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When Vacations Attack

February 13th, 2013

If you've evah seen dat show there are some pretty scary moments "tourists" encounter.

But have you noticed da rash of tourists getting seriously hurt or even dying on our aina recently?

Wassup Wit Dat!

I swear there's a drowning every weekend or someone needing a rescue from a hike or some even unfortunately getting mugged or robbed.

But compared to da number of malahini dat visit our aina every single day, da percentage of mishaps is manini - not to say dat it shouldn't mattah, but everyone knows it's always a roll of da dice wen you travel and we try to minimize, if not eliminate, da potential mishap. Still, to die while on vacation is just pupule!

From jet ski accidents, drownings on calm beaches, missing kayaker's, lost hikers and campers being jacked on isolated stretches of beach - as tragic as they are, these numbers don't seem to phase anyone as sadly it's just "numbers" and it nevah happen to them.

But anytime a tourist gets hurt on certain excursions, most if not all, mutter one of two things:

Stupid tourist or frickin' local.

Now, da adjectives you use may not be as PG-rated as above but to each their own. Is there really someone to blame though? Besides da drugged out criminal element forcing da action, wen they get hurt, if they were on an excursion, doesn't the "risk" fall upon the person who CHOOSES to participate in said excursion?

Of course, if the activity bears some kine of risk, the owners/operators of the activity would/should state so but have we lost all common sense and now da fall back is ALWAYS a lawsuit? Obviously if da owners/operators are even da slightest negligible with either faulty instructions or equipment, I say go aftah 'em but if it's YOUR own actions dat caused da mishap then why gotta find someone else to blame?

If you go on an established hike, can't you still see there's a risk involved? There are falling rocks to a slip and fall but wat if you go off da path or into a restricted/closed area? How about those who've nevah surfed before jump into a rising surf swell? Or da fact dat you've nevah jet ski'd before but going ack tantaran going 45mph?

I for one am into "adventure" vacations but also understand dat there are certain risks associated with 'em. I also put a lot of trust into the operators as well but use my fair share of judegment as well by checking out da facility, da equipment and just making surah dat it's not "cheapy" or run down. I tink dat's da duty of da risk taker.

A few years ago Da Wife and I took my parents zip lining on Kauai (CLICK HEA to see da "adventure") and while it's been deemed a safe excursion, it was still a leap of faith you had to take to do it. I've done indoor rock climbing on more than a few occasions, go kart racing and yes, TONS of roller coasters as well just to name a few and each time I've put my trust into da excursion.

Just like in Vegas, everything we do is all about da odds...... we can only hope we're not da 1 in a ######..... unless it's da MegaBucks of course.

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16 Responses to “When Vacations Attack”

  1. M:


  2. M:

    Howzit BL!

  3. M:

    Get risk in anyting and everyting we do, I can get into an accident everytime I get behind da wheel, I can get attack by one shark whenevah I standup paddle, I can get hit when taking a walk, I can get one heart attack or stroke. Life iz a risk, don't let it go by wit out spending time wit your family and love ones everyday.

  4. cojef:

    Been on many vacations, maybe too many to count in my 87 years with wife in hand, married over 62 years with same wahine. From St Petersburg, all Scandinavian countries, Germany, most of Europe on river cruise, Black Sea cruise visiting Yalta, Constanta, Istanbul, Santorini, All the north Mediterranean countries, New Zealand, Samoa Tahiti, Japan 15 times, Panama Canal 3 times, Spain 5 times@ one month each time, all 50 States, London 3 times and on. Knock on wood, always came back okay, no problems.

  5. kamaaina808:

    When your time's up, it's up. 'Nuff said.

  6. dihudfan:

    common sense plays a big part in taking risk... s y hud when you no mo...

  7. Annoddah Dave:

    BL: Caveat emptor.

  8. blankenship:

    Oh, GREAT. Despite the rest of your comments in the blog, I can see your fourth paragraph, 'I swear there's a drowning every weekend or someone needing a rescue from a hike or some even unfortunately getting mugged or robbed' getting all the attention and going viral...HTA's worse nightmare.

  9. wafan:

    Visitors believe the "paradise" sales pitch. How can they get injured in paradise? Beautiful beaches, spectacular views, some adventure . . . why not? They let their guard down.

  10. Glenn D:

    Visitors seems to leave common sense at home when they leave the house for vacation. No amount of warnings seem to get to their heads - newly wed getting her wedding ring stolen out of the trunk of a rental car while at da beach, Japanese tourists flashing cash to pay for purchases, walking around Waikiki with their backpacks unzipped, just plain dumb stuff. What irritates me most is how they ride the rental scooters in the middle of da road going 30mph. You really wanna go against a 2000 lbs car? Lolo yeah?

  11. Glenn D:

    One more thing...haole burn! I know they want to go home to show off their "Hawaii tan" to their envious friends but getting all papa'a makes them miserable and most likely all peel before they get home.

  12. Makiki:

    Maybe along with the Agricultural declaration there could be a common sense test?

  13. M:

    Guud morning BL!

  14. sally:

    Oh, look! A hole in the ground and water comes spraying out... how cool. Let's go over this railing even tho' it says not to. Right here, Babe, take a pic of me as soon as the ocean spray shoots out. Ready?

    Say "chee *vwhoomp*

  15. Masako:

    Yep I've seen it time and time again at Blow Hole. What about those tourist that sneak up the Haiku Stairway to Heaven during the wee hours before the guards arrive. Climbing those stairs in the dark is asking for trouble. They ought to get cited when they come down.

  16. M:

    Guud morning BL!
    Happy Aloha Friday and FGF!

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