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Da MOST Scariest Three Minutes I Don't Evah Want To Face Again

March 30th, 2013

For those who have followed along da WWD! "adventures", da mo'olelo's dat I share have really happened - or witnessed - and while I take all those in stride in da journey of life and laugh along, obviously there are moments dat I keep private. As difficult as it is for me to share dis, dis mo'olelo is simply to raise a little awareness should you evah be faced with a smililar situation, you'd at least be somewat braced to handle it because until now, I nevah even heard of it.

For those who know me, I don't get spooked, scared or intimidated easily. I've faced - and dealt with - all walks of life and pulled myself through painful situations both in life and in sports. Through all of dat, none of it prepared me for wat happened last Saturday night.

Wen I woke up, Da Baby felt a little warm and had a slight fever checking in at 99 degrees. We chalked it up to yet anoddah ear infection since she showed no oddah signs of illness such as runny nose, sore throat or anything else to suggest oddawise. I went down to da baseball field to work on a project (a WWD! mo'olelo to follow on dat fo' surah!) and was there for most of da day.

Wen I came home, everything was still normal but now Da Baby was battling a fever which reached 103 degrees. She's reached dat temperature wit nearly every ear infection so it wasn't abnormal and we were treating it how we normally do with children's Advil. She had gone down early for da night around 7:30ish but a couple hours latah she called for us through da monitor to come upstairs and read to her.

Da Wife went upstairs to read to her and not more than twenty minutes latah she excitedly yelled, "BABE! COME UPSTAIRS RIGHT NOW! SHE'S HAVING A Shhhhhh........"

Huh? Wat did she say? Did she say wat I thought she said? Da last part came across with static through da monitor so I ran upstairs. As soon as I got there she said Da Baby was unresponsive and she was having a seizure!

A WAT?!?!

I kept calling out to Da Baby trying to get any kine of response but she was rigid and couldn't move. She had an extremely blank and distant look on her face and about a minute latah started turning blue wit spit coming out. It was right at dat time I thought we'd lose her and for da first time in my life I felt absolutely powerless and totally scared $H!TLE$$. A thousand things were running through our mind as Da Wife was on da phone with 911.

HFD and da paramedics arrived almost simultaneously less than five minutes from placing da call and da seizure didn't last more than three minutes although it felt like a thousand years to us. Da paramedics took da lead and was extremely professional (sorry, I didn't even get a chance to thank them or catch their names) and once they deemed her stable, took her inside da ambulance and shortly thereaftah to da hospital.

Long mo'olelo short, she was latah diagnosed with having a febrile seizure - aka fever seizure - wea it's brought upon not by a high fever but how quickly da body hits dat high temperature. Wen it spikes suddenly and too quickly, da body will "seize" and convulse often losing consciousness. Most febrile seizures last a minute or two, although some can be as brief as a few seconds while others last for more than 15 minutes.

Da majority of keiki dat go through febrile seizures have temperatures greater than 102 and occur during da first day of a keiki's fever. Approximately one in every 25 keiki will have at least one febrile seizure, and more than one-third of these keiki will have additional febrile seizures before they outgrow da tendency to have them. Febrile seizures usually occur in keiki between da ages of 6 months and 5 years and are particularly common in toddlers. Children rarely develop their first febrile seizure before the age of 6 months or after 3 years of age. The older a child is when the first febrile seizure occurs, the less likely that child is to have more.

Aftah hearing dat febrile seizures were fairly "common", it was still something dat will scare da life out of you if you don't know wat it is. They say dat da vast majority of febrile seizures are short and harmless and da biggest thing you should do - besides staying calm - during a seizure is to make surah dat they are on da ground and held or restrained. Avoid having anything in da mouth to prevent choking and also, which was relayed to us by 911, to keep da person on it's side but preferably da left side to aid in breathing and keep from choking on one's tongue.

It was a relief to hear dat there isn't any evidence that short febrile seizures cause brain damage and even most of those dat go through long seizures do recover completely. Also dat between 95 and 98 percent of keiki who experience febrile seizures do not go on to develop epilepsy.

To read more about Febrile Seizures, check out da website wea I was able to research da details at: National Institute of Neurological Disorders and Stroke.

