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February 1st, 2013

For those who use da zippah lane now dat da DOT has allowed only 2 minimum, instead of 3 people, why? Don't you know dat it's even mo' SLOWER than da regulah freeway? And you thought it was going to be fastah wen you add uku-thousands more vehicles in dat lane?! I've always wondered why they made dat switch - was it to reward those who took vehicles off da road by car pooling or was it to help alleviate traffic? If it was for da latter, why even boddah with any type of car pool lanes in da first place and just make all da lanes da same? Then you wouldn't have people (knowingly) breaking a traffic law and people won't/can't get upset dat they always getting away with it.

Then it made me tink about travels to work. Have you evah car pooled? Have you evah took da bus to work? Have you evah biked (bicycle) to work? Have you evah took oddah means to work like a train or even wen we had Da Boat?

In Hawai'i, I'll be da first to admit it's all about "me" wen it comes to their vehicles. People no like give up their "freedom" of being able to drive wea evah, wen evah no mattah how heavy da traffic. As a society dat constantly tries to do bettah for da next generation, it's funny dat da people who car pool da most are da most inexperienced drivahs on da road.

Wassup Wit Dat!

You got high schoolers car pooling. You got college students car pooling. You got business people car pooling. Ok, so da last one isn't entirely true but had to check to see if you still reading. 😀 Obviously it's all about da destination but still, isn't it a true WWD! catch if da ones wit da least amount of hours on da road are entrusted to transport da most people?

I remembah I was da "limo service" back in da day and for me, it was always a plus wen I nevah HAVE to drive cause I saved gas money. At one of my previous employers, I actually used to bike (bicycle) to work from Salt Lake to Palama three times a week just to save gas and get in some exercise of course - it was an option only cause had one shower. Wen I was at The Advertiser and Da Wife and I used to car pool, we'd park at Aloha Tower and I scooted to work on a Razor!

Would I use da rail? Only if da route was close enough to wea I live and wea I gotta get to and da cost is manageable. I can't say I'd use TheBus though - seems slower - as I probably only have used it less than a handful of times since adulthood.

Do you enjoy watevah your commute is? Have you evah considered alternatives? Have you evah used any of them?

Just a random Have You Evah........ Have a grrrrreat Feel Good Friday!

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  1. M:


  2. M:

    Guud morning BL!
    I live in town and used to ride my bicycle to work befo da shop wen move from Kakaako to Pearl City. Now to fah and da bus going take to long so I just drive.

  3. M:

    Happy FGF!
    Go Niners!

  4. M:

    Fo me no moa traffic driving from town to Pearl City in da early morning. I leave da house 5:30 and wen i pau work at 3:30, get traffic going to town but get moa traffic going west bound.

  5. lowtone123:

    Ahh! I tink of da traffic all week long. It's Friday, I looking forward to Sunday and da Supa Bow!

  6. rayboyjr:

    😎 Happy Feel Good Friday Everyone!!! 😎

    ... hey Braddah Lance ... I live and work in town ... so my commute is minimal ... I've never really considered using anything but my car ... selfish, I know ... but it's a little too far to walk ... or razor ... it would take me 10 minutes to get to a Bus Stop (it takes me about 15 minutes to drive to work!!!) ... rail would be absolutely useless for me ...

    ... maybe the better question is ... "Would you ever sacrifice the comfort and convenience of your car, to make life better for everyone else who drives?" ... I think if we phrased it that way, the answer by close to 100% of the people who currently drive would be ... NO FRICKEN WAY!!! ...

    ... Have a Good One Everyone!!! ...

  7. dihudfan:

    wen I used to live Mililani, I racked up ovah 100,000 miles on my car in 8 years... moved to town and racked up 15,000 in 9 years...
    nevah wanted to use da bus while living in Mililani, always wanted the freedom of driving elsewhere aftah work, but had to plan my town trips so I wouldn't make drive overly... maybe would have used the rail if wuz close enough to work?... anyway... I no need work, so nothing to worry about...

