Wassup Wit Dat!

Do You Know How?

April 3rd, 2013

In my short but long life, I've come to believe dat you are shaped by life's experiences and wat you've been taught - or self taught - is how you are today. Whether you're filled with useless facts, like me, or been "sheltered", there has been more than a time wen you said, no, not Wassup Wit Dat!, but "huh? You don't know how?"

Feel free to admit some, all, none or add your own dat you tink people "should" know how......

Do you know how to...............

Change a tire?
Cook an over easy or sunny side up egg?
Do an oil change?
Tie a shoelace both ways? If you don't know anoddah way, obviously you don't know how. 😛
Ride a bicycle?
Surf? *any kine style: surf, body board, body surf, wind surf, SUP etc*
Make a dessert?
Make a main dish?
Make an appetizer?
Make rice???
Use a 10-key calculator?
Type with ALL your fingahs? Not just your pointers.

Got any to add?

28 Responses to “Do You Know How?”

  1. Ocean Lover:

    Make an "ono" hamburger so that it doesn't come out DRY, RUBBERY, and HARD ENOUGH to throw at someone?

    Oh yeah.............FIRST!

  2. M:

    Howzit BL!

    I can do most home maintainence stuff, plumbing, masonary, carpentery, paint and electrical.
    I can repair cars and trucks.
    I can SUP and surf
    I can cook breakfast, make salads and main dishes
    I can do laundry
    I have built a computer from scratch
    I can do some repairs on computers
    I have fixed my washer and dryer
    I can replace toilets
    I can replace sink fixtures
    I can install security lights
    I can install ceiling fans
    I can fix dripping faucets.
    I can fix running toilets.
    I can overhaul engines.
    I can work with fiberglass and resins.
    I can do minor body work and touch up.

  3. M:

    I have done the Waikiki Rough swim
    I have done the Honolulu Marathon
    I have done the Tinman Triathlon
    I have done the Kona Ironman Triathlon

  4. kamaaina808:

    Hey, I can get your numbah, M? My truck needs front-end work!! 😀

    Howzit, BL! 🙂

    No time to make my own list so I'll do yours:

    Change a tire? - Yup
    Swim? - Can't no more 🙁
    Cook an over easy or sunny side up egg? - Don't eat eggs no more but when I did, yup.
    Do an oil change? - Sorta 😀 (hey, at least I know wea da filter stay & wea da oil go!)
    Tie a shoelace both ways? If you don't know anoddah way, obviously you don't know how. - I can do 3 ways!
    Ride a bicycle? - Yup but haven't in a looooong time.
    Surf? *any kine style: surf, body board, body surf, wind surf, SUP etc* - Used to body-board, no more 🙁
    Make a dessert? - Ohhh yeah.
    Make a main dish? - Yup
    Make an appetizer? - Yup
    Make rice??? - You kiddin' right? Get rice cookah. 😉
    Use a 10-key calculator? - Slowly, but yup.
    Type with ALL your fingahs? Not just your pointers. - Of course.

  5. Uncle Rodney:

    o Parallel park
    o Balance da checkbook
    o Change one diaper
    o Do their taxes (which reminds me...)
    o Set the VCR clock (MLCers know what I'm talking about)
    o Sew
    o Catch bus 😉
    o Check tire pressure
    o Make coffee
    o Roll a joint (Kidding!)
    o Add a comment to WWD, MLC, and O&E blogs

  6. M:

    I have a CDL license, I can drive big heavy vehicle trucks, like dump trucks.
    I can operate a backhoe.

  7. GA Bows:

    Do you know how to...............

    Change a tire? Yup
    Swim? Yea
    Cook an over easy or sunny side up egg? No Problem
    Do an oil change? Easy
    Tie a shoelace both ways? If you don't know anoddah way, obviously you don't know how. 😛 Yuppers
    Ride a bicycle? yes
    Surf? *any kine style: surf, body board, body surf, wind surf, SUP etc* Short board
    Make a dessert? Yes
    Make a main dish? All kines
    Make an appetizer? Ono kines
    Make rice??? Hah... of course
    Use a 10-key calculator? Yes
    Type with ALL your fingahs? Not just your pointers. Yeah

  8. dihudfan:

    I can most of that stuff... but no come out too good some times...

  9. lowtone123:

    Ho M, is there anything you can't do or haven't done?

  10. MrK:

    I can pretty much do all the things you've listed. I can 10-key, but I'm slow. I can do the oil change, but, for many of the new cars, the filter is tough to reach. So I no hassle with 'em. I just take the car to one oil change shop - cost less than $25 for one oil change.

    If you wanna see impressive, here's what my 5'0", 120-lb grandmother could do, even when she was almost 80-years-old.

    Drive one jeep, stick shift, with a hard clutch; Break down any fish, under 50-lbs, with ease; sew one dress, shirt, or pants from scratch; Cook anything and everything; Parallel park one 1972 Dodge Dart; Easily lift and carry 50-lbs of anything; be on her feet, constantly, for 3-4 hours, with no problem; She knew how to tie a multitude of knots - you give her a rope, twine, or string, and she'll secure anything; She could make Hawaiian quilts by hand; Weed da yard, in one "squat" for hours; When she was in her mid 70's, I seen her bear hug and lift a 100-lb sack of rice and carry it about 40-feet; she could speak one mean version of what I call "Pidgin Japanese"! The Japanese tourist used to trip out at her when she talked to them. They could understand her, but they couldn't understand her.

