Wassup Wit Dat!

WWD! v2.0 Getting Rough

January 29th, 2013

I gotta tell ya, blogging about WWD! moments has gotten tough.

Not only has da WWD! moments been further apart (I tink dat's a good thing right?) but evah since WWD! v.2 started up back in late 2011, da "feel" has been a little different. Well first, I was laid off by da newspapah back in 2010 and because of dat there was a hiatus of WWD! for almost a year and a half wea we lost a ton of readers. And then Da Baby was born, Da Wife was starting a new job, finances were supah tight and my "free" time had become none being Mr.Mom. And now of course, with a new job and along with da rebirth of WWD! - you've noticed - da replies have been harder to come by, both from Da WWD! Hui and myself.

Although da past few months there has been some interesting comments left - obviously from infrequent readers - dat I just didn't have time to reply to. They basically said I complained too much, I have no tolerance, I not speaking Pidgin, I not speaking English and one even said I was sukebe!

Wassup Wit Dat!

Sukebe - really? 🙄

Just to set da record straight - actually just to give a background of WWD! to those not in da know - WWD! is a BLOG, not a column. I am no where near journalist status - not even close - and I definitely ain't a writer. It's just me sharing a mo'olelo and some mana'o trying to spread a message or two if can. Dat's wat a blog is.

Gotta agree? No ways but at least da responses have been civil...... most of da time. And you've heard me say on a few occasions, if you no like da blog..... no read 'den!

Da thing is, most don't know me personally and das wea da "criticism" comes in. There was a response dat said I "open [myself] up to controversy" but I'd like to think that da same mana'o I try to share are the same ones that are disappearing in this day and age. Old school if you must but I will always be a tried and true brick and mortar blue collar braddah dat da only book besides a Bible (or your religious literature) that I believe in is da unwritten book of character. I am passionate (so my close friends tell me...... nice way of saying stubborn) about things I believe should be "right" and try to live life as true as possible and hopefully dat comes across in WWD!. Da only real difference is dat I'm da type of person to come out and say it instead of "letting it go", hence WWD!.

And I try to do all dat wit humor, sarcasm and of course, in pidgin - which is a dying language. But if I did da entire blog in Pidgin, garans-bombarans you no can read 'em cause it's more of a spoken language rather than a written one but even moreso, there would be no way people would (could) keep reading. I'll be da first to admit, Pidgin "looks" silly written rather than spoken.

In truth, dis blog LIVES off of responses. One thing dat I was proud about back in WWD! v1.0 was dat there were always a ton of responses from unique people on virtually every blog. People felt comfortable to post on WWD! - good and bad - and dat is a really good feeling establishing a blog to be li'dat. I wish I was paid per response but sadly I am not. 😥 but wat keeps dis blog going - and my passion for continuing it - is da responses/experiences left by Da WWD! Hui. It's not only fun and enjoyable to read but it also keeps my mind open to wat oddah people have gone through and it's great to read wat oddahs tink.

And while there have been Kwonics coming to da "rescue" from "off" responses, it's not about getting my back - which I reeeeeallly do appreciate - but it's more about seeing da "right" of it since it seems da response was kinda not da "norm" to begin with.

Surah, sometimes it isn't pleasant wen Da WWD! Hui "scolds" me - or oddah readers - but at da same time it shows da aloha not only for da blog but for da situation as well. I know it takes time to read and even more time to post and I sincerely do appreciate your efforts. And trust and believe I do read EVERY SINGLE RESPONSE left on every single blog even if it was left days, weeks or months latah.

I am sooooo surprised dat even wit da rebirth of WWD! v2.0, we still got some old school Lurking Kwonics still around! It was a nice treat to read some familiar names posting recently dat I haven't seen, well, in years. 😀

Da only regret I have right now is not having enough time to respond to all as I have done so since WWD v1.0. There just isn't enough hours in a day and I stretch myself out so thin dat I barely even have time to fut. 😆

So Muchos Mahalos to all Da WWD! Hui and da Kwonics checking in - and posting - on every post! Hopefully for da few Lurkahs dat pop in once in awhile or new to WWD!, at least now you kinda get da feel of wat WWD! is all about and sooner or latah muttering to yourself, "Wassup Wit Dat!". 😉

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42 Responses to “WWD! v2.0 Getting Rough”

  1. M:


  2. M:

    Okay now dat i wen got dat out of da way.
    Howzit BL!
    I always stay hea from da v1.0 dazes and da Triad dazes. 🙂
    I like u just da way you stay, no make change and I get yo back. 🙂

  3. BowlingBuddy:

    Keep up the great work. I have enjoyed "blogging" with this site. Like you said, its an opinion. Have a great day!