  8. cojef:

    wen anyone gets behind the wheel, he changes from model citizen into someone different.
    It gives him a senses of freedom, lord and master, the boss, have rights, sort on an level playing field, dan the devil evolve and da person change from being nice to nasty, nasty guy. Psychological change takes place from a law abiding to brute that will push his way through, with me first attitude. Like you braddah Lance wen you get on the bike, yu feel free as a bird and can fly like the wind, freedom from the worrys of the daily routines. Like a family who goes to church on Sunday feeling angelic, but once the service over, he gets in his car and becomes a nasty person, trying to beat you out of the parking lot. Auwe.

  9. Masako:

    Then it made me tink about travels to work. Have you evah car pooled? Neva did only cause neva have others going from the same point a and point b as me.

    Have you evah took da bus to work? YES, my parents refused to buy me a car until I could handle the insurance and gas on my own so I didn't have a car til I was around 2 years old. The only alternative besides scabbing rides from friends was catch the bus. At that time I knew every route on the island cause I went everywhere on the bus.

    Have you evah biked (bicycle) to work? Nope

    Have you evah took oddah means to work like a train or even wen we had Da Boat? No but if had a train from my house to my work with little bit walking involved I would definitly use it.

    Do you enjoy watevah your commute is? I like the drive to work cause no more traffic but comming home is a pain in the butt.

    Have you evah considered alternatives? I would use the bus but it would take two hours each way for a drive that takes 20 minutes, it would involve three transfers and a 20 minute walk. If I could catch 1 bus from my house than I would definitly use the bus a few times a week. I wish we had a train system like the one in Japan, than for sure I would use the train.

    Have you evah used any of them? Not at my current Job.

  10. Annoddah Dave:

    BL: Yes, Yes, No, No. No, Yes, Yes.

  11. M:

    Even if I could ride a bicycle to work like before I wouldn't, too much vehicles on da road now daze and dis place is not bicycle friendly. You going maki die dead.

  12. KAN:

    I catch the bus or walk to/from work. I'm lucky b/c the bus is 5 minutes from my house & drops me a block-and-a-half from my work. Walking takes about 45 minutes (only going home - I don't wake up early enough to walk to work). Also, Seattle has good public transportation.

  13. wafan:

    Nope. Drive to school. I would consider a bus or rail if they had it and if the schedule was similar to mine. Really, though, only 2.6 miles each way.

    Anyone else experience folks cutting in front and then going slowly? Worst part is no one behind you. What the heck -- is there a "cut me off and go ridiculously slow" sign on the front of my car?!?! Seems to happen often. And I do not live in Ballard. HA!

  14. BowlingBuddy:

    Before I retired, I worked in Waimanalo. The drive from Mililani to work was 38 miles and took me 45 minutes(lucky for H-3). The drive home was something else. I would leave work at 4:00 pm and get home by 5:30 pm. I drove a company car so that was okay but the hours on the road was a killer.

  15. KAN:

    @wafan-you live in Seattle?

  16. KalihiboyinTN:

    Hey Masako, you neva get one car until you was 2? Miss-type eh? I retired now so only drive when have to. Like going to the casino in IL. 112 miles one way. Driving no boda me because the traffice is good ova heya in TN.

  17. wafan:

    KAN . . .

    No. South Sound.

  18. wafan:

    Oops. And you?

  19. DIO:

    Masako: That's amazing. I was a lot older than you were when I got a car. 😉

  20. Ynaku:

    Today, No mo da buss come pass my place. I live uphill. Can ride bike to town but going end up pushing da bike back home. Going take fo'eva.

    Befo keed time had Sampan bus dat I used to catch goiing home from school. But then I started to work so had to take da car.

    But I stay live Hilo and no mo da kine traffic like ova dea.

    I no tink da rail going connect Hilo with Honolulu. An den they wen take away da Supa Fairy so us gotta catch da plane to get stuck in your traffic 😆

    Sorry I had to tease.

  21. hemajang:

    Drive car to work from Mililani but start 5:30am and pau 2:30pm so traffic not bad and carpool with neighbor most of da time. He work about 3miles further into town but worth diversion. We take turns driving our cars. Going retire this year so not having the daily commute to town will be nice.

  22. KAN:

    @wafan-I live on QA. I work downtown. Now your screen name makes sense!

  23. DIO:

    Say WA? 😉

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