Wassup Wit Dat!

Too Much Of A Good Thing

April 18th, 2013

We tease da wahine all da time for having too many fancy shmancy purses, au' kines of shoes and let's not fo'get about da accessories galore... and das just da "normal" stuff.

But I'll admit I get dat kine "habit" too and I was shocked to see my habit gone wild!

In a recent fit of trying to reclaim some living space in our hale, I found dat I got CHOKE bags and hats! Ok, ok....... so I already knew I had choke bags and hats but they're for good reason. 🙄

I literally got a bag for watevah I need it for like a duffel for wen I go out and play sports, a backpack dat I carry to work, a drawstring bag inside my backpack for wen I need to carry smaller stuff wen I no need da backpack, an Under Armour baseball practice duffel (sentimental cause it was a coaches gift embroidered w/ "Coach Lance"), one supah large duffel.... just in case I gotta carry something supah large, a laptop backpack, a camcorder bag, a camera bag, a fanny pack (yeah, you heard me, a fanny pack), a few oddah backpacks of varying sizes, a few Camelbacks of varying sizes, a couple of tool bags and a filled containers sitting on my gorilla rack shelf dat I haven't yet gone through. 😯

Then I probably got enough hats and visors to wear a different one everyday for a month and a half! Of course I got about a dozen 49ers hats and visors readily available but I also got a good handful of UH hats and visors, two "Grumpy" hats (one was a gift) from Disneyland, an "Ainokea" hat (one of their original hats wen they first entered da scene), a bunch of hats dat I thought looked nice and then anoddah bunch of hats dat I thought was cool.

O..... M..... G!!! I'm da Imelda Marcos of bags and hats!?!

Wassup Wit Dat!

Even Da Wife commented how many bags and hats I have but I tell her dat at least I either got 'em free or supah cheap and they all have a purpose! It's like I tell her da cardinal rule of fixing things: you gotta have da right tools for da right job. 😉 😉

At least das my excuse for feeding da habit. 😆

One of da "rules" dat nevah gets broken wenevah I spock one bag or hat out is if da buggah not on sale, clearance or just cheap in general, I gotta put 'em back on da shelf. Even da hat prices have gone pupule going like $22+ wen I remembah it used to be about $15 before so unless they $20 or less, I gotta say a'ole.

I guess das why my "collections" have stopped growing.

Wat kine "habits" are growing in your closet? Wat is it dat no mattah if you window shopping, you still going check out your "thing"? Have you commented/teased on your oddah half's collection(s)?

Wat are you an Imelda Marcos of?

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20 Responses to “Too Much Of A Good Thing”

  1. M:

    Howzit BL!

  2. M:

    I tink we all collect stuff in one way or anadah. I get choke t-shirts dat go back 20 or moa years. I get plenty watches, choke surfing and standup paddle brand decals, choke board shorts and rash guards and I still buying dem.

  3. roach:

    I wish it was money growing in my closets!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  4. NKHEA:


    Howzit BL,

    Fo me right now is SUP's waz surf boards befo and befo dat golf clubs.

  5. NKHEA:

    fort den

  6. NKHEA:

    roach: yeah dat would be nice

  7. cojef:

    Coins, American proof set, Canadian mint sets, plus any commemorative coins was collected over a 20 years period and stopped all of sudden and then bought only pretty coins. They have value only to you cuz wen yu try selling, the dealer tries to rip you off. Have $50 Shah of Iran silver coin, over 100 silver American dollars, plus many others. Son will get it all, and he probably won't know what to do with it. Got a steel safe where it is stored with all my guns, i.e handguns, shotguns, rifles, Japanese non-com samurai sword, hand-made "hara-kiri" dirk and gun cases to transport gun between home and range. Also had hobby polishing stone, so have a small collection, plus jewelry making tools, made silver bola ties, 14Kgold solid bracelets for wife and art objects. Now, all above I consider junks, because you can't sell it for what you consider it is worth. If they won't pay the price you want, then it is pure junk. Our son will have deal with it. ainokea

  8. DIO:

    Good morning Imelda, I mean, BL. 😆

  9. Glenn D:

    Howzit, BL. I no have "collections' but my wife does. It's shoes for her. Yup, just like Imelda. She orders dem online and gets them delivered at her work. Da UPS guy, everytime he sees a Macy's box for delivery, he automatically knows already.

  10. lowtone123:

    I don't currently have any habits. With a family including 3 kids to support, can't afford any. However in my single days when CD's and DVD's were popular I bought many of my favorites. Had to get rid of a lot with space being tight but I have managed to hang on to my best of the best. That includes approximately 120 CD's and 50 DVD's. Even with MP3 players and Netflix where you can stream movies I still can't bear to part with them.

  11. NKHEA:

    cojef; main thing you son no use the silver dollars as a dollar 😯

  12. Mows:

    I love toys. Barbies, Hot Wheels, Beyblades, Bakugan all of it.

  13. 9thIslandGirl:

    Um...it's weird but shopping bags, the plastic and paper kine. Recently my husband opened the closet door and about fifty bags showered down on his head. 🙂

  14. rayboyjr:

    😎 Good Evening Everyone!!! 😎

    ... hey Braddah Lance ... maybe I'm the Imelda Marcos of slippahs ... haha ... yeah, poor man's Imelda ...

    ... but I don't know how I got 'em all ... I bought a few ... probably because was on sale or so cheap and I like da colors ... you know da surfah or locals brand ... then I got some as gifts ... da nicer kinds, like HIC ... then I got more gifts, even the house slipper kind ...

    ... before I knew it, I got so much in da closet and around my house ...

  15. Ynaku:

    I get choke T-shirts. I collect from wherever I go. My wife goes nuts. And I go ballistic when she gives them away 😡

  16. kamaaina808:

    Howzit BL! It's yesterday already, but I have to confess:

    Aloha shirts.... too many to count.
    Converse Allstars.... 10+ pair, all different colors, textures, hi-tops & lo.
    Jackets and/or sweaters.... hoodies, cold-weather kine, light cotton kine, denim, microfleece... get enough for most ppl that post on dis here blog...
    Black pants/shorts.

    O & bags... man-purses, fanny packs (!) backpacks, laptop bags, ipad bags... ai-sooos!


  17. M:

    Howzit BL!
    Masako says that I have so much board shirts I could wear a different one everyday for more than a month.

  18. M:

    Happy FGF!

  19. Kage:

    Good Morning all and Happy Friday!

    I have too much pens. Not the fancy kine, only da free kine.

    It stems from my days in retail when check signing and credit card signing were the way to pay. Customers stole my pens so I stopped buying them and instead collected them from where ever I could find them.

    I neva steal um.... 🙂

    It is the ones the vendors give out at shows. Sometimes they are really good pens too.

  20. wafan:

    Dunno which one to list.


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