Wassup Wit Dat!

Hawai'i Sucks!

February 7th, 2013

If you haven't heard by now, Hawai'i not only sucks but we have a lot of crystal meth, our food is junk and we're too slow-motion.

Wassup Wit Dat!

Those were da comments said by actor Scott Caan (co-star on Hawai'i Five-O) on E Channel's talk show hosted by Chelsea Lately. (CLICK HEA to see da interview)

Brah, in case you nevah know, you stay working and living (albeit part-time as long as Hawai'i Five-O is producing) in HAWAI'I! How you going talk stink about da 808 on national tv li'dat?

Wen I first heard about his rant, I was pissed! Then I actually saw da interview and couldn't make heads or tails of it since his words were eeriely similar to da Saturday Night Live skit done last year which was hilarious.

Da host, Chelsea, posed a lot of leading questions - dat he didn't dodge - and I tink wat made it "bad" was dat he was actually telling da truth as he saw it.... although da way he was responding was like smart-okole kine so you couldn't tell if he was joking or not.

His character on Hawai'i Five-O geniunely dislikes Hawai'i as well so it's easy to corelate his "fake" persona wit da real one but da characters he's played in da past - like in Varsity Blues and Ocean's Eleven series - he's a wise crackin' okole too so he must be somewat li'dat as well since he's been typecasted as such and it must be natural for him.

In any case, there's been choke backlash from it and of course Hollywood PR would dictate he kowtow to save his current career in da show.

But heck, dis is da "new" America wea you can say anything, anytime, any how, any way as long as you issue some sort of an apology aftah. Gone are da days of showing some restraint, class or any type of *gulp* dare I say, respect.

Surah we get one meth problem in da islands but wea in da United States DON'T we have some kine of drug problem? Surah our food sucks - at some establishments - but we have a plethora of eateries to please ANY palate. I don't see him losing any weight cause he ain't eating. 🙄

But you know wat? He has got a "right" to his opinions but brah, share your opinions wit your ohana, your co-workers, your agent - not blasting it on national tv wea thousands watch and are influenced by "stars". No mattah how manini you are in Hollyweird, your words still carry a lot of weight.

Aftah spending so much time in da islands, I'm surprised he hasn't caught on dat it's not just da bad mouthing dat kama'aina are upset about, you talking stink about "us" without any justification. Have you witnessed first hand drug use/abuse? And if so, is it prevalant EVERYWEA you go to say dat we have CHOKE crystal meth? So you don't like loco moco's and spam musubi's and mac salad - have you even bothered to ask wea you can get some of da grindz you crave? Have you noticed dat it's "slow-motion" cause we don't have to go fast? People are hea cause we ENJOY life, if we like go a gazillion miles an hour, we'd go to da mainland.

Da aloha dat people have hea goes deep and it's (you heard it hea first cause it's part of my future design) da 808 PRIDE dat we have dat makes us unique. "Aloha" and "Malama" aren't punchlines, it's a way of life and while not every resident believes in it, it is still greatly perpetuated from generation to generation and das wat makes Hawai'i, Hawai'i.... da 808 PRIDE dat we all carry within. We're proud to asscociate oursevles wit "Hawai'i" and not many places can actually mean it wen they say it.

So it "hurts" wen someone, anyone, talks stink about da 808, it's people and da lifestyle. It's something we can't fully explain, it's something that is shared and experienced if you open your eyes and your heart. Some like it, some don't and you know wat WWD! says to people li'dat..... you no like it, GO HOME!

No stay wea you no like be, no caan eat and no caan enjoy yourself - oh wait, you like your job and da pay yeah? You not going give dat up just cause you soooo miserable hea yeah? 🙄

But please braddah, don't evah flash da shaka again cause dat wouldn't be right now would it?

25 Responses to “Hawai'i Sucks!”

  1. M:


  2. PFP:

    I don't mind that Caan is the beneficiary of his father's fame, and that this is the primary reason why producers offer him parts in movies; or, that Caan reminds my of scrappy doo, with a lot of big talk coming out of such a small little puppy; or, that Caan's mouth writes a lot of checks that his body can't cash; or, that he reminds of the wise cracking little runts in high school who tease and taunt and then run away instead of standing still and taking the azz whopping he deserves for what he just said.

    All of this i don't mind.

    What I do mind is all the GAYsations Caan and McGarret have in the car scenes. These two argue like a married couple, which is gross and disgusting.


    Tanks, ah. K Den. Shootz!!!

  3. M:

    Howzit BL!
    I tink he has no class to talk stink about our state la dat. Dey should replace him on 5-O.

  4. Annoddah Dave:

    BL: I think he was being facetious and it back fired so he had to apologize. The only reason we knew about it was because the papers and news services picked it up. Frankly, I don't think very many people in Hawaii watch Chelsea...she is into "shock" stuff which ain't real. Let's invite Chelsea and have her stuff her face with "suck" fuud like spam musubi, natto, diniguan, opihi, etc. "live". She will cry like a baby for mommy!