Da Baby battled for da next four days and even da doctor acknowledged dat while it was strange no oddah systems were present and aftah all da tests came back negative, there was just a "fever" going around. One oddah thing we learned in dat wen you or your keiki has a fever but claims to be cold, DO NOT put any blankets, covers, sheets etc on.

I know, I know..... Wassup Wit Dat!

But we were told all you're doing is prolonging a fever by staying hot wen da goal of beating a fever is to bring it down, right? Any ways, das your body fighting to bring your temperature down so no mattah how uncomfortably cold you may be, no sense in giving da virus or bacteria any more advantage by staying hot.

Mahalos for reading dis WWD! adventure and I hope dat dis can/will help you out in any similar situation you may come across..... although I sincerely hope dat you don't as it's something I wouldn't wish any parent - even an enemy - to go through.

Da Baby has since fully recovered and is her normal, cheery, happy go lucky and yes, loud, self and we thank God for letting us experience a side we honestly had hope we nevah would cause for da next night, while Da Baby slept, Da Wife and I talked for hours on end about anything and everything.

Stay safe and spread aloha..... not germs. 😀

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Wat Would It Say........

March 28th, 2013

We all seen all kines of stickahs on vehicles and in dis day and age, being subtle certainly ain't a requirement.

Gone are just "bumpah" stickahs but now there are full fledged rear window blocking can't help but read kine stickahs. And if you've evah been on da road, you know wat I mean cause we seen it all from cartoon characters to obscene gestures to cartoon charcters doing obscene gestures.

We seen da "In Loving Memory" kine, da "nationality kine", da slogan kine, da specific club kine, "My keiki is an *honor roll, keiki of the month, etc* at watevah school they going, college kine, NFL kine and who can evah decipher da "wat da heck is dat?" kine.

There are a couple dat I still remembah seeing like, "My Other Car Is A Ferrari" and "If You Follow Too Close, I'll Flick A Booger At You". And I swear there are two cars, one a station wagon, dat instead of a paint job, it's literally coverd bumpah to bumpah wit stickahs!

Wassup Wit Dat! 😆

I got two stickahs on da rear window of my truck, one is da habuteru face from Genki Sushi and da oddah is from Maui Built (da only place wea you can get da stickahs and clothing) stating "RELAX.... This Ain't The Mainland".

You get bumpah or window stickahs on your ride? Have you seen any dat you thought was hilarious? Obscene? No make sense?

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Old School TV Shows

March 26th, 2013

Wit all da reality, "real" drama and claim to fame shows on tv, it's just a sign of da times on how much "entertainment" has evolved.

Sitting at home today (amazingly today is a day off), my mother in law and I was watching "Happy Days" cause nothing else was on. It was a funny sight to see two totally different generations sit down, watch a "good ole-fashioned" sitcom and laugh. Surah there are some great ones today but wen you watch da oldies but goodies, da dialect, da moments, da mannerisms are soooooo much not today.

I still remembah shows like Full House, Family Matters, Roc, Family Ties and the Cosby Show. Those were shows dat showcased a mixture of humor and, at da time, serious issues to share wit da ohana as they were shows dat everybody could watch.

While those shows wouldn't last an episode in today's world, I still catch myself watching an "old school" sitcom now and then and really trip out dat I still enjoy watching them.... although truth be told, I would change da channel should I see a "current" show on.

Wat old school show did you always used to watch? You still remembah da characters? Da episodes? I'll admit I still do even though it's been wat, nearly 20 years since I seen 'em. Do you catch anyone doing any "trademark" moves or sayings from any of da old shows like Steve Urkel's "did I do thaaat?" or his dance? Who can forget da Fonz?

Boy do I feel old now. 😎

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Do You Have To... Or Should You?

March 21st, 2013

I just heard about a pizza delivery driver in Fairway, Kansas who delivered near $1500 worth of pies and was tipped....... $10.

Wassup Wit Dat!

Let me tell you, I know EXACTLY how dat feels. I delivered pizzas myself waaaay back in da day for ovah three years and have encountered EVERY kine of tipper there is. From da chang to da philanthropist to da inebriated to da kids left alone at home - it was always a crap shoot as to wat kine of tip you'd get.

