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Benefit Who?

March 12th, 2013

Every year da Hawaii state legislature entertains bills and resolutions all da while yapping their jaws and flapping their arms on why THEIR bill/resolution has to be passed or why it's da next coming.

Wat I no understand is why they can't they come up wit some "common sense" or even practical ones dat benefit everybody - or da majority - in everyday life. They no live on dis island or wat? We all probably have at least one in common dat makes us wondah how come noboby brought it up yet...... probably cause it makes too much sense.

Then you got Rep. Jessica Wooley - as well as nearly every single politician saying just about da same thing - "Our job is not to run away from controversy, ignore or marginalize people's passionate concerns; our job is to make better policy for all the people of Hawaii." Now if only dat was true yeah?

C'mon, you know das Wassup Wit Dat! BIG TIME!

You know wat I'd like to see come to fruition? Well - besides car pool cams - I'd really like to see a bill/resolution passed stating dat any commericial vehicle and any passenger van/bus be regulated to travel only in the far right lane. It would be extremely impressive if dat was carried ovah to da City level as well but let's not stretch da common sense too far.

Tink about though, wouldn't traffic flow juuuuust a tad bettah? It definitely isn't a solution to our traffic congestion but it would allow for "fastah" moving traffic to flow easier without fear of being run ovah or being slowed or infamously cut off wea you gotta jam your brakes. Pluuuuuus, our roads would fair much bettah as you won't have heavier vehicles pounding da same road as oddah "regulah" vehicles. Try look at da City roads, evah wondah why there's cement at some - not all - of da bus stops? Cause da asphalt road cannot handle da abuse of a heavy vehicle's stop and go.

I would tink it would be more cost effective as well to repair/patch ONE lane rather than ALL da lanes no?

Back to da car pool cams. Da State always looking for money yeah? I can't imagine a bettah money maker than car pool cams. You don't need solo bikes sitting there waiting to nab da violators freeing up dat resource for watevah need be, you certainly don't need a separate department and you certainly can rake in da kala to make up da cost of da system I would say within a year. Also, it's only for a few hours a day and literally those citations can be in da mail da same day or definitely by da next. And guarans bombarans get some kine of technology dat can detect faces and know if actually get two or more people in da car. They already have signage dat says "Citation by mail" so why they no ack on it? Obviously everybody is ovah da fear factor dat no citation is coming via USPS.

To me, in WWD! logic, those are two "common sense everyday" bills/resolutions dat are "easy" to do and benefits da majority cause we all know you can't benefit everybody.

You got any oddah "common sense" bills or resolutions to add? Have you heard of any recently - or currently in effect - dat is pupule?

But then again, I live in da working world wea common sense has been a losing battle.... maybe there should be a bill/resolution for dat?

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  1. PFP:

    Timely topic BL.

    I would like to see laws passed for the following:

    - no "special headlights" (you know, the ones that blind you if you are traveling from opposite direction, which, for some reason, seem to attached to large trucks and old Hondas.

    - no sub woofers allowed in cars, no car amps over 20 watts, police can cite you on personal property as well as on public property (fine - $2000, or no license)

    Das all for now, my braddah. I'll tink of some more and add them laterz.


  2. zzzzzz:

    BL, 2 questions:

    1. Do you think keeping buses and passenger vans out of the carpool and zipper lanes (typically the left lane) will have a net effect of speeding up traffic?

    2. Would the car pool cameras be able to see into the back seats of cars? A lot of car pools involve carrying somebody else's kid(s), often in the back seat.

  3. cojef:

    Me I am far removed from wea you live an I no can suggest anytin. your suggestion sound feasible and will crack down violators, and lolos too dumb to pay attenshun. by the way how was the trip with your ohana?

  4. Braddah Lance:

    1. Do you think keeping buses and passenger vans out of the carpool and zipper lanes (typically the left lane) will have a net effect of speeding up traffic?

    Net effect? Most definitely, if thought about logically and not just the far left lane but the left lanes in general. They are naturally slower moving vehicles requiring longer distances to brake and longer periods to accelerate thus already causing delays in "flow". They also take up more road space thus allowing fewer vehicles to occupy the lane which in turn creates a longer stretch of vehicles in a single lane. Also, if the larger vehicles are in the left lane on the freeway/highway.... don't they have to take an off ramp soon? Wouldn't that as well increase the delay as they have to switch all the way back over? In a "regular" vehicle, that manuver is much more manageable than say a cement truck or a Roberts Hawaii bus. Just a few quick thoughts.

    2. Would the car pool cameras be able to see into the back seats of cars? A lot of car pools involve carrying somebody else's kid(s), often in the back seat.

    The technology is here. Look at your personal cameras out already with face dectection. I'm sure in the surveillance world, there's a plethora of options to choose from. Obviously the cameras wouldn't be on a bird perch but positioned lower and able to zoom farther to gain the most adventageous point. And just like any other "tagging" method - even such used by HPD - if there isn't enough visual proof, a citiation cannot be issued but because the camera is concentrated on only one lane, the setup logistics, imho, can easily be attained with multiple shots and clarity as technology has gone berserk in that aspect. Why do you tink people hated da "Van Cams"? Cause they broke da speed limit or da fact dat there was glaring proof they did?

  5. Braddah Lance:

    btw, Muchos Mahalos zzzzzz for da questions! I really do appreciate it. 😀 At least I know you read da blog. 😆

  6. Ocean Lover:

    How's about the police ENFORCE the cell phone ban while driving? That would put MILLIONS in revenue each year into the treasury.

    When the law first passed people would "hide" their use of their phones while driving as you can spock dem buggahs "looking down" between their legs while driving.............at least I tink dey using dere phones. 😉

    These days people DON'T EVEN HIDE their phone use while driving. Now I'm all wound up..................


