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Are You Ready?

December 31st, 2012

Anoddah year has wooshed by and I dunno about you but does it seem like New Year's is waaaaaay busier than Christmas?

Wassup Wit Dat!

Christmas seems to be duck soup compared to New Year's cause everybody gets practically da same thing for New Year's:

Da good luck "weeds" you attach to your door frame.
Da orange on top of da plastic mochi thingy wit da pic of watevahs.
Da mochi pounding.
Da mochi eating.
Da mochi soup.
Da firecrackahs....... well, lack thereof now. 😡
Da rush to pick up ice.
Da wat feels like $100 /lb sashimi but still taste da same as da $7 /lb sashimi from a day ago. 🙄
Da house cleaning.
Da numerous pah-tay's before, during and aftah.

Am I missing anything else? Wat are your New Year's Eve/Day traditions? Feel free to add to da list.

Oh yeah, not to mention dat more people take off for New Year's Eve than Christmas. I guess wen it comes to pah-tay's, EVERYONE can do New Year's yeah?

And not to be out done for da last totally selfish parking pic of da year taken just two days ago.... which is not immune to religious sects......

You gotta give da drivah credit though......... s/he parked PERFECTLY in da middle. 🙄

Have a grrrrrrrrrreeeeeat New Year and pah-tay safe! See you on da flip side.... hopefully right side up.... but then again, dat wouldn't be in WWD! style now would it? 😆

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Smile... It's A Friday

December 28th, 2012

Can you say............................


December 25th, 2012

Christmas is hea, let da excitement begin
Hope your ohana stay happy by flashing a grin
It happens one time a year wea everyone feels good
And you can pass on da memories from your childhood

We all lucky to be alive
Cause da Mayans nevah like us survive
Let's laugh and rejoice cause we always get choice
But if not, no fo'get get da WWD! voice

From my ohana to yours may your day fill with laughter
Go out, have fun, and no one will bother
Spread cheer and jeer as you go out and play
Mele Kalikimaka and have a grrrrreeeeat day!

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Who's Naughty?

December 24th, 2012

Ok, who not pau with their Christmas shopping yet?

Wassamattah you? 😆

Da Wife and I ventured out on Saturday to finish up.... ok, ok, she was all pau last week and I had to get for da rest of my ohana but I didn't tink it was bad at all. Da malls was hustlin' and bustlin' and da only "bad" thing about it was finding parking... in which da parking gods has bestowed upon me - besides da knack of finding terrible parkers - da luck of scoring parking within five to ten minutes.

Once we hit da main walkway at Ala Moana it felt like we were salmon during their annual run upstream. It's a good thing we had stroller in tow to serve like a fullback opening up a running lane for da running back cause from da looks of things, peoples just wanted to get in and out as fast as they could.

Why is it dat during da "happiest time of da year", people are usually at their worst?

Wassup Wit Dat!

People completely disreagrd da rules of da road, literally leave some aisles trashed and no fo'get about sharing da "oddah side" of da Christmas spirit... and it ain't giving da shaka. Let's not fo'get da workahs who NOT on commission literally acting like they no like be there and more grouchy than Da Wife. (it's ok, she no read WWD!) 😆

I truly believe da holiday's are a test from da powers dat be to really see wat side of da list you really belong to. But while da spirit of giving runs true, one can't help to be selfish in order to give. Take da simple act of parking during dis time. If you see a spot open up, you try and rush 'em or if you see someone trying to snipe your spot, all da blood starts to boil. How about grabbing more than da "limit" of an item? Surah you not getting 'em for yourself - unless you really are - but then for every extra one you take, das one less for someone else.

Tink about it. Da true sense of giving is actually being selfish cause you always getting something out of it no mattah even if you say you not get anything out of it. More than likely it's an intangible benefit, but you still getting something out of it.

Just like you making everyone's favorite holiday dish, you feel good dat they enjoyed it. Or a "perfect" gift given, warms you up inside wen you see their face light up as they open it. I'll even admit dat all my years of coaching makes me giddy inside knowing dat hopefully, a difference was made in da keiki's life.

So I guess if being naughty makes me nice, call me a Grinch. 😉

Anybody witness any "holiday spirit"? How has your Christmas rush been going.... or is it still going? Are you a gift card buyer or do you actually get out there and run with da salmon? Have you evah *gulp* re-gifted?

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WWD! Annual You Snoooze You Lose

December 21st, 2012

So you still hea? I still stay.

No fireballs, no ice caps melting, not even a single Wassup Wit Dat! happening signaling da end of da world.

Damn. I guess I bettah pay those bills now. 🙁

In da spirit of Christmas and a WWD! tradition since it's inception - or was it da year aftah? -, it's da annual offering of FREE, das right, F to da R to da double E, FREE, FREE, FREE...... kim chee!

Made famously by me of course. 😉

No, really, I make 'em myself. 😯

Just a little something something and my way of saying MAHAAAAAALOS for staying tuned and reading WWD!... all 27 of you!

Whether you're a Kwonic or just a faithful Lurkah of WWD!, da kim chee is yours for da asking but you gotta work for it by posting dat you'd like some. Yup, you gotta put up a post saying you like some. If you like elaborate why you like 'em dat would be nice too but I know it's a difficult task to push a few key strokes and risking possible ligament or carpal tunnel damage but das da risk you take for some FREE kim chee.

I know there are a couple of guys dat wait all year for dis to happen (I dunno wat's da mattah wit them) but it's open season.... or until I run out. Well, it does take me four hours to make a single batch and das why I no make 'em often except for "special" occasions. So far dis holiday season I made about seven batches and counting. 😯 😥

Just make surah you post so I can hopefully make enough and then email me latah for pick up/drop off. I should have a fresh batch tomorrow and I'll be running around town like a lolo for much of da day on Saturday and back in Pearl City later. Sunday will probably stay in da Pearl City area so you can try plan around dat.

Remembah, you SNOOZE you LOSE.

Have a great Happy Feel Good Friday and I guess if da world is coming to an end, sadly it won't be by nature's hand.... Wassup Wit Dat!

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