuff...... too bad you won't be able to hear my groomsman speech for him. 😆 😯 😆

Congrats to be, Alan & Keri!

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FREE Tickets - UH Basketball Game TONIGHT!

November 12th, 2012

Got two tickets for tonight's UH Men's basketball game (Monday, Nov 12th, 11:00pm) vs. Houston Baptist at the Stan Sheriff Center donated by a Lurkah we'll call Kerrie. 😉 Mahalos!

Tonight's game is a nationally televised game on ESPN and it's a theme night called "Blackout". In case it's not obvious, it means dress in black. Also, if you're a student, the one with the best sign using the ESPN acronym wins a prize. The sign cannot be larger than 4'x3' and no sticks can be attached to the sign.

If you're interested, reply with a post and if you're in town, we can meet up for delivery otherwise if you'll be in the Pearl City area in the afternoon, that'll work as well.

And since a ton of people are on holiday and not too much people killing time reading WWD! at work, da first one to reply stating s/he wants it... it's yours!

Mahalos again Kerrie!


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Honor And Respect

November 11th, 2012

Department of Veteran AffairsJust wanted to share a post that moved me a few years back in respect to all those who serve with honor and respect.

In case you haven't heard yet, today is Veteran's day... oh, wait... we'll notice that in a few moments by the number of posts left since everybody - well almost everybody - is off today. 😉

But seriously, today is all about our Veteran's - both active and retired.

It's about honoring and celebrating America's veterans for their patriotism, love of country, and willingness to serve and sacrifice so that we are able to live the way we do.


Now that's a big word.

How's about we add another..... life.

So how do you repay a United States Marine Corp soldier who sacrifices his life for serving his country and in the process saving his scout team as they cleared houses in Fallujah?

At the least... a medal no?

Not so in Sgt. Rafael Peralta case. Well at least not the Medal of Honor.

Nearly four years after Sgt. Rafael Peralta's death, his family was notified by Defense Secretary Robert Gates that the recommendation for Sgt. Peralta to receive the Medal of Honor - the highest medal of decoration awarded by the government - was "downgraded" to the Navy Cross, a distinguished medal itself.

From all accounts, as written in The Advertiser's Sep.9th article and Wikipedia, it's a wonder why the Medal of Honor was not awarded.

The reason seems to be that the investigators deemed his gunshot wounds were fatal before he had time to react in shielding the live grenade with his body (please read the article above).

How many stories have we heard before of incredible acts beyond possibility? People lifting vehicles to help trapped people or running through fire or even through great pain, still being coherent enough to act sensibly?

I cannot believe that the powers that award the Medal of Honor, even after being given sworn testimony from his team, could deny such an honor. Sgt. Peralta's men are the living proof since Sgt. Peralta is unable to speak on his own behalf.

A team member believes that because Sgt. Peralta was an immigrant who went through the naturalization process (became an U.S. citizen while serving in the USMC), he was denied. If that's the case.....


WTF is more like it. I sincerely hope that had no weight to it because Sgt. Peralta did nothing but do it the right way! He loved the United States, got his citizenship, served in the Corp and paid the ultimate price for his enthused patriotism.

Granted, the Medal of Honor is not a recognition given out lightly (only 3467 awarded since the Civil War!) and thus takes years for it to be awarded but if the facts from the surviving scout team is true, then Sgt. Peralta certainly deserves it.

Sorry........ EARNED IT, by paying the ultimate sacrifice while saving his men!




(in honor of Sgt. Rafael Peralta and the United States Marine Corp)

(also known/said as SEMPER FI)

Definition: "Always Faithful"


(pronounced the same)

Use: Responding to a verbal greeting or expression of enthusiasm used only by the USMC
* Originally was "AARUGHA" (like da horn) but simplified and shortened to Ooh-rah
(from Wikipedia)



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November 10th, 2012

Just sayin' Howzit......

I know, I know - Wassup Wit Dat!

Got nothing else to add oddah than Hawai'i lost, Notre Dame won and da Niners should win. 2 out of 3 ain't bad.

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