  7. B:

    agree plenny wit OL... cell phone enforcement is nada and actually is almost impossible to enforce.

    wat i no understand too much... is how dey like make da film industry tax break moa bigga and extend sum moa... but dey wen do away wit da break to install pv panels. except fo da fact dat da film industry helps promote tourism...isn't da basic philosophy behind tax breaks da same? generate business $ so later can get multiplier effect.

  8. lowtone123:

    The problem with our local government is not implementing a car pool cam or red light cam or anyting else it is with enforcement and collection of the fines levied. If our government collected all of the fines and accessments levied we would be better off by millions of dollars.

  9. M:

    Howzit BL!
    The problem with our law enforcement is that they don't enforce the laws.

  10. rayboyjr:

    😎 Good Afternoon Everyone!!! 😎

    ... hey Braddah Lance ... not too sure about the large vehicle restriction ...

    ... restricting large commercial vehicle/van/bus type vehicles to the right lane might enable faster movement in free-flowing traffic and feel a whole lot safer ... but I don't see how that would help in the rush-hour slow paced traffic we really need relief from ...

    ... and remember, if the these large vehicles are restricted to the right lane, they're on the lane nearest to the on-ramps and off-ramps ... you'll still have to negotiate around them at some point ... it might cause more accidents and log-jamming on the right side of the freeway ... you might solve one problem, but create another ...

  11. rayboyjr:

    ... and I'm all for traffic cams ... not just for the car-pool lanes, though ...

    ... I'd really like to see em at every intersection ... especially those with the left-turn only lane ... not a day goes by that I don't see cars continuing on the left turn well after our light in the opposite direction has turned green ... sometimes two or even three cars make the left turn (even the City Buses!!!) ... and guarans their light has been red for a couple of seconds ... Wassap Wit Dat!!! ...

    ... most of the the cars just wait for these idiots to pass through ... but sometimes they've done that while pedestrians are already making their way into the crosswalk ...

  12. wafan:

    Common sense?

    Wat dat.

    How about this . . . enforce the laws already on the books.

  13. 4G:

    Eh, BL - Howzit!

    I agree with your concept on commercial vehicles (I'm assuming need to spec some sort of weight threshold) and their use of the left lane. I think the restriction to the right lane, though, might be problematic - e.g., freeway entries and exits. Whatever on that - but, they definitely should not be in the left lane!

    So - I suggest one small change. Rather than requiring them in the right lane, outlaw them from the left lane unless approaching (gotta define what this distance will be) an exit, or other valid need.

    I have always been impressed by the courtesy of mainland truckers. You rarely see them in the left lane and they tend to make way for normal traffic.

  14. 4G:

    Howzit again, BL -

    I dunno about those carpool cams. Not that I disagree with the concept; I just can't figure out how it would be done - without a whole bunch of reasonable (I neva say true) "contests".

    The way I figure - you can get to windshield height and maybe even a slight downward angle from a distance (with zoom, as you note). Too close and it becomes a hazard. Problem, though, is that a better viewing angle is actually above the roofline - looking down into the rear seat (imagine a child asleep in the back seat). So then, I think high angle - maybe infrared (of course you still need the windshield height angle shot, too - to id the driver)? But infrared not going work through the metal roof?

  15. 4G:

    Oh - forgot to also say - then I thought, infrared from the front. Only - get the engine, too - in addition to the roof limitation and the (presumably) two warm bodies in the front seat. But not like I really know what I talking about . . . . 😉

  16. BowlingBuddy:

    I agree with #12. Enforce the laws already in place.

  17. M:

    Guud morning BL!

  18. Kehau:

    Aloha Lance: please consider contacting your Representatives and Senators to propose bills. That is what they are for- to represent our ideas. LOVED your ..."plethora of..." Your passion, your pidgin, and your use of 50 cent words brought a smile to my face! Imua!

  19. cojef:

    Mainland, 3 or more axle vehicles restricted to use right two lanes only, except when there is a legal left turn lane avaiable, the vehicle may veer to the left turn lane on multiple laned freeways. This has not caused any traffic mayhems or tie-up as described above.

  20. Glenn D:

    Aloha. What I always thought was why get so many one way shtreets. Why not open Beretania and King to flow both ways? Wouldn't that open da shtreets that go mauka/makai? And most of all, lets bring the speed limit on the freeway to a more reasonable speed like say...65? I mean, 45mph on H-1...really? And stop red coning Kapiolani in da afternoon and open 'em for left turns. That just seems to cause more jam up than help. Left turn arrow lights might help, yeah? I live mainland now but everytime I go home, (and I flew home 10 times last year) the traffic seems to get worse and worse. And everytimne I come back here in LA, everyone keeps passing me on da freeway on my way home from da airport. And I'm doing 75~80!

  21. Braddah Lance:

    Aloha Lance: please consider contacting your Representatives and Senators to propose bills. That is what they are for- to represent our ideas.

    True, but it nevah evah "feels" like dat. At least from my personal experience wit da City Council, unless I'm a big donor or someone dat "mattahs" or wit a huge group of "noisemakers", it's fruitless as an individual unless you get some tv air time. I could do a whole novel about my experiences wit da City Council, not to say dat da Rep & Sen are da same, but their "attitudes" come across da same.

    LOVED your ..."plethora of..." Your passion, your pidgin, and your use of 50 cent words brought a smile to my face! Imua!

    And you nailed it right on da head about wat WWD! is allllll about. 😀 Glad you enjoyed it and hope you'll be a regulah contributor. 😉

    E Komo Mai to WWD! Kehau!

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