    No mo' dat kine women (or men) around like her anymore.

  11. Annoddah Dave:

    BL: The internet has almost everything to help you do what you don't know how to do. As a man, I am still searching for a website on how I can get pregnant! So far the closest I got is I would have to become a snail or slug.

  12. 2B:

    BL-Make rice on da stove is a big one. Remembah the Big Island earthquake and we nevah have power? I had da wife and her kolohe friends totally impressed that I could do it on one gas burner. I guess they were going eat spam sandwich with egg instead of rice.

    Uncle Rodney, you know all us Gen X gang know how for set da VCR clock. Who you think all those MLC (Parents) told to change it?

  13. Annoddah Dave:

    BL: Here is one...how many ways can you tie a tie?

  14. rayboyjr:

    😎 Good Afternoon Everyone!!! 😎

    ... hey Braddah Lance ... technology is a blessing and a curse ... it's made our lives easier but it has reduced our personal skills ... yeah, made us more stupid, haha ... and more lazy ... and more scatterbrained ...

    ... I think people should know how to calculate tip without help from calculator ... it's really not so hard, I think ...

    ... easiest ... no leave tip ... haha no need calculate ...

    ... still easy ... go cheap ... 10% ... if you can't figure out what 10% of your bill is ... then ... well ... I dunno ...

    ... kinda easy ... but mo expensive ... 20% ... a generous tip, but only gotta double what the 10% tip is ... eazy schmeazy ...

    ... da hardest ... but most common now in these tight economics ... 15% ... look hard to calculate ... but really is only the 10% tip plus half of the 10% tip ... not that complicated ...

    ... maybe my geeky brain thinks this should be easy for everyone ... but everyone doesn't have a geeky brain ... so I understand ... kinda ...

    ... sorry I still thinking about the blog you had about tip ...

  15. Ynaku:

    I'm a man of many talents but master of none 😆

  16. Rodney Lee:

    @2B - You're right. Us MLCers had to get the kids to set the VCR clock. And if was because of a power outage, they had to also set the time on the alarm clock, microwave, coffee machine, etc. lol.

    Oh, here anodda one that people should know how do:

    - Add names/numbers to da phone book in da cell phone.

  17. Ynaku:

    I'm also a Mr. Mom

    I was brought up in the old days wea you gotta learn how for do all that stuff to survive.

    Only thing is I can type but I no can use all my fingahs. But I can still type pretty fast (with plenny mistakes 😀 )

    I can use a 10-key calculator and the Telephone Key pad (they are keyed opposite so you gotta know which is what. Fo realz go check)

  18. rayboyjr:

    @Rodney Lee ... I think this qualifies as an MLC thing ...

    ... we should know or have memorized the phone numbers of all our family and good friends ...

    ... before cell phones, I knew everyone's number in my head ... now, I don't know anybody's number anymore ... damn technology!!! ...

  19. Cojef:

    I've done most of things listed, even assemble a Model T from the ground up. Our oldest brother disassembled a regular Model T to lower the center of gravity and convert it to look like a racer. Well, the day after he graduated from High School, his Mother took him to Japan, because he was a bad boy. My older brother above me and I got to rebuild it . Problem was some problem parts like the coil could not be found so we sneaked over to our neighbors where they had a Model T on blocks, and helped ourselves with the 4 coils and got the jalopy running. Can you imagine driving through town without any kind of regular seats. We just used a 1X12 board as our seat. Additionally, we made our own toys. All of this occurred before 1939.

  20. KAN:

    Change a tire? Nope.
    Swim? Yup.
    Cook an over easy or sunny side up egg? Yup.
    Do an oil change? Nope.
    Tie a shoelace both ways? If you don't know anoddah way, obviously you don't know how. 😛 Nope.
    Ride a bicycle? Yup.
    Surf? *any kine style: surf, body board, body surf, wind surf, SUP etc* Yup.
    Make a dessert? Yup.
    Make a main dish? Yup.
    Make an appetizer? Yup.
    Make rice??? Yup.
    Use a 10-key calculator? Nope.
    Type with ALL your fingahs? Not just your pointers. Yup-90 WPM.


    Sew on a button/hem a pair of pants.
    Operate a washer/dryer.
    I'll think of more when I'm not so sleepy.

  21. BowlingBuddy:

    Can do all. I wear slip-ons so don't need to know how to tie shoelaces more than 1 way. Surf? gave that up when sharks started biting people. I stay on land and they stay in the water.

  22. Uncle Rodney:

    @KAN - But can you Facebook!?!

  23. Uncle Rodney:

    @rayboyjr - Would you believe I still remember my high school girlfriend's phone number? But then again, I still remember my locker combination from the 7th grade: 28-30-8. I think it's because back then, my brain still had room to remember stuff. Not anymore...

  24. KAN:

    @Rodney: What if I no LIKE Facebook? 😛

  25. M:

    Guud morning BL!

  26. Willie:

    Amazing dat I can do all da tings on BL & Uncle Rodney's list. Now either I stay versatile oah just been around.a long time & stay AARP eligible. How bout fixin one leaking faucet.

  27. DIO:

    Ya,ya,ya,ya,no,ya,ya,ya,ya,ya,ya,ya,ya,no. 😛

  28. Glenn D:

    Howzit BL. I must admit I no can type with all fingahs; I only use 3 fingahs on each hand - sometimes 4 when I occasionally use my ring fingah on da left hand.

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