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Wat's So Hard About Clicking "Reply"?

April 10th, 2013

In dis day and age, if you no mo' email by now......... wassah mattah you? Just joke.... it's au'ight if you technologically challenged. 😉

We've heard time and time again dat "communication" is vital in getting your message across for both understanding and well, communicating. Whether dat communication be verbal, non-verbal, email, text, mind reading, googly faces, watevahs - it's da one thing we do every single day for every single second even while we sleep.

Email is a particular monstah dat I get kinda irked with especially at work - even at home mind you. Wat I no understand is how difficult is it to hit da "Reply" button?

Seriously, especially if you're replying to a question or a situation dat needs more clarification, why can't you hit reply instead of creating an entirely separate message or da absolute worst, hitting reply and not even including da original message(s)!!!

Uggggh! Wassup Wit Dat!

How can you expect clear answers if da original "question" - or information - isn't even included? How can you expect quick responsive answers if I have to spend time digging up old emails or doing repetitive research on issues dat were already explained or responded to?? It's such a simple thing to click and da computah even does it for you so you don't have to modify, edit or do anything to it but click "Reply" and type your response.

And then there are those who regularly receive "group emails". How many of you meant to reply back just to one person but hit da reply all button and sent it? 😯

Guilty. 😳 Although I've only done it a couple of times.

One of da biggest things I like about "Reply" is dat it helps memory challenged people like me reread da "history" of da message and know dat I get "back up". There's been so many times dat I've been told one thing but da email says anoddah and since my memory really sucks, it has saved my okole on choke occasions cause I get 'em in "writing".

Texting has come a long way too wea they keep your text history, I say, for proof. 😆 I get one friend das just as forgetful as me so we're always going back to our texts saying, "see, das not wat you said". 😆

Has email saved - or sunk - you? Are you one of those dat replies WITHOUT da original message(s)? Or even go as far as replying but in a NEW email? Do you use your text messages as "proof"? Can you live without email?

Please.... "Reply". 😛

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16 Responses to “Wat's So Hard About Clicking "Reply"?”

  1. BowlingBuddy:

    Emails is a life savior if you use it to your advantage. If you don't then you are "asking for trouble". Same as texting. People get "hung" with the evidence.

  2. sassy7:

    I always click the reply...to ensure the string is followed in the message.....but often times I try not to reply on email..as sometimes the job's...GAMMA request going require all your emails on subjects to be public information...so I call um up if it's serious.....gotta watch those now...people in today society like know everything you get on subject matter to go after something or somebody. Did you know that BL??? caution!..how you think people get feed on so and so..politicians conversations.....maka dat!

  3. Annoddah Dave:

    BL: Written communication can be challenging if a statement lacks the true intent behind it. Thus, the emergence of the emoticon. In the old days, the written word was very straight forward. Today, our conversations are filled with innuendo, slang, left handed commentary, facetiousness, rhetorical replies, etc. it makes it difficult to fully grasp the written word when written as such. I blame lawyers for this because they have interpreted the written and spoken word so many different ways. Same as how many inflected ways can you say "I love you"? PS. don't try this with your loved one...they will think you are up to something!

  4. dakine:

    They're disrespecting you, thats why you're mad and writing this. They also lack courage to leave their original email, or not humble enough to realize their actions benefit no one but themselves. Cold selfish tendencies are revealed in actions like these

  5. Cojef:

    BL, it is easy if your mail list is very small, also if the sender's is close to you, like your classmates. Have about 11 classmates that I send messages to. About 80 percent do not reply. It's the same people that do respond. Forward about 10 emails every day. On weekends send an email to the classmates on any subject matter. My last batch covered each classmates from the town of Kapaa and where they lived. This is about growing up time in the old community and where the shops, theater, dentist, etc., were located and owned the business.

  6. M:

    Howzit BL!
    Reply...I always use da reply button. I doe no why people no do dat, I get all mess up wen I doe no wat dey emailing me because I doe no wat dey replying about.

  7. rayboyjr:

    😎 Good Morning Everyone!!! 😎

    ... hey Braddah Lance ... e-mail/texting/tweeting etc is the downfall of mankind!!! ... haha ... not quite, but it has set us back a whole bunch I say ... there's just too much slang, abbreviations, acronyms ... wrong spelling (sometimes on purpose), grammar errors, sentence structure is lacking (if any) ... it's a wonder we can communicate any more ... but ...

    ... we can't live without it in this day and age ... it's just too easy ... too convenient ... and saves so much time ... that the alternatives (writing letters and sending memo's) just won't cut it anymore ...

    ... there's no way my workplace would function without it ... it would take a hell of a long time to get anything done ... if we had to wait for the hardcopy all the time ...

    ... just practice safe e-mailing ... the click of a reply button could send you spiraling down in an instant ... maybe we should all just separate the "Reply" and "Reply All" button on the menu bar ... so we don't accidently hit the "Reply All" button ...

    ... and make sure the autocomplete function doesn't make the mistake of sending your e-mail to Michele instead of Michael ... I always double check now because that's the mistake I've made the most ...

    ... Have a Good One Everyone!!! ...

  8. B:

    yep i always press reply. should be common courtesy to do that. family kine stuff before time... when planning something together... wuz hard to phone everybody and plan something...even the family members said wuz hard. den came along email and wow, so much easier to communicate. but guess wat? no moa even response and still gotta end up calling...WWD! den came along textin...instant kine communication! almost instantly you get one response... but guess wat...dis no work so good too. WWD too!

    many of us generation baby boomers get the tools to impress but dey no use-um. our kids on da other hand no can stop using...sometimes i textin my daughter whike she stay in the other room...haha!

  9. lowtone123:

    I hit reply for the very reason you stated earlier. It would be easier to correspond if you can see the whole "history".

  10. sally:

    Always hit reply. I have a couple of friends, we reply by continuing off the paragraph in our own colors.

    I don't think I've ever gotten a reply sans a reply button. WWD kine action?

  11. kamaaina808:

    I always hit reply - and am not fond of group emails unless absolutely necessary. I do NOT hit 'reply all' when addressing a specific member of the group because i don't like it when other people do it.

  12. kamaaina808:

    Oh and I like having 'back' emails to refer to, only I know one day they'll disappear & I'll be screw'd if I need something in one of them. 😕

  13. kamaaina808:

    Eh... I suppose I could live without email but it would mean I'd have to write things down like I used to. Notebooks (the paper kine) are very handy - and they don't crash. 😉

  14. M:

    Guud morning BL!!!!! 🙂

  15. snow:

    it's like RSVPs... you'll always have the same group of people who respond right away and the others either don't respond or respond late. these are probably the same people who "reply" and don't reply! if you have any technically challenged friends, like i do, they may not know the difference between "reply" and "reply all."

    gotta be careful with responses to text messages, too, as i found out that there's a difference when you respond to group messages on iPhones versus androids. i sent a reply to a group message sent by my niece saying "you bum!" (she had sent us pictures of her meal at johnnie's pastrami, afterall!). my BIL received that group message and my response but my response - on his android - was sent to him directly, not to the whole group. days later, he asked me, "so, why did you call me a bum? did i do something to make you mad?" LOL. ooops! :shame:

  16. sally:

    Rule #1 (for me, anyway): Type the message first. Read. RE-read. Read again. Enter subject line. Read one more time. Enter recipient. Hit send.

    Yah, shmall kine OCD.

    If it is an "emotion packed" (you know dat kine) email, leave out recipient name and save to drafts for possibly ever.

    Always leave out recipient name until absolutely ready to hit send. Because that mistake will NEVER happen to me again. lol

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