Each time you'd "profile" your delivery run to see if you'd get a tip or not. Was da delivery in da "good" part of da neighborhood? Was a coupon used? Was it a repeat customer (trust me, you remembah who tips good)? Was da amount near a whole numbah? Wen you got to da house: was da house in good shape? Wat kine cars was in da garage? Then you even get da kine adults dat send da keiki to da door and unless they know about tipping, they stand at door and of course you gotta give 'em da change....... 🙄

Da best odds of getting a tip was wen da bill was in da "middle". Back then, wit da coupon, an average bill used to come out to $16.66. Dat was PERFECT cause most times, we'd get a $20 and told, "keep da change". CHA-CHING!

Then da price went up and da total bill came to $17.xx. Still not too bad.

Then had anoddah popular coupon dat made da average bill $19.78..... not good at all. In fact, straight out insulting wen I was told to "keep da change" off of dat bill. Trust me, wat happens to a delivery drivah, stays wit da drivahs. 😉

Da automatic stiff was schools though. Wen you check out da board and see get one school, you're only hoping and praying you not up.

Going back to da Kansas mo'olelo, for $1500, wat would you tip? At 20%, it's $300. Even at 10%, it's $%150. 😯

Would you tip dat amount? Considering most of our dining bills aren't that high, do you feel comfortable tipping a high amount? Let me put it into a little perspective, when tipping a valet or even a smaller bill, a "$5" is about normal no? It's cause just leaving a $1 or 2 just seems too manini right? Have you realized sometimes dat comes out to a 30, 40 even a 50% tip?!

C'mon, admit it, you know you wouldn't drop $300 straight cash for "nothing" right? People always say, it's based on "service" so wat if da pies got to you right on time, hot, fresh and piping hot? You still going say $300?

Truth be told, had I been delivering dat order, I would have been totally fine wit $50 which turns out to be roughly around 3.34%.

So do you/should you base da tip on percentage..... or amount? Or do you flip-flop between da two - if so, how come? Wat was da most you evah tipped? And were you "fine" wit dat? Hmmm.......... a nevah ending dilemna.

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I Wanna Wear A Dress

March 19th, 2013

One of da things dat I'm most envious of women is dat they can wear practically anything to work and it's ok. Obviously with an exception of a bikini, it seems like anything they put on is "passable".

They, women, have endless choices regarding their wardrobe from skirts to dresses, shirts to blouses and sandals to heels.

We, men, got literally, slacks, khaki's (if you're even allowed dat) and a collared shirt whether dat be a polo or an aloha shirt - only FOUR (or three if no can khaki's) choices.

And you know wat's da kicker?

Wahine not only can wear all kines of women's clothing BUUUUUT they can wear men's clothing as well too!

Wassup Wit Dat!

I seen women wear "dressy" jeans..... you know if we wore jeans we'd be asked to go home and change.

I seen women wear sandal-type footwear...... you know if we wore "sandals" we'd be asked to put on shoes. And c'mon, you know sandals are basically slippahs but even if we wore something wit "fancy" straps, we'd be extremely frowned upon and told "wassamattah you?!"

I seen women wear "t-shirt" kine shirts (bedazzle or glitter)..... obviously, we no can.

Yet da wahine can still wear pants (slacks, khakis) like da men, jeans (wea da workplace allows) like da men, polos like da men, aloha shirts like da men....... wat if I like wear one dress? 😯

And 'den da wahine get even more options like skirts or skorts (da kine dat look like skirts but actually shorts) and of course they can "accessorize" too. 🙄

Wat if I like wear one visor? Das one "guy" accessory. Wat if I like.... ok, das da only accessory I can tink of.... but I bet you if one wahine wore one as an accessory, she could/would be able to pull it off.

I definitely would LOVE to wear shorts to work but dat would nevah happen. I was fortunate enough dat in my first accounting job, I wore shorts, of course, a collared shirt and even "man sandals" for ovah five years! I miss those days.

A surprising tidbit about one "mainland company" - I heard Farmers Insurance (Hawai'i locations) allows their employees to wear slippahs in da workplace which is so totally cool!

Now I stay in one basement and da only people I see are oddah finance people but I still gotta "dress da part". It would be nice if at least we'd be allowed to wear comfortable jeans or at da very least, solid colored jeans to give an "appearance" of khakis but I digress.

How come da kane no can be comfortable at work too? Wat else can da wahine's do dat da kane cannot? You tink fair or wat? Did I unleash da beast?

But at least we can shi-shi anywea. 😛

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