Wassup Wit Dat!

How Often Do You....

January 18th, 2013

Walking around da hale dis past weekend I couldn't help but notice da amout of stuff we gotta do dat has been put off - ok, neglected - all these days, weeks, months and yes, years. 😯

Wassup Wit Dat!

Days: Well, cleaning in general

Weeks: Toilets could use a good scrubbing

Months: Oh boy... da weeds, trash for da dump, do some truck maintenance, do some bike maintenance, put away clothes (yes, sadly I got mounds of clothes dat I just dig through although I do put my underwear away fairly quickly.... well cause I gotta put 'em on everyday)

A year minimum: Wash da truck, finish da gutters, finish painting da stairway, under da stairs and da oddah room, finish da stairway flooring, clean da garage, maintenance on da garage door, put in room trim dat's been sitting in da uncleaned garage, wash da window screens, wash da windows, prep da front yard for some sod, landscape da front with pavers

Das all I can remembah but I'm surah more pops up as I walk around again. It's not like I really put them off but something ALWAYS pops up whether it's an engagement, family affair or like now, da NFL playoffs. 😀

Wat have you put off doing? Wen was da last time you washed your car or truck? Wen was da last time you washed your window screens? 😯 Wen was da last time you did anything? I guess da more important question is wen will you get around to doing it?

Happy Feel Good Friday everybodies and have a grrrrrreeeeeaaat weekend!!


14 Responses to “How Often Do You....”

  1. M:

    Howzit BL!

  2. M:

    I nevah wash my truck fo months and nevah wash da windo screen fo long time. Da living room is all messy, da bedroom is messy, da kitchen table is messy, da whole house is messy.
    I going paddle dis weekend, look like the house going be still messy. 😆

  3. Masako:

    I have an ukupile of vacation pictures back from 2004 that need to be organized and put into scrapbooks. I gave my desk a good cleaning over the holidays and its over run already. Funny I don't let my desk at work get like that......

  4. lowtone123:

    When you get keiki the "To Do" list neva gets done. The more you do, then get more stuff gotta add to da list. BTW BL, glad to see your priorities are in order (NFL playoffs):).

  5. BowlingBuddy:

    With the kids out of the house, retired from doing paid work, cleaning is the only thing left to do after a while. Just completed window cleaning after 20 years of dirt build up. Didn't know the house could be brighter with a clean window. ha ha ha.

  6. cojef:

    Window cleaner come twice a year and house cleaner every 3rd week. Avid reader so books pile up and every once in a while take them over to neighbor, but bring back same amount so the pile stays the same. Donated extra set of golf clubs, but still keep 6 prs of shoes in the cabinet downs stair i donoh fo wat. my sciatica still bothers me, hoping to get back but can't. still hanging on to electric golf cart, cost almost $1G just for 6 batteries, and list goes on and on, just like anyone else.

  7. De:

    My list looks like yours. My goal this weekend is to go through my closet and discard clothes I don't wear so I can donate to charity. This has been my weekly goal for awhile now.

    By the way, doesn't driving in the rain count as washing the car...lol.

    Have a great weekend and enjoy life, YOLO.

  8. snow:

    been trying to clean up for a while but seems like it only happens in spurts. i do, however, clean the bathroom every weekend... though most times i don't do it all at once. seems like less work that way... lol. my car... uhhhmmm... it's been a few months since its last wash and it's filthy! i was going to drive through a carwash yesterday on the way home but changed my mind. so... da bugga still dirty! my dog needs a bath, too... i don't like him to freeze (even if we blow dry him!) so he has to be washed when the weather is nice and sunny!

  9. kamaaina808:

    Wash truck? Umm... 2007.

    Need to start my garden - been idle for ... ever.

    Get rid of clothes I either don't - or can't - wear... at least I did get rid of some about a month ago. 1 batch down, 10 to go.

    Take stuff to dump - been so long, can't remember.

    I'm sure there is more but I have to go find something to watch. 😛

  10. Keoni Simpkins:

    My motto - Why do today what you can put off til tomorrow?!

  11. sally:

    I'm so happy for this post! I thought I was the only one with messy house.

    I'm getting better tho', in my quest for a presentable hale, I throw out/donate, stuff with much more ease than before. I let you know when my piles of stuff is gone.

    ps: no hold yo' breath.

  12. sally:

    I had one week vacay at Thanksgiving time. Worst time to take vacay cuz I was so busy prepping for holidays I lost my days for house stuff.

    I DID get started on my garden project. Repotted some plants and I was so proud of my accomplishment. Plants died. I am devasted. okay, 'das drama, but I am seriously bummed.

  13. De:

    Braddah Lance...you gave me a push in the right direction. I actually went through my closet and drawers this weekend. Made a bag of stuff to donate. Now if I can only catch up on filing and scrapbooking.

  14. paul:

    There is hope for all these people if they take little steps at a time. thank you

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