Wassup Wit Dat!

I Wanna Wear A Dress

March 19th, 2013

One of da things dat I'm most envious of women is dat they can wear practically anything to work and it's ok. Obviously with an exception of a bikini, it seems like anything they put on is "passable".

They, women, have endless choices regarding their wardrobe from skirts to dresses, shirts to blouses and sandals to heels.

We, men, got literally, slacks, khaki's (if you're even allowed dat) and a collared shirt whether dat be a polo or an aloha shirt - only FOUR (or three if no can khaki's) choices.

And you know wat's da kicker?

Wahine not only can wear all kines of women's clothing BUUUUUT they can wear men's clothing as well too!

Wassup Wit Dat!

I seen women wear "dressy" jeans..... you know if we wore jeans we'd be asked to go home and change.

I seen women wear sandal-type footwear...... you know if we wore "sandals" we'd be asked to put on shoes. And c'mon, you know sandals are basically slippahs but even if we wore something wit "fancy" straps, we'd be extremely frowned upon and told "wassamattah you?!"

I seen women wear "t-shirt" kine shirts (bedazzle or glitter)..... obviously, we no can.

Yet da wahine can still wear pants (slacks, khakis) like da men, jeans (wea da workplace allows) like da men, polos like da men, aloha shirts like da men....... wat if I like wear one dress? 😯

And 'den da wahine get even more options like skirts or skorts (da kine dat look like skirts but actually shorts) and of course they can "accessorize" too. 🙄

Wat if I like wear one visor? Das one "guy" accessory. Wat if I like.... ok, das da only accessory I can tink of.... but I bet you if one wahine wore one as an accessory, she could/would be able to pull it off.

I definitely would LOVE to wear shorts to work but dat would nevah happen. I was fortunate enough dat in my first accounting job, I wore shorts, of course, a collared shirt and even "man sandals" for ovah five years! I miss those days.

A surprising tidbit about one "mainland company" - I heard Farmers Insurance (Hawai'i locations) allows their employees to wear slippahs in da workplace which is so totally cool!

Now I stay in one basement and da only people I see are oddah finance people but I still gotta "dress da part". It would be nice if at least we'd be allowed to wear comfortable jeans or at da very least, solid colored jeans to give an "appearance" of khakis but I digress.

How come da kane no can be comfortable at work too? Wat else can da wahine's do dat da kane cannot? You tink fair or wat? Did I unleash da beast?

But at least we can shi-shi anywea. 😛

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17 Responses to “I Wanna Wear A Dress”

  1. lowtone123:

    There is a balance in life, BL. Women have choices when it comes to clothes but they have to take half of it off to use the bathroom where guys don't have to. Women have to endure childbirth and their once-a-month moment, guys don't. Although we are expected to handle any problem when it comes along and be the reassuring pillar of understanding.

  2. Makiki:

    The age old question of "equality". The truth is that things are only equal if you wife says they are.

    BTW - I think we'd all like to see a picture of you in a dress! Auntie Yobolani!

  3. Ynaku:

    ooh ooh buss out da red muu muu and sandals with the feather boa 😆

    Face it, da wahine looks good in almost anything they wear even if it's man stuff. They even wear boxers and still look good 😀

    Us guys just no look good in women's clothes. I just see you on your bike wearing a skirt flapping in da wind. NO CAN :0

  4. rayboyjr:

    😎 Good Morning Everyone!!! 😎

    ... hey Braddah Lance ... ahhh, the inequities in life ... or the perceived inequities ... this discussion often comes up ... why women have so many fashion choices and men have almost no options ... but the more I think about it, the more I like it the way it is ...

    the way I see it ... it only adds to what a woman has to worry about:

    1. more clothing options = more money spent on clothes/shoes/accessories = more space needed to store all this stuff = need bigger house = need better job or find richer husband/s.o. ...

    2. what da heck to wear??? ... part of the reason why women take so long to get ready ... deciding what to wear ...