  4. 808Dad:

    Still here lurking from the "old" days. Got your back when needed.

  5. Jeannette:

    I am still here! I read your blog, don't always comment but still enjoy each post.

  6. B:

    yep dis place still stay fun. sumtimes get kinda nutz ova hea but watevas...it's all good. dis place good foa come chillax... if can can if no can bottles.

  7. 9thIslandGirl:

    Maybe you're mellowing because you're a dad now. I think I mellowed a lot being a mom. People who grew up in the school of hard knocks can understand your philosophy of working hard for your money and doing the right thing. I had to laugh at the sukebe mention because you are the farthest thing from sukebe!

  8. Da808:

    Eh you " AWESOME BL" for speaking your mind and letting others speak it to on you blog. Dis kine venues hard to fine nowadays to just talk da-kine !!.

  9. snow:

    there will always be people out there who only have criticism for what they couldn't do themselves. don't have time for people who don't know the whole story but are quick to knock you. i mean, WWD?! 🙂 anyway, like you, not as much time as before but i'm glad you're still plugging away. and, i'm GLAD you have a job and a baby to keep you busy! priorities, priorities... i'm sure your kwonics, lanceformers and lurkahs understand. you don't get paid, afterall... it's for LOOOOOVE. :mrgreen:

    i am, however, doubtful about the fut thing... 😉 heh heh.

  10. cojef:

    me a newcomer to this blog, but and old kama aina born 1925, in Kapaa, Kauai. left 1944 when drafted aftah high school. go to college on mainland and nevah return, only for visit. lately stay for a month at the Ilikai, but may not make it this year as adah-haf got medical issues. like reading a little bit of pidgin and your blog not over-powering. on every issue look for your blog. mucho aloha to yu.

  11. sassy7:

    Hey BL...i still lurking...neva mind...life happens and we all get busy...and so okay..you miss one or two responses...what they going die!...Ah...come on...loosen up...this keeps me up on all my happenings...and issues back in my homeland of Hawaii nei..and I for sure love reading your post/blog. Reminds me of the good things in life..and makes me laugh.

    You just keep up the good work...did you give out Kim Chee again this year?? Where my bottle??/ I get Delta friend fly back and forth...let me know what you like...we go swap!..

    BL i miss you!

  12. Annoddah Dave:

    BL: Hosting is a thing of passion. If the passion is gone, the posts will show it, then it is time to move on...then you may have time to "fut"!

  13. issunboshi:

    Hey Braddah Lance,
    I used to follow you, Shauna and Cat in the old paper under a different name and check out 2.0 from time to time, but truth be told, the paper buries you guys so far at the bottom of the digital page that it really does you a disservice. I will try to follow you more often and comment again. Cheehoo!

  14. M:

    U make one killah kim chee! 🙂

  15. wafan:

    Wassup from da PNW! No shame. We all busy. Dey no can unnastan aiyah. Nemmine dem.

  16. Uncle Rodney:

    Okay, dat's it. Time to bring the Triads back. I'll be in touch. 😉

    btw BL, Steven Tsai shared some good news with us on FB's Advertiser Members page. Make sure to check it out.

  17. GA Bows:

    I still stay here. Even though I don't post as much as before, I will continue to read your blog whenever you have the time to post them.

  18. D:

    BL no need explain. We all get busy lives and yours in no exception. I like read your blog you make me laugh (although at times no seem funny in the heat of the moment).

  19. KAN:

    Huuui, I still ste. Ju'like wafan said, nemmine dem guys.

    I have had the good fortune to have met you in person, and you are a gentleman. I can't understand where the sukebe comment came from unless it was from a troll. And you know my philosophy about trolls.

    Keep on keepin' on, BL. Imua!

  20. dihudfan:

    eh braddah lance... always lookin forward to your blog... good work!!! keep up with the pidgin... keep perpetuating the local boy style!!! winnahs!!!!!!!

  21. The BC:

    BL, I am one of your loyal readers. I understand. As we get older, the less time we get for everything. Or is it just that the world is spinning faster?
    Keep bloggin!

