Wassup Wit Dat!

Take A Whiff

January 9th, 2013

No, I nevah fut so you can breathe normally.

Da oddah weekend, my mother-in-law took us out for Da Wife's belated birthday breakfast at Cheesecake Factory and as usual da food was good and da cheesecake onolicious but I almost upchucked my breakfast.

Wassup Wit Dat!

Imagine, enjoying a sunny Sunday morning in a restaurant wit people you love just enjoying da hustle and bustle of workahs, da cling-clanging of dishes while enjoying your meal and all of a sudden...... you take a whiff. Now it wasn't just a whiff while breathing, it was a whiff just as I was putting a scoop of food in my mouth.

And no, it wasn't a fut.

One of da servers had popped up asking to clear some of da empty dishes and as she leaned ovah to grab some she was - relax, wasn't B-O either - emitting a very strong and distinct smell of perfume.

Now I dunno about you but wen I stay in one restaurant, all I wanna smell is food, food and food. Whether da food smells funny or ono, da only smells dat should be lingering in da air are spices and things cooking on da grill and not a "foreign" odor.

I literally gagged as I forced down dat spoonful of food I was chewing and I no longer could finish - which is VERY surprising - as dat perfume just lingered, well, like B-O. As we all know, wat you smell is wat you eat and wat I smelled wasn't food.

I couldn't believe dat da management there would allow any server, busser or cook to wear any type of perfume or cologne - dat strong and distinct - being dat they would be in direct contact with food. Not only having worked many years in da food industry - and even wen dining out - I have not once had anyone working dat reeked of perfume so I was taken aback.

Surah, there are patrons dat are on dates and stuff but they not touching your food and I'm surah it's not caked on either. Plus da "smell" is confined to their table..... also, how do you know dat oddahs going like your "scent"? I obviously didn't.

Have you evah had an "odorous" server? Was there evah a time during a meal dat you was just turned off to finish eating? For those who have worked/working in da food industry, do you wear perfume or cologne? Should a personal fragrence be allowed to be put on by food servers? Are you a perfume/cologne wearer? Are there any "rules" for it?

I no put on dat kine stuff since I pau date...... but now I just bocha reaaaallly good fo' smell nice. 😛

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  1. M:


  2. M:

    Howzit BL!
    Some of dat perfume stuff is ovah powering, just as bad as a fut. 😆

  3. SittingInLimbo:

    I put on perfume but I get good compliants on it (TYJ!!) there is just some perfumes tho I can't handle, like a vanilla musk smell omg throw up! it reminds me of an old lady. Then there are guys who pack on the axe OMG now that's what you talk about throw up, turn green. I'm not sure if you read my post from the new years resolution; but here is when my "mouth" comes into play buwhahahahahahaha.
    When I was hapai to my boy there was a client of mine from bangladesh; OMG he had so much cologne on him I literally felt myself turn color and I ran into the bathroom. I had to tell my boss I had to go home because of it. This guy fill the whole office with he's smell. It was so bad that I couldn't even tell what kind of cologne it was, think about it now it probably wasn't even cologne buwhahahahhaha. I mean nice guy but terrible cologne. I couldn't even talk to him.

  4. lowtone123:

    I have had times where someone near me was wearing cologne or purfume so strong that it gave me a headache. I don't know if the amount or type of purfume or cologne could or should be regulated. It is either you allow it or you don't.

  5. wafan:

    Geez. Try be in an enclosed computer lab with kids who just had PE. They do not shower anymore so they just slather on the cologne or dose themselves with Axe.

    Those kids sit outside the lab the entire period just so the rest of us can breathe.

    GROSS! #2 to someone sneezing or coughing in their hand and handling *your* stuff, or shaking your hand, or right at you.

    And, while I am on a rant . . . why does it seem the recent Asian immigrants seem to think it is okay to cough right at you without covering their mouth/nose? Those students are the one's spreading colds all over the place.

    Okay, pau.

  6. BowlingBuddy:

    Must have spilled the bottle on themselves. Didn't want to waste do rubbed it all over their body. People don't know how or how much perfume to apply. Too bad.

  7. Da808:

    Oh brudda let tell you one time we had this mainland vendor lady come down and do one presentation for us business people. You can tell she went to the ABC stores in Waikiki and bought one of those "Wicked Wahine Plumeria" smelling perfume and used it has a body spray. She sat on one of our office chairs and I swear dat smell when last ova one week on that chair.

  8. Annoddah Dave:

    Braddah Lance: The heavy scent was to disguise "da fut"! Note to self: do not go to Cheesecake Factory, too much futt'in around!

  9. Kage:

    Either I am getting used to the smell or the Axe users at the gym has diminished. I used to walk into the locker room and WahPah, smack you in the face kinda smells of Axe.
    Do the seriously believe the commercials that the girls will be attracted to that smell?

  10. Kage:

    When I used to work 7-11, the mornings were bad with the perfume and cologne. Freshly applied before they left the house. First place they stopped to get their coffee before hitting the traffic. Uhguh....

  11. dihudfan:

    my mom used to over do it, but she had an excuse... she used to work in the tuna factory... my sistah and I got her to use a little less...
    one old lady that live in our condo really over did it, even if it is expensive stuff, smell was choke, literally choking if you in the same elevator... smell just lingers on, and on, and on... I happy now, she moved...

  12. L.:

    I once had a glass of wine that I could not smell the wine because there was so much cologne on the glass from the waiter. Sending back the wine did not work because he made all the glasses stink with his cologne. So my husband drank 2 glasses of the ruined wine with dinner and we did not go back to that place for years. Now I don't bother ordering wine with dinner anywhere. And if someplace the waiters stink with too much cologne, I no go back. Food should smell and taste like food, not cologne. Taste is very much linked to smell.

    One time at a restaurant I ate some rice noodles that had what seems to be Chinese paper box or something they use to preserve the packing material. My body oozed that smell for a week before it cleared out of my body. My clothng stank and my bedding stank from it. And I seem to have gotten sensitized to that smell after that because one day I was driving down the blvd behind a truck full of recycling cardboard...omg there was a trail of that smell behind it.

  13. M:

    Guud morning BL!

  14. Scott:

    I've noticed a lot of people in the food industry smoke cigs, and other things...on their breaks. She's probably overcompensating for the odor.

  15. cojef:

    Like "dihudfan" over-powering odor lingers in our condo elevator and clings on your clothes. Do not know if it is high priced or cheap like house of ill-repute scent, but when I enter our unit the other half, questions suspiciously, "where have you been". Of late, since this one lady is bedridden, the incidents of scent lingerings are far and few between. Thank goodness! Feel for you braddah Lance, a good Sunday family breakfast wasted.

  16. sally:

    Everybody is right, it's not just servers or workers it's everyone! We used to carpool to go out and this one guy really poured it on! By the time we reached our destination I smelled just like him.

    People in elevators, in doctors' waiting rooms, in line at Longs, on the bus, after smoke breaks, ... do they even know?

  17. sally:

    I was taught this long long ago... if you can smell your own scent, then you put on too much.

    Strong scents are a migraine trigger for me. So it' not just simply annoying, it's a health hazard. For realz. So if you don't want me passing out or throwing up on you, go easy on the smelleronies.

  18. M:

    Happy FGF BL!!!!

  19. 9thIslandGirl:

    I agree with the strong cologne remnants in the elevator. Just as bad as fut.

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