    3. how da heck do women use a public bathroom if they're using a dress ... pull it up under the arms??? ... take it off completely??? ... come to think of it, I've never asked what they do to use the bathroom ... kind of curious now ... I'll go ask someone ...

    4. if the weather is going to cooperate with your clothing choice ... like no whites on a rainy day ... or no loose dresses skirts on a windy day ... you know, overexposure ...

    ... sorry a bit long so I'll stop ... I don't mind the shirt/slacks routine ... easier ...

    ... Have a Good One Everyone!!! ...

  5. MrK:

    Wass up BL! I see your point, but, like some of the other posters mentioned - the bathroom thing is a big one. I'm sure you've seen the women's restroom line (compared to the men's) at a crowded event. Us guys got it easy - we just "pull 'em out and go." And, if the bathroom is too crowded, we can just go pee in the bushes. And then you got the extra burdens of bras, pads, montly periods, etc. Women also have increased risk of urinary tract infections compared to men. So, I really see your point, but I'd rather be a guy anyday. It's just easier. Men have it easy.

  6. No Caan do:

    Not that there's anything wrong with that. Can check out of your wife's closet.

  7. wafan:

    Go, go wear a dress. Might be a lot cooler on those hot and humid days. Try it out and let us know how it went. Going shishi might be safer, too. No chance of getting your da kine zipped . . . and screaming like a wahine. Not sure about going #2. You know how some guys no mo aim.

  8. innocent observer:

    lance, if you want to wear a dress, go ahead and make "a". if your boss is against you wearing a dress, just tell him you a pervert.

  9. keoni:

    Eh BL, Rap and braddah Frank Delima pulled it off as Aunty Malialani and
    imelda Marcos. I say go fo' broke and let us know what happens. (Of course we may hear about in the Star Advertiser first! 😯 )

  10. GA Bows:

    I'm lucky to have a job that lets us wear jeans and t-shirts.

  11. lurker:

    Eh Braddah Lance.

    There's one day a year that you can wear a dress and it would be OK with everyone at your working place.

    It's Halloween!!!!!!!!

  12. 9thIslandGirl:

    I don't understand why you can't wear jeans, especially if you're not dealing with the public. Thank you to all the men who pointed out the many ways women have it tough!

  13. 9thIslandGirl:

    Forgot to say, BL, dress! Dress! Dress! Take a picture!

  14. NKHEA:

    Howzit BL,

    Go ask OL

  15. cojef:

    Everyone fogit the no no word "ma-u". dat maybi a good reason men will not wear wimmin clothes. Everyone give yu stink eye wen yu pass by. However, there are cross-dressers. wun time in Spain saw man go into toilet stall and was surprised to see woman appear. My only experience wit a cross-dresser.

  16. KAN:

    BL, I have one word for you: Utilikilt. http://www.utilikilts.com/

    Guys around Seattle wear them. But then again, Utilikilt is based in Seattle. Used to be a guy on my bus in the morning who always wore a utilikilt and carried a Tin-Tin bike messenger bag. And he looked good.

  17. Glenn D:

    Da headline gave me a visual - you in a dress like wen RAP wuz doing the flight attendant skid. Argh! Had to go wash my eyes out. Anyhoo, I work fo a BIG corporate on da mainland and there definitely is a double standard wen it comes to dress code. Da wahines can wea slippa's and t-shirts and shorts but da guys cannot. What gets mo confusing is dat we get bunch new hires fresh out of college and dem guys want to wea jeans with puka in dem and slippas. We had to tell dem to at least wea shoes wen you come work. Now they wea jeans (no pukas) and t-shirt (wit no offensive graphics, yeah) and sketchers shoes. Regardless of whether you deal with public or not, we have to dress "professionally" (unofficial uniform of slacks/Dockers with button down shirts/polos) out of respect for others in da office. Besides, neva know if oddah department get visitors. We also get unofficial Aloha Friday. We get to wea jeans and aloha shirt. Should see all them "Hilo Hattie" kine shirts on Fridays!!

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