  22. kamaaina808:

    :hug: Aww, you're ok, you know dat? 🙂

    I don't always have time to post, so I hear ya. Just keep on keepin' on - seems everyone luvs you just the way you are, so no worry da dissers. 😉

  23. kamaaina808:

    k i feel realllllly dumb.. been sheltered since '82, lol - but what the heck is a sukebe??

  24. sally:

    Wait... "sukebe"??? I wen' miss something? Who da heck call you sukebe based on WWD posts?

    *scratching my head*

  25. sally:

    As far as "replying"... don't even worry about that. This not one chat room. Triads and friends are the only blogs I see where the comments section look like chat room.

    I follow some mainland blogs about various topics and yes, there are comments. No, there are no replies.

    Maybe a few "Thank you for the compliment" polite kine action but not like over here.

    You are one.class.act BL, and what you posting is what we all thinking anyway.

  26. sally:

    Look. I stay chatting. LOL

  27. M:

    Guud morning BL!!!!!!

  28. Ynaku:

    Eh who wen fut? 😯

    eH I still check in and add my $1.380 But I stay Mr. Mom too. I watch my G'baby boy whos only about 6 months. He keep me busy and then by da time he go home I stay buss up. All I like do is kau kau (wish had some kim chee) bocha and go shishinainai.

    I know you long time. Well I did only meet you IRL few time especially the first time wen you no can follow instructions 😆

    But let me tell you guys something. How often you meet a guy first time and you become instant friends? Dats what happen when I met da Triad. Bruddah Lance, Rodney from MLC and Shauna from O&E.

    It takes someone with a special character to attract me. (Or was it da two ladies mochi from HIlo that attracted them to me?) Either way we hit it off. They finally figured out I wasn't one crazy skinny Filipino but a regular guy that shares da Aloha just like Bruddah Lance (without all his drama)

    So excuse if I no type one reply cause sometime it's a few days late and you probably moved on. Das ok I still read da back posts.

    Keep it up my friend. We still hea 😀

    ps No put up posts wea we gotta say Sh0es 😆 let some people we know

  29. Makiki:

    I always look forward to reading your WWD (and other) experiences and am glad that you decided to share your 2.0 experiences. As for the WWD moments being further apart I think that you may not notice them as much - parenthood will do that!

  30. KAN:

    @kamaaina 808: "sukebe" is the Japanese word for being too occupied by thoughts of a sexu@l nature. To put it in context, "sukebe jiijii" is a dirty old man.

  31. NKHEA:

    Howzit BL, I still stay hea

    Ynaku DUCK

  32. Ynaku:


  33. rayboyjr:

    😎 Good Morning Everyone!!! 😎

    ... hey Braddah Lance ... I agree with snow ... I highly doubt the fut thing too!!! ... because futting is multi-taskable ... and you don't have to plan or make time for it ... it just happens ... you can walk and fut, run and fut, eat and fut, work and fut, play and fut, just about anything and fut at the same time ... haha!!! ...

    ... oh wait ... let me clarify ... you can "silent" fut while doing just about anything ... you probably can't be doing the noisy fut everywhere ...

    ... Have a Good One Everyone!!! ...

  34. king katonk:

    Thanks to you, BL and the rest of the Da WWD! Hui for allowing this crazy katonk to be part of the ohana. As I read every post, regardless of topic, it brings me back to a simpler time when folks used to talk story around the table. It something that all of us miss in our current hectic state called life. But you have created a virutal hangout where folks can come and go and leave their 2 cents. Just by reading your words you are a man of character; something that your wife, daughter, friends and acquaintances can clearly see even if we have our own different slant on issues. Who said slant?

    Let the haters hate cuz they can't relate.

  35. Kage:

    I still read. Thanks for posting.

    what's dat smell? Someone wen fut?

  36. NaPueo:

    I still read too!
    No worry about the trolls.

  37. M:


  38. L.:

    I like reading your version of pidgin. I can almost hear the talk. I also like topics and the comments is like one bunch of friends.

  39. Braddah Lance:

    Mahalos to all for dropping in and to say....... Wassssup!

    It's great to see all da familiar names popping back up. 😀 I got a couple of "good" blogs coming up next week so stay tuned.

  40. CoconutWilly:


  41. M:

    Ohhh man, you wen get moa dan 40 comments on dis one.

    Go niners!

  42. M:

    Guud morning BL!
    It's FGF!

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