    Yeah, we slow here...in fact, I was contemplating moving to Molokai to retire cause Honolulu way too fast for an old fart like me.

  5. lowtone123:

    Well said BL! I wasn't offended when we said that Hawaii is too slow for him. Hawaii is what it is and it's not for everyone. I've had friends who came from the mainland and the slow pace suits them just fine. I was offended whe he said the food sucks. There is something for everyone. He may be limited in his experience with local food being on the set during the day and not stepping very far from his home at night. Locals take food VERY seriously. Many local gatherings have food at the center of the affair. Also our culture revolves around food bring our ohana together.

  6. B:

    no moa book um dano...moa betta book um kono! love hi 5-O, but not supporting dat dude. no talk stink!

  7. De:

    All I know is...when I watched Hawaii 5-0 this past Monday, I had a bad/negative feeling about Dano. If they write him off I won't miss him.

  8. cojef:

    Nevah watch the show, cuz it is not the original. look like too much shibai and no look like dah real ting. Just a young punk who used his "God Father" connection to get role. He is a poor excuse of an actor. Lolo who does not even realize which side his bread is buttered on. Many viewers of the show are Hawaiians, dey no feel good about his stupid remarks.

  9. theDman:

    "No mattah how manini you are in Hollyweird..."


  10. Da808:

    It is what is is...I personally don't watch "Chessy Come Lately" mainly because she's so negative and has nothing nice to say about anyone for that matter. But that's her job as a "comedy entertainer".....LOL.

  11. mows:

    I have noticed that the food here has gotten worse than before. Where are Jumbo's, Chunky's, Peewee's, Flamingos, Scotty's, Byron's, Jolly Roger and all of the other non-Zippy's places? Now days it's only Zippy's, pizza, burgers or chicken.

  12. dihudfan:

    wen no moa class... no moa... s y hud...
    he must be hungry for toe jams... get foot in the mouth deseazzz...
    but he must be laughing all the way to the bank...

  13. wafan:

    1st Amendment. Some feel they can say whatever, whenever. Some will learn the hard way. Some will never learn.

    There is something about folks from Hawai'i and how protective they are. Gotta love that; albeit at times it can become problematic especially when an outsider says it intentionally or not. Hard to tell when some folks are kidding or serious!

  14. BowlingBuddy:

    He is entitled to his opinion. Unfortunately the so called celebrities will always be scrutinize for their comments. Be an unknown and no one cares what you say.

  15. sally:

    No laugh, but this is the first I've seen of the actual interview, so now I have a better formulation for my opinion... fo' what it's worth.

    Caan is not really the one I have the problem with. It's da wahine dat was interviewing him. I mean, wasn't even one interview cuz she didn't really ask questions for him to answer, she gave her smaht okole remarks for him to react to.

    It seemed like he was doing his character smart a$$ persona, with a little bit of truth thrown in. But dat wahine! Auwe! I was mo' mad wit' her!

    True, he could have defended the 808 in a better way, but would we be reacting the same way if he was reacting to Arkansas? Alaska? Utah? *insert state here* ? It's personal. It stings. We're hurt.

    But still... dat wahine!!!

  16. CoconutWilly:

    Oh, I thought you wuz talking about the basketball team. Well, at least in some of the 2nd half.

  17. sally:

    If anyone complains about the food, no matter where they live, they must not be very good cooks.

  18. roach:

    To Caan: there are lots of one way flights back to the mainland leaving everyday, catch one!

  19. M:

    Howzit BL!
    Happy FGF!

  20. KAN:

    Some people aren't happy unless they're complaining about something. I used to work for someone like that. His college roommate said of him (still true 40 years later) that "B ain't happy unless B's bitchin'."

    Mr. Caan, don't let the door hit your okole on your way out of Hawai`i.

  21. Braddah Lance:

    jill akana
    February 8, 2013 7:24 AM

    No caan ack, and he no caan handler!

    Sorry, for some reason your post didn't post so I had to manually put it in.

    E Komo Mai to WWD! jill akana!

  22. kamaaina808:

    I can say that if he likes Mexican food, he's right - it sucks here. But certainly there are many other foodstuffs that are ono. I think he was just fartin' around, but it's pretty bad he felt it was ok to dis da 808 hui. My advice to him is "Better be silent and thought a fool then to open da mouth & remove all doubt."

  23. 9thIslandGirl:

    I think he's entitled to his opinion but I'm surprised that he has been in Hawaii for so long and didn't realize that his remarks wouldn't go over well with the locals. I agree with BL that I think the sarcasm is part of Caan's personality, and I read that he was just going along with the insults that are characteristic of late night talk shows. I also get the sense that he really believes at least part of what he said. I still like his character on the show.

  24. KAN:

    Okay, it's after midnight my time - Happy Birthday, BL!

  25. M:

    Guud morning BL!
    Happy Birthday!

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