U Know U Local If....

April 5th, 2013

* Only NOW you know dat cilantro is da same as Chinese parsley.
* You measure da watah for da rice with da knuckle of your index fingah.
* You can handle shoyu with green mango, li hing gummy bears, or raw egg on hot rice.
* You always get in da fridge or on da table: shoyu, ketchup and chili peppah watah.
* More than likely get some kine bottle kimchee or takuwan, pickled onion and definitely Hawaiian salt
* Aftah a visit to Maui, your omiyage consists of potato chips, manju, cream puffs or guri-guri.
* A balanced meal includes rice, mac salad and something fried.
* You know 101 ways to fix your rubber slippers using either tape, rope or glue.
* You wear two different color slippahs together and no one cares.
* T-shirt without pukas = nice.
* In elementary, you ran wit slippahs on your hands cause you would get lickin's if you lost 'em.
* You get one slippah tan.
* You know at least one person wit a Hawaiian bracelet.
* You nevah evah wear matching aloha shirt and mu'umu'u unless absolutely necessary.
* It's Sandy’s, not Sandy Beach.
* You correctly pronounce Kaneohe, Kapi'olani and you can say Kalaniana'ole without stumbling.
* Doesn't mattah how old you are, “Hanakokolele” nevah gets old.
* You say “Da Kine,” and da other person says “Da kine” and you both know wat “Da kine” is.
* You get at least one pic showing a Shaka.
* You stay at Disneyland standing in line talking story and a complete stranger asks, “you from Hawaii?”
* You feel guilty leaving a get-together without helping clean up.
* Everyone older than you is called “Auntie” or “Uncle” and when saying aloha, you hug and kiss everyone.
* You "hanai" somewea... even though you one adult.
* You can eat spam musubi for breakfast, lunch or dinnah.

Wat else you got dat makes us local?

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71 Responses to “U Know U Local If....”

  1. wafan:

    Ova hea, being 1st!

  2. wafan:

    You have formal and casual slippahs.
    You travel with frozen foods when visiting the mainland.

  3. DIO:

    You don't have to be told to take off your shoes/slippers as you enter someone's house.

  4. Glenn D:

    Howzit BL. You say "choke" and people know that you are not gasping for air. You know how to make poke from all kines of fish - not just ahi. I agree with wafan - I get nice pair slippahs for flying home and anodah for holoholo. You one time or anodah ran into a family membah in Las Vegas without planning a trip together.

    I always get Costco size spam in da pantry, portagee sausage, chashu, and lupcheung in da freezah.

  5. Glenn D:

    Oh...and its always manapua and not chashu bao.

  6. DIO:

    You wear slippahs or slippers, not flip-flops.

  7. DIO:

    Oh geez, I forgot the secret list of words you cannot say. No wonder my previous comment is in moderation. No can say s-h-o-e-s. Gotta say something different.

  8. Annoddah Dave:

    BL: When you still call the refrigerator - "ice box".

  9. DIO:

    Eh, I say chashu bao or char siu bao. If you've ever been to a place like Royal Kitchen, you see they sell all kinds of baked manapua. You can't just say you want a manapua over there.

  10. DIO:

    Anoddah Dave: That's not only local, that's MLC. ;-)

  11. DIO:

    You know that "make A" is not the same as getting a good grade in school.

  12. DIO:

    You talk story with people, you don't chit-chat with them.

  13. Glenn D:

    Dio - You are soo right. Wen in Chinese restaurant, you must specify what kine you want. You get confused look wen you just say manapua. But in general wen I refer to dem while talking story, it's always manapua unless I need to clarify like gai bao for chicken, chashu bao for chashu, jin dui for the sweet paste, and ham sui gok for the mochi one with meat and vegetables in dem. Hey, I like going Royal Kitchen - they get ono fung tsao - chicken feet.

  14. DIO:

    Yeah, I understand now. Talking story, you don't need to mention what kine, unless someone asks.

  15. Glenn D:

    You refer to the areas in Honolulu by their neighborhood names. You always say mauka, makai, ewa, and diamond head and point to landmarks instead of cross streets when referring to directions. You know beta dan cutting your fingernails at night.

  16. M:

    Wen you say "Howzit", instead of hi or hello
    Wen you make contact wit another person wit just a nod.

  17. M:

    Wen you say, "What?" and dey understand.

  18. M:

    Wen you ask,"wat year you grad?".

  19. wafan:

    You go Libby's for the manapua and pork hash rather than for the pineapple.

  20. wafan:

    You give directions using stores and building that are not there and have not been for umpteen years.

  21. wafan:

    You miss Coronet Stores, Arakawa's, . . .

  22. roach:


    You know that Las Vegas is called the 9th Island.

  23. M:

    Wen you use Ewa, Diamond Head, Mauka and Makai for directions.

  24. M:

    You know what plate lunch is.

  25. Matt:

    after meeting somebody the 1st question you ask is "what high school you went?"

    Glenn D - what's wrong with cutting nails after dark?

  26. M:

    You know what "grinds" means.

  27. M:

    Wen you come back from a trip and you have "omiyage'

  28. M:

    You hemo your slippah wen you go in da house.

  29. BonDancr:

    You say "chicken skin" and not goosebumps.

  30. dihudfan:

    wen you go bocha not take a bath....

  31. lowtone123:

    You take off your shoes or slippers when entering whether it's a hotel room or someone's home other than your own. Also those are left outside, never worn or taken inside unless it's raining.

  32. lowtone123:

    Also in a hotel room you take it inside oddawise somebody goin take'um.

  33. lowtone123:

    You eat rice with your stew or soup, not bread.

  34. lowtone123:

    You feel compelled to bring something to the party even though the host says "nah, no need bring notting".

