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If You Could Pick Right Now....

April 4th, 2013

Hea's da sceanario.

If you could, right now, buy a car, truck, suv, hybrid, electric, watevah your ride of choice may be, wat would you choose?

It has to be undah $45k, no exotics unless you can find one for undah $45k, and why would you choose dat vehicle?

Are you partial to da same auto maker as your current ride (if you have one)? Or would you venture into a different maker?

Did you have a good auto buying experience? And if you did, would you go back to da same dealership/salesperson?

Or did you buy third party? How was dat experience?

WWD! minds wants to know. 😀

15 Responses to “If You Could Pick Right Now....”

  1. M:


  2. M:

    Howzit BL,
    I need a truck so I would get a Toyota Tundra. I have a Nissan Titan and it's been good so far but I rather have a Toyota.

  3. BowlingBuddy:

    Went to New City Nissan to buy my Frontier truck. Great service and sales pitch. It was a repo because of unable to pay installments. Got $5,000 off right off the bat. I would have wanted fully loaded but got a "step below".

  4. Glenn D:

    I have a Lexus now and my wife is talking about getting one too. They have one for undah 45K (mine wasn't). Yes, I am partial to Lexus because I had a great buying experience and continue to experience great aftah care. I would look at Mercedes (they get one for unda 45K too), but I worry that they get bad aftah care. When I go buy one, I only deal with da manager like fleet manager, customer retention manager so I no have to play games in which the sales person go back and forth to get manager "approval."

    I neva tried buying from third party but wen I get ready go buy a car, I do da internet research. You know that "invoice price" is not what the dealer paid for da car. Da price da dealer paid is called something like "dealer price" and is way lower than da invoice price. Das why, the invoice price can be advertised so widely.

  5. lowtone123:

    I have owned many different vehicles in my life but I now drive a new Hyundai Sonata and it is by far the best car I've owned. Looks great and the drive is smooth and comfortable. Bought it at Tony Hyundai Honolulu and would definitely buy from them again.

  6. Cojef:

    After driving a Lexus for 13 years and 8 months, which gave exceptional service, traded for 2013 MB C250W for just under $45,000 on November 20th, 2012. Have owned 3 Buicks ,Pontiacs and Chevrolets; 2 Oldsmobiles, Fords and Hondas. Have never owned a Toyota although it has a very good reputation. For a long while favored the GM cars, but it was because of my job. For years visited monthly a GM dealer to close their books and prepare the GMAC statements.

  7. kamaaina808:

    Toyota truck w/extra cab (no need 4 doors - don't work for the City/State) Especially if there is a 6 cyl. hybrid out now; if not, I'd take the 8. Partial to Toyota (have owned 4 in my life) but had good luck w/GMC, too.

  8. che:

    I just bought a new Honda Civic 4 door that runs on gas. I buy a new car every 15+ years. My old car had manual windows, locks etc. When I test drove the Civic, I had to ask the saleman how to adjust the side view mirrors and open the trunk. Keys operated my old car not this remote thing. I now own nothing that plays casette tapes. Now what do I do?

    Someone did buy my 16 year old Accord. Sorry to let it go.

  9. PFP:

    I would not mind getting a BMW M3. I have a M5 and a 7 series now and these are both wonderful cars. Fun to drive, exceptional performance.

    But, given the rise in fuel costs, which will continue to rise and likely will never come back to "normal" levels, most likely I would spend it on a Smart Car. See: http://www.smartusa.com/models/electric-drive/overview.aspx

    100 percent electric. Since I have a solar system with battery bank, I would recharge this car using my solar system in the evening. This way, I would never, ever, again, pay for fuel. Only issue would be maintenance and battery replacement in about 6 - 8 years.

  10. Ynaku:

    I've been a Ford guy for many years. I just bought my wife a Honda CRV EX. Great sale brought it almost to invoice. I knew the sales person and they made this a great buying experience.

    The reason for buying a CRV (at the time) was the gas mileage 20-30 mpg. My gas payment cut in half. I still have my truck, but use it for trash run and other rare adventures 😀

    I also needed a family car since I have grand kids and didn't want a station wagon look.

    I also considered the Toyota Rav4 but at the time I went shopping, I didn't like how the rear door opens to the right. I preferred a hatch so I can hide from the rain.

    I wouldn't mind buying a BMW or something more exotic but since we don't have dealers in Hilo, I worry about service and repair. Something to consider when buying a vehicle.

  11. M:

    I do my own repairs and maintenence so I look for reliable, easy access to work on engine, brakes, parts availability and cost.

  12. sally:

    I would buy a Honda CR-V. It's cute, it lets me see reasonably high enough, it's still smallish, and got room to haul my stuff around and I don't feel like I'm driving a tank.

  13. sally:

    I've been real lucky w/ car purchases (on my own). First one was my then boss' friend who was a Subaru Salesman. He found a little used Subaru sedan based on my criteria, and it was cheap enough.

    Second car was a Subaru Legacy ordered from my friend's cousin in the Oregon. I forget the term for this kind of purchase, I wrote every detail of what I wanted which, at the time, was a 1989 Legacy, 4door, white, etc. He called me when he received the car and said something (I forget what it was) was unacceptable in the car but he did have a 1990 Blue one he'll sell me at the same price. He put it on Matson and shipped it. For $11,000 (incl shipping costs) I got my car.

    Third car was my zip zip little Toyota Corolla I bought from my nephew's friend. Heavy tinted windows and a spoiler, I loved the looks I got from people when I got out of the car. They must have thought I was using my kid's car. LOL

    After I got into a wreck and that zip zip car got totalled, my friend helped me go car hunting. Ended up at Honda and *long, used car salesman story* later, after my getting mad and yelling (schmall kine) at the salesman, I got an 8yr old Honda Accord Sedan with 24k mi out the door for $8000. They wanted $17k. I'm still driving that car today.

  14. M:

    We have a 2001 Honda CR-V and it's a good vehicle. Not much problems since we bought it brand new, just the regular maintenence stuff, brakes, timing belt, AC, tune up and cooling system. Easy engine to work on. When we decide to replace it, I wouldn't have any problems buying another one.

  15. 9thIslandGirl:

    I buy my car and service it at the same place. I hate the hassle of buying a car and going through all that bs so I ask my service rep to hook me up with somebody that will just give me the best deal right off the bat. They give me the offer, take it or leave it.
    I'm a honda fan.

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