Wassup Wit Dat!

Didn't Take Long

January 4th, 2013

Well, 39 hours and 53 minutes to be exact for da first WWD! moment of da 2013 year.

I went to pick up a prize I had won last month and approached the window. Aftah contacting da receptionist via telephone, I waited for her to come to da front desk. As she turned da corner, I saw her sneeze into her right hand. Ugh. She then asked for my ID.

As I went to take it out of my wallet, she sneezed again into da same hand and nevah even wipe it or made an effort to "clean" it as she was shuffling papers around.

I know wat you tinking, WWD! yeah? Well hold your okole........ there's more of course.

Now anyone who knows anything about communicable diseases especially during da flu season knows - or definitely heard - dat wen you sneeze, sneeze into a tissue or your sleeve and if possible, wash your hands immediately, use a hand sanitizer or at da very least, wipe da sprays on your shirt or pants.

And even though it was a shmall kine WWD! moment, my ID was still needed to retrieve da prize so as I reluctantly handed it to her she did something dat totally caught me off guard.... she licked da fingers on her ODDAH hand! Now not da kine I got something small on my fingahs, it was da kine bbq rib sauce all ovah da mouth fingah lickin' good kine!

Wassup Wit Dat!

She had just grabbed my ID with her contaminated hand, touched it wit her "cleaned" hand and then put it down on her germ infested keyboard.

It was such a surreal moment for me, I was speechless... but kept my mouth closed cause of da germs floating in da air. Da only thing I could tink was "DAMN! Wat da *insert adjective hea*?!" It appeared dat she was munching on those TGIF Potato Skin chips - you do need to "clean off" your fingahs with those chips - and maybe she thought I couldn't see or wouldn't notice but still, would you do any of dat right in front of a stranger?

Was da prize worth it?

We'll see if I'm hospitalized in a few days or not.

Happy New Year........ WWD! style. 😀

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14 Responses to “Didn't Take Long”

  1. M:


  2. M:

    Howzit BL!
    Nevah a dull moment.... 😯

    Happy FGF!

  3. BowlingBuddy:

    I carry my own sanitizer for cases like yours. People just don't think when they are in the eyes of the customers. Need to be counseled in public mannerism.

  4. snow:

    OH. MY. GAWD. i would have been so ridiculously grossed out, i'm sure i would have made a face! 🙄 then, she would have given me the eye and licked my prize! lol. but, thank goodness i carry my own hand sanitizer, too!

    aisus, dat wun!

  5. SittingInLimbo:

    OMG!!!!! POISON!!!!!! see this is why I can never keep an new years res! I would of yelled "oh hell no" you going wash your hands. I always have clorox wipes in my bag and hand sanitizer. I'm nuts over this kind of things. Especially because I have sensitive skin and I would catch anything on the fly.
    Even my four year old knows to cough or sneeze into his elbow!!!! I don't understand! OMG i think I'm getting sick just reading this blog lmbo. I have taught my son to yell out H1N1 POISON! when someone cough/sneeze without covering their mouth lol. The look on those peoples faces lol classic!
    I hope you clorox wiped your id and your hand, then repeat with sanitizer.

  6. wafan:

    GROSS and major league disgusting!

    I would have asked for a tissue before taking my ID back or at least held it by the edges with two fingers while asking for the nearest restroom -- to wash my hands and ID and maybe even throw up. But, public restrooms are yucky, too, especially anything with a handle.

    What the heck was she thinking. Or not?!?!

  7. wafan:

    And, a belated happy new year to everyone!


  8. Kage:

    Happy New Year everyone.

    Whahhaaaaah? eeeeeyuuuuu!

    I dunno if I could have kept a straight face after witnessing that.

  9. sally:

    Ho da GROSSSS!!!

    Everytime you tell a story I can't help but wonder if these people even know that they going be famous via a major league blog!

  10. KAN:

    That. is. disgusting.

    I have my own hand sanitizer too. And I wash my hands before I put anything in my mouth. And I take lots of vitamin C. And yes, I am paranoid.

    I have friends and bosses who catch every cold that goes around b/c they NEVER WASH THEIR HANDS. I rarely catch cold because I'm paranoid and I do.

    [Watch, I goin' catch bachi and get sick next week.]

  11. dihudfan:

    some people no tink... they just do...
    spread aloha... not germs!!
    Happy new years and stay HEALTHY!!

  12. cojef:

    Ugh! bad sign, hope u no ketch flu. Flu season nou. Wife carries sanitizer, but not me.

  13. L.:

    That is just so gross. I hope you did not catch flu or anything. I think you need to keep one of those envelopes that have a purel hand sanitizer wipe in your wallet just in case your get one of these WWD!!! receptions again.

    Your story made me wonder what's on my cards so I went wipe them just now with vodka.

  14. M:

    Guud Morning BL!

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