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Is It Christmas Yet?

December 4th, 2012

Without da shopping malls dressed up waaaay before Thanksgiving (WWD!), tv commercials daring you to buy more than you afford, Black Friday/Cyber Monday and da 24/7 holiday music being played, you would almost tink dat it's just anoddah regulah day. Really, hea in Hawai'i we wouldn't know da difference cause we don't have da "seasons" to tell us different.

Besides Mauna Loa, Mauna Kea and Haleakala, we don't get snow or blizzards as da seasonal weather in da islands don't have dramatic changes like da oddah Big Rock (continental US) so basically, we rely on temperature to trigger dat there's change. Once it gets nippy and drops to da mid to low 70's and *gulp* even 60's, we automatically tink (feel), Christmas.

For me, das wat does it. It's not da ad's or decorations (not even Honolulu Hale) but just da fact dat it's cold and it's not just any kine cold either. You know wat I mean, it's different. I love dat kine weather! Das wat triggers "Christmas" for me.

Oh yeah, it's a must dat I gotta watch "A Christmas Story" for da uku-billionth time no mattah how much times it's being played on tv and gotta get whiffs of da Christmas tree smells.

Wat triggers Christmas for you? Do you have any Christmas traditions? How many of you have - actually wear - Christmas clothes? Are you a scrooge cause you shot your eye out?

SHOUT OUT: If you got any holiday pics or seen an interesting display, please email them to me to share with da WWD! Hui. Or if there's anything you wanted to share - doesn't have to be Christmas - no scade and shoot me an email or bettah yet, stop being a Lurkah and just post it. 😛

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15 Responses to “Is It Christmas Yet?”

  1. BowlingBuddy:

    Black Fridays trigger the Christmas season for me. I see the ads and start noticing the decorations. The wife starts to dust of the ornaments for the tree. We don't get a real tree but we do get a real wreath that is on the front door. We go to the sister-in-laws house on Christmas eve for the last so many years. On my side, we usually go out for a luncheon at some designated restaurant. Been doing that for at least 20 yrs. Have a great holidays.

  2. M:

    Howzit BL!
    Fo me too, Black Friday ads starts da Christmas season and da following week it's time fo da fake tree to be pulled out of storage and da lights. On da eve we go to my sista in laws moms house fo dinnah and on Christmas day we go to my wife aunties house fo lunch.

  3. dihudfan:

    da sounds of Christmas... I like da music... no like the crowds at stores...

  4. Keoni Simpkins:

    Eh BL, as a fairly new resident (awmost tree years now), I also love when the weather starts to become 'nippy'! It's a welcome change from the heat of late summer/fall. Back in New Jersey, the mid 60's in December is considered unusually warm. Funny how quickly one becomes used to the climate here, yeah? That change is what signals it's Christmas time in Hawai'i for me.
    Now if we can only get rid of dis d*mn vog!!! 🙄 😆

  5. snow:

    Thanksgiving begins the Christmas season for me but, it's even better when the weather cooperates and brings some chilly days and nights! (I mean, the other day was just too darned HOT!) I like the Christmas songs on the radio - I have to sing along! - and the decorations, too. I have a few Christmas t-shirts that I wear on Christmas eve and day... otherwise, maybe I'll bust out the Christmas earrings every so often. Traditions? The tree has got to be real! And, we always have dinner at my sister's on the eve and lunch (it's hot dogs and chips, always!) at our house and my in-laws on the day. Yes, that's lunch... twice!

  6. wafan:

    Going out to cut a tree, setting it up and decorating it means Christmas is here. But what really gives me that feeling is the moment we start Winter Break!

  7. Cojef:

    Being retired for 22 years and 52 years old son still a bachelor, no grand kids, no X-Mas celebration for long time. Quit put up Christmas tree, have small glass covered miniature tree with 2 AAA batteries operated ornaments on dining table for the last 20 years. X-Mas is for kids. Sad no Gand kids around to spoil. Come from big family, 6 braddahs and a sistah. We did not have much and made own tree with real small and thin candles. Gottah be careful or catch fiyah. That's our story.

  8. NKHEA:

    😯 jus call me schroogee 😯

    👿 baa humbug 👿

  9. kamaaina808:

    The 'chill' in the air, the smell of fresh-cut trees... going to Home Depot to score some branches to decorate cuz I stay too broke to buy one tree... adding more Christmas lights to the ones I already have out front just to annoy my neighbor... Christmas songs playing in stores... finding wrapping paper that actually says "Christmas" somewhere on it... black Friday @ Costco to get loads of mac nut candy, etc. to send to the mainland... printing home-made Christmas cards @ Walgreens... yep... it's Christmastime in Hawaii! 🙂

  10. GA Bows:

    Wat triggers Christmas for you? The weekend after Thanksgiving, buying a x-mas tree.

    Do you have any Christmas traditions? Elf on the shelf, watching Miracle on 34th Street.
    We also invite a couple of people from work that doesn't have family to my hale for x-mas dinner and give them small kine gift.

    How many of you have - actually wear - Christmas clothes? NOOOOO!!!!!

    Are you a scrooge cause you shot your eye out? I tend to give more than I get, that's just my nature.

  11. kamaaina808:

    PS... a big loud NO on wearing 'Christmas clothes' ... o teh horror! 😯

  12. M:

    What is Christmas clothes? 😆

  13. sally:

    Christmas clothes = red surf shorts.

  14. Toekinam:

    Christmas songs playing everywhere and cool breezes!!

  15. 9thIslandGirl:

    Watching Christmas Story is something I do every year, too! We always make sugar cookies and decorate them and give them to our neighbors. I'm sure they were really happy when we finally got smart and started using Pillsbury dough. I'm sure they used to thank us and throw them away the first few years.

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