  35. lowtone123:

    A nice, new looking T-shirt with no holes and no stains passes for dress attire.

  36. rayboyjr:

    :cool: Good Morning Everyone!!! :cool:

    ... hey Braddah Lance ... haha ... I always tot you put da slippahs on da hands so you can run mo fastah!!! ... mo aerodynamic haha ...

    ... and of course, hahd fo run fas wit slippahs ... da buggahs all flopping around ... and planny times it gets caught on the ground and folds up undah da front of your feet ... and den sometimes da front part pops out or breaks ... and den you gotta fix 'em with someting maybe one stick you poke through ... or else you gotta pinch da broken part between your toes and you try to walk home wit da broken slippah ...

    ... an no even try fo run with wet slippahs ... almost guarans your feet going slide through in some contorted way ... but you know at some point you did run wit wet slippahs ...

    ... you know you local ... if you understand wat I just wrote ... or had a similar experience wit da slippahs ...

  37. BonDancr:

    You try not to get upset when strangers calling you "Uncle" or "Auntie" look more over-the-hill than you.

  38. rayboyjr:

    ... you know you local when 60 degree weather is FRICKEN FREEZING!!! ... like da past few weeks at night ... Wassap Wit Dat!!! ...

  39. DIO:

    You don't need to be told to stay out of the Ala Wai Canal.

  40. DIO:

    You don't need to be told to stay out of the ocean 'cause the conditions are too rough.

  41. 808Dad:

    You can't drive unless you are barefoot. You get dress and casual slippas.

  42. MT:

    When as soon as you pau eating lunch you talking about what is for dinner

  43. MT:

    When half your tshirts are 2005 Sugar Bowl or 2005 WAC champions

  44. Glenn D:

    Matt - it's old Japanese superstition that cutting nails aftah dark brought bad luck. Like don't open umbrellas inside da house or go into da ocean wit your back facing da watah.

  45. wafan:

    You know the difference between hanabata and hanakuso.

    You can tell the difference between saimin/ramen shops just by looking at the product.

    It is a hibachi or a hichirin and not a grill.

  46. Ynaku:

    FBI means From Big Island not Hawaii Island :D (big controversy on that title)

  47. Ynaku:

    You know what Loco Moco is :lol:

  48. Ynaku:

    You "cut grass" not Mow da lawn

  49. M:

    You know what shave ice is or ice shave if you from da Big Island.

  50. M:

    You know what Uku is.

  51. B:

    you local wen your grama's uncle's sister brother's auntie cousin is related to your granpa's cousin sister's auntie hanai uncle....whew! :P

  52. kamaaina808:

    You going holoholo, not fishing.

    You say 'use-ted to' instead of 'used to'

    And all of the above :D

  53. kamaaina808:

    You say going 'au 'au and going moi moi instead of going shower & going sleep.

  54. M:

    You say mo bettah.

  55. M:

    When you say hallo not hello.

  56. cojef:

    Braddah Lance, u know u local wen u teach you Japanese wife how make spam-musubi in quantity so can freeze some and micro-wave the buggahs for a quick lunch substitute.

  57. (Jesse) James:

    You use street names and not numbers like "kalani highway" instead of "Highway 96".

    You use landmarks to give directions...like "I stay at Ross' by stadium park...where the old Longs used to be." And you still say "Longs" and not "CVS"....LOL

    You say "Pupu" and not "Appetizer" and use the word "Pau" when you are finished with something.

    #25 Matt....I think most guys jus ask "what school you went?" If you're local, you know that means "high school" and not "college"....LOL

  58. (Jesse) James:

    When you say "jalousie" and not "louvers"....

  59. MrK:

    ...if you're over 25 years old, and you still live with your parents, rent free, and your mom still cooks for you and washes your laundry.

    Or, if you're over 30 years-old, married, with kids, and you and your family living with your parents (or your in-laws), and your mom still cooks for you, washes everybody's laundry, takes your kids to school, AND picks them up for you, etc.

  60. MrK:

    One time a visitor was asking my friend for directions to Shriner's Hospital. The guy asked my friend, "Someone told me that Shriners is adjacent to exit 23." My friend told him, "No, you gotta take the Punahou exit to go to Shriners." Half-hour later, we're driving on the freeway, and, as we're approaching the Punahou exit, we see the exit 23 sign. Both of us have been living on the island for decades, and we both were certain that they just put that 23 sign up. We both insisted that we never saw it before.


    You know someone named "Honey-Girl;" male or female

  62. M:

    We say "fut" not "fart".

  63. sally:

    @Ynaku: not even "cut grass". It's "lawn mowah da grass".

  64. keoni:

    fo' da one who tried to use the Hawaiian word fo' sleep...
    it's "moe" fo' sleep. "moi" is the threadfish.

    ...this message has been brought to you by one sassy haole buggah! :lol:

  65. wafan:

    No switches jus rubbah slippahs on top da okole.

    Gotta axperence da dabo axsion wack.

  66. DIO:

    I tot da message was by one Pōpoki kāne. Miao! ;-)

  67. kamaaina808:

    @keoni - I blame google :P

  68. wafan:

    It is against an unwritten rule to visit someone and not take something to eat. And, always have to say it was not any problem to do so.

  69. DIO:

    ...if you tell people to "try" stuff: try wait, try go, try stop, try move... :-D

  70. sassy7:

    Hi BL...you know U local..when you honi aloha your aunty..uncle..cousins..every body when you leave the party....my keiki's still honi aloha people I introduce to them....many are surprised by it...many love it...and many thank them for recongnizing their presence...Eh wat!..you no lik kiss aunty?

  71. Mows:

    I nehah even know what char siu bao was in high school. I remembah looking at the patti's chinese kitchen menu and thinking where da manapua? What is one char siu bao?