Wassup Wit Dat!

Do You Have To... Or Should You?

March 21st, 2013

I just heard about a pizza delivery driver in Fairway, Kansas who delivered near $1500 worth of pies and was tipped....... $10.

Wassup Wit Dat!

Let me tell you, I know EXACTLY how dat feels. I delivered pizzas myself waaaay back in da day for ovah three years and have encountered EVERY kine of tipper there is. From da chang to da philanthropist to da inebriated to da kids left alone at home - it was always a crap shoot as to wat kine of tip you'd get.

Each time you'd "profile" your delivery run to see if you'd get a tip or not. Was da delivery in da "good" part of da neighborhood? Was a coupon used? Was it a repeat customer (trust me, you remembah who tips good)? Was da amount near a whole numbah? Wen you got to da house: was da house in good shape? Wat kine cars was in da garage? Then you even get da kine adults dat send da keiki to da door and unless they know about tipping, they stand at door and of course you gotta give 'em da change....... 🙄

Da best odds of getting a tip was wen da bill was in da "middle". Back then, wit da coupon, an average bill used to come out to $16.66. Dat was PERFECT cause most times, we'd get a $20 and told, "keep da change". CHA-CHING!

Then da price went up and da total bill came to $17.xx. Still not too bad.

Then had anoddah popular coupon dat made da average bill $19.78..... not good at all. In fact, straight out insulting wen I was told to "keep da change" off of dat bill. Trust me, wat happens to a delivery drivah, stays wit da drivahs. 😉

Da automatic stiff was schools though. Wen you check out da board and see get one school, you're only hoping and praying you not up.

Going back to da Kansas mo'olelo, for $1500, wat would you tip? At 20%, it's $300. Even at 10%, it's $%150. 😯

Would you tip dat amount? Considering most of our dining bills aren't that high, do you feel comfortable tipping a high amount? Let me put it into a little perspective, when tipping a valet or even a smaller bill, a "$5" is about normal no? It's cause just leaving a $1 or 2 just seems too manini right? Have you realized sometimes dat comes out to a 30, 40 even a 50% tip?!

C'mon, admit it, you know you wouldn't drop $300 straight cash for "nothing" right? People always say, it's based on "service" so wat if da pies got to you right on time, hot, fresh and piping hot? You still going say $300?

Truth be told, had I been delivering dat order, I would have been totally fine wit $50 which turns out to be roughly around 3.34%.

So do you/should you base da tip on percentage..... or amount? Or do you flip-flop between da two - if so, how come? Wat was da most you evah tipped? And were you "fine" wit dat? Hmmm.......... a nevah ending dilemna.

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17 Responses to “Do You Have To... Or Should You?”

  1. Glenn D:

    Aloha BL. Me and my wife used work in a restaurant for a very long time. So we tip real well - 20% being da norm unless you really screw up. Then I get a little conversation with da manager. So tips are based on service, yeah? So what constitutes basic service? Is getting da pizza piping hot part of da basic service or is it acceptable to get cold pizza as a norm unless you tip? We were at Benihana's in the Hawaiian Village fo my dad's birthday last summer. Bill was ova $300 so I tipped dem $60 plus anoddah $10 for da chef. I thought it was a lot but I like contributing to da local economy. After all, I am a visiting kama'aina, no?

  2. Glenn D:

    I must admit, da higher da amount I no use the percentage and go wit the amount. It's case by case, yeah? Wen I go eat at places like da Mai Tai bar, I tend to tip more 'cause place li'dat is mo bar dan restaurant. I do get irked wen some places tack on tips on da bill without asking - like dem places that mainly caters to mali'hinis. But you are right, people do rememba good tippers. As fo da $1500 pizza, what wuz dat, like 150 pies? Dats a lot to delivery. I would have give 'em $150.

  3. rayboyjr:

    😎 Good Morning Everyone!!! 😎

    ... hey Braddah Lance ... wow, how many pizzas is that??? ... at $20, that's 75 pizzas ... need a van for that, huh??? ... and can a pizza place even handle 75 pizzas at once ... wouldn't the first pizzas get cold by the time the last ones are baked??? ... if they can deliver all the pizzas nice and hot, then yeah a $300 or maybe at least $200 might be doable ... but that's still a lot ...

    ... I don't know ... tipping depends on the situation ... and your budget ... and sometimes you got no say anyway ... like when you have a large group at a restaurant and they automatic tack on the 15% to the bill ...

    ... I've tipped ridiculously in the past ... just because I could afford it at the time ... like if I won some money at errr, ahem ... Vegas, yeah Vegas ... then percentages are out the window ...

    ... Have a Good One Everyone!!! ...

  4. Cojef:

    My rule of the thumb is usually between 10/15 percent. If the service is good yes, if mediocre, just 10 percent. Braddahs Lance yu wan gud gai to expect only $50 for that size delivery. If group activity for large local group, maybe, $150 would be proper, if high class shindig, then $300. The rich are usually poor tippers. The worst are lawyer, next doctors. They all charged big fees, but think you have to stay poor. Caddied at local 9 hole golf course on Kauai back in the late ' 30 and early '40. Got paid 25 cents for 9 holes, used to carry double bags for 18 holes. If you got a quarter you were lucky.

  5. zzzzzz:

    Does a driver deserve twice as much for delivering 2 pizzas as for delivering 1?

    I was taught that 15% or 20% is for a sit down restaurant, where you don't have to get up, everything is brought to your table, you're served your appetizers, salad, soup, etc., first, then your entree is brought, so it doesn't get cold while you're eating the other stuff, your water is refilled, etc. For buffet, less service, less tip. I guess you can say that pizza delivery is kinda like sit down, it's brought to you, hopefully still hot.

    But at a sit down restaurant, twice as many dinners means about twice as much work for your wait staff.

    If I was buying that much pizza, I would probably pick it up myself and save on the tip (after all, Costco does not deliver). But if I had it delivered, I'd probably tip somewhere between $50 and $100.

  6. cojef:

    Wats happin, my post got lost. Anyway, yu wun kine gud guy, tink $50 is okay. Depen on party, if local group party, maybi $150, rich man party $300. Lawyers worst tipper, most no giv, next doctors, day labors giv bigga tips. CAddied for 25 cent per bag/9 holes at Wailua golf Course wen only 9 hole course, back 1938/40's. Most time double bag, so made a buck with 10 cents or quarter for tips.

  7. dihudfan:

    50 bucks would have been nice... bettah than $10...
    my wife kinda chang when we go out... 10 to 15 percent... me, mostly 15-20 percent, really depend on the service...

    locals tend to automaticly tip more...

    wen in Vegas... gotto carry lots of small bills...

  8. CoconutWilly:

    $10 is kinda manini. I would say a least $50. Maybe more. Do you think he loaded up the car all by himself? Think of the cooks who busted their butts to get that order out. I think they deserve a piece of the pie.

    What gets me is the tip jars at drive ins. To me that's a WWD!

  9. 9thIslandGirl:

    I usually tip 20%, more if service is exceptional. For that much pizza, I would have given at least $100.

  10. MrK:

    So far, EVERYONE got it all wrong when it comes to tipping.

    I never understood why food servers and service people get pissed off at the CUSTOMER when they don't receive a good tip. You should get pissed off at your BOSS/OWNER of the restaurant. In general, those in the service industry are paid a very low base wage because they (and the boss) fully expect the "tips" to make up for the pay. Restaurant owners are the ones being "manini" with the way they pay their workers. Food service workers are some of the hardest workers around, but they get crap pay. Why should customers have to make up the lack of pay?

    Back to the pizza example. People will say that the customer was "cheap" for tipping only $10 for an order of $1500. I'm sure most of you realize that the profit margin for a pizza is VERY high. A pizza costs, literally, cents to make. That pizza restaurant owner made a HUGE profit on that $1500 order, but I can guarantee you that his delivery drivers are getting close to minimum wage. The OWNER should be the one giving his cooks and delivery drivers a little extra money that day because he's the one who made the big bucks!

    I so smart, I should run for Mayor!

  11. GA Bows:

    I usually drop at least 20% across the board. There is 1 exception though... all of the pizza delivery here in GA, the tip is included in the bill which amounts to 10%.

    Even when eating out and I experience a bad server, I will tip the 20%. It's only because I do not know what has happen before me or what is going on in that person's life.

  12. rayboyjr:

    @MrK ... with that kind of logic, you are well-qualified to be our Mayor ...

  13. Masako:

    Going to Japan really opened my eyes on the tradition of tipping. No matter where we ate at, from just buying a pastry at a counter or a fine dining restaurant, we have always recieved exceptional service. On our first trip our tour guide did not tell us that you do not need to tip in Japan. The waitress chased us down the street to return our tip money. The service you get in Japan averages better than the best service you will get in the US and then they no expect tip! I was a case of Whassup with dat in a positive sense. People complain about Japan being expensive but than when you factor in that you don't tip, we've had some very reasonable priced, great meals with awesome service over there for way less than what we pay here because off not having to trip.

  14. sally:

    My boss waited tables in a kinda upscale restaurant while still in school in HNL. Because of that, he is the most generous tipper I know.

    For me, being on my budget, if I can't afford to go out and eat and tip fairly well, I just don't go. I'll stay home and eat Cheerios rather than be manini to somebody else.

    I used to have a friend who said I was the manini one for not going out with them all the time. To that I say "pppffffftttttt" !!!

  15. sally:

    Back to subject: $1500 worth of pizza? I'd guess this was not an LaDiDa party. Given your analogy of location/neighborhood etc... hmmmm......

  16. KAN:

    Whenever I sit down a table in a restaurant, the tip starts at 20%. It can go up or down depending on the level of service. At restaurants where I'm a regular, the tip starts at 25% and rarely goes down from there.

  17. MrK:

    Here's a couple of questions that I asked a good friend of mine (and his answers).

    Do you always tip the valet guy? Yes

    Do you always tip the guy who details your car? Yes

    Do you tip your auto mechanic? No

    Do you tip the guy at Jiffy Lube? No

    Do you tip a waiter who brings your coffee? Yes

    Do you tip your dental hygeinist who cleans the coffee stains off your teeth? No

    If you had to have a quadruple bypass heart surgery, and the surgeon did a great job and saved your life, would you tip him? Probably not.

    I find the answers to these questions very interesting and thought